TGS BIG FEST is Thailand Game Show ✕ Bangkok International Game FESTival. That means the game festival that exhibit in Bangkok, Thailand. Actually this event is BIG FEST only, but Thailand Game Show wanted to unite BIG FEST that be exhibited by TRUE Corp.  BIG FEST ever was an E-Sport festival in Thailand. I don’t know why TGS by Show no limit wants to unite BIG FEST. When BIG FEST unites, entrance fee is raised up from THB 20 to 60 THB. Sometimes TGS wanted to make BIG FEST bigger. Hahaha. That isn’t big!! That is same because I ever went to BIG FEST that wasn’t big as same as exhibition’s name. But in this year for console gamer don’t miss!!

Because Sony will exhibit their booth at TGS BIG FEST 2015. That is really cool because now there are many of console gamer rises up together, but not much as same as PC Gamer. PC Gamer is a lot!

After TGS BIG FEST, I will go to Central World to rest with 2-3 hours to enter final mission in Thonglor. Tomorrow is Friday. WOW!! TGIF!!

So what will it happen in Thonglor, Saturday you will know. But in this article, let’s look some cool pics from TGS BIG FEST at last year, 2014.



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