Slow life at Thonglor

I wanted to ask something curiously. “What is slow life?”

In Thailand, comeback to last year. There were many of trends of slow life and many people would be “hipster”. If I said about hipster, I thought about “coffee” first because hipster and coffee were paired together. And life of hipster are “slow life”. Slow life was as same as rebooting time on your computer or your smartphone. In urban life, they competed with time much. They raised their speed to themselves for going to their target, such as in 09:00 I must go to my office. 11:00 I have conference. 14:00 I meet agents. Every time are money. They’re stressed. In Thailand this isn’t happened clearly, but in Korea or Japan there are many salaryman compete together. Every Monday to Friday at trains there are many salarymen transport to their workplace for competing with times.

Until “Slow Life” campaign came to Japan. Many people interested in this campaign. Although travelling with bus will be slower than using trains, but if you woke up at early morning and use buses, you may watch side of ways more than using trains that you focus to your workplace. Focusing side of ways you travel are really make you slower, but more relax to your life. Spending more time to travel and you get new experiences by planning much time to travel to workplace and look at side of ways.

Luckily, in Thailand there aren’t compete as same as Korea or Japan. But Slow life campaign is came to Thailand and have more controversies. One of controversies is there are many people who have just graduated and want to find new jobs are using slow life wrongly. They drinks Starbucks coffee and posts to social network (mainly at “Instagram”) to publish for letting everyone know their action. Someday they eat clean food and share to their social network so that clean food is one of “slow life” campaign. They share their “slow life” and using their “slow life” wrongly. If you do this, read this to be right.

True meaning of “slow life” is planning time to do something with much time and do it slowly, such as every day you go to train at 7:00 AM and transport with train to your workplace at 8:00 AM. That’s “normal life” or “fast life”. But slow life is go to bus at 6:00 AM and transport with bus to your workplace at 8:00 AM. in a time of transporting with bus to your workplace doesn’t aim target to your workplace, but focus to among things near you and receive inspiration to them.

My slow life? Am I have them? Yes.

Someday at Thonglor I will go to Thonglor at night and spend more times at Thonglor to wander them. Actually my life doesn’t connect to another people much so I have more time to wander, wander and wander. Sometimes I drink beer alone and don’t want any people to talk with them. Someday I want to talk. Someday I don’t want to talk. My life was also indie. I do everything with my demand. I don’t know why but this is my decide.

That day was Wednesday. Wednesday wasn’t the day of hanging out as same as Friday or Saturday. For someone who still addict Hormones The Series Season 3, there are only Friday to hangout. I ever heard about on Wednesday was one of hanging out day that was moved from Saturday. There are many people hangout together at Thonglor. Don’t they?

OK. Let’s move out.

First stage, escalator.

I arrived to Thonglor at 21:15 hrs. First thing I found was escalator to go to BTS station. Anyway, that could be crossed to opposite side. There were many of Japanese people at here. They walked around Thonglor. Someone went to BTS station. Someone went to Japanese Karaoke bar. Someone went to pub and restaurant. And many Japanese who stayed at Thonglor are very friendly. When you smile to them, they may smile back to you. That’s good reaction. And you can say “Hi” with English words to them. At food path at Sukhumwit Road is a first part to the great journey at Sukhumwit Road. After that real journey will start when you enter to Sukhumwit 49 alley.

That big hole.

Oh no!! That big hole. That alley will bring you to the world of Japanese village. Everyday Japanese people at here will have dinner at Nakiya. They don’t have dinner at another place because Nakiya is Japanese restaurant that be owned by Japanese people. So Japanese people will know together well.

Nakiya, Japanese restaurant at Thonglor.

Rules of using slow lifestyle :  Keep slow walking, focus on everything among you, such as you walk near Villa market, so you focus at Villa market. Still focused everything among you. Forget to focus your destination because heart of slow life is “focus everything near you slowly and keep walking slowly to have some precious opportunities.”

One of nightclub I ever went if Grease. Grease is nightclub that suitable for foreigner because when I go to this, I still found foreigners at here. And this place was a background of Hormones The Series Season 2 when Win met Jane at nightclub in New York.

At Grease Mon-Sat in Countdown day (LSD zone).
Look at LED ceiling, that is same. (From Hormones Season 2)

Last time I go to Grease Mon-Sat was June. Because that event had free bars at eywa zone (rooftop for hanging out). Now I never go to this place because there didn’t have interested girls at here. That day there were many of interested girls.

Free bar. Everyone love it. (At Grease Mon-Sat eywa zone)
There are many Caucasians at here.

Today when I went to Thonglor, I wanted to go to Seenspace13. Some rumors told that this place was fulfilled with gorgeous girls at here. That was true. I ever found my friend who was celebrity at here. She said Hi to me first. Then talked together. I didn’t remember dialogue because that was very long time.

2 ways to hangout in Thonglor, reserve seat at bars or purchased can of beers and hangout by walk together. One shock facts from bars in Thonglor was price in menu don’t total vat and service charge. Real price is your meal + beer +17% that 10% from service charge and 7% is tax. If you don’t so serious about reserving seats, you should buy can of beers and wander together.

But don’t forget about draught beer is available at bars and pub only. No any draught beer is available at convenience stores such as 7-11, Family mart. I really checked about draught beer, there are only Chang Draught that be sold at convenience store, but I can’t guarantee about that is real daught beer.

Keep slow walking. Relax together.

At Thonglor there are many of bars that have live musics from hired musicians. One fact is I don’t know what song you play because that sound is loud and misunderstood listening. Sometimes you may stop walking and reserve seats at bars to hangout together. But you must have more 4 friends.


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