Can Medium substitute WordPress?

I’ve just heard about web designer from transfer to Facebook and I’ve just used new version of Note on Facebook that is really awesome. No control pics as <p1>, <p2> text forever. Sometimes this is the new age of notes in Facebook, but I think this is really late. I’ve already used WordPress and continue to create my own domain .

But something is really interested about , one of blog site that their design are really minimal. Easy to read. If designer from transferred to Facebook and made awesome Note, I will try to share feelings to you.

Can Medium substitute WordPress? Let’s check it out.

First impression


Oh! That graphic is really beautiful. There are minimalism. Then I scrolled down.


There are many of interested articles at here. You can read recommended article at here. Many famous tags will show at right side of screen and invite me to write new article at

Do you challenge me? OK. Challenge accepted.

I clicked “Start Writing” button. Then popup page appeared.


One advantage of Medium was detected. I could sign in with Twitter, Facebook and Google. That was really awesome because I didn’t register hardly. So I chose Twitter. After that my email address, Full name, Username would be appeared to register. If you’re good, read “terms of service” but many people skip that.


I read terms of services and importance is “Don’t do anything inappropriate.” So I clicked green stoke “create account” button.

Then I was gone to new article editing page. Let’s try it out.

Second impression


That’s really appreciated. Because I can write it very easy and panel of controlling texts, pictures are hiding. Compare with WordPress.

7Publish it…

Now I came back to my page.


I thought it was as same as social network. There is only 1 design, white. But difference is “big photos” that anyone use it.

Apps in iOS, Android

Luckily Medium supports apps in iOS or Android. So when you read article in Medium, you can use Medium official apps to read it immediately. Logging in is very easy with signing in via Twitter, Facebook or Google Accounts.

But I conclude Medium now.

First is Medium can’t use custom domain name.

Your page at is “” This issue will be happened when you use another computer or smart devices and browse website that longer than usual. For my WordPress blog, I used , but Medium I must type website


Second is Medium focuses to “user” more than “company, business.”

If you came to my Medium blog, first impression is “me” not new article. Because my name and my picture are shown first. As same as Twitter that show my profile first. This is a blog with social network more than blog with real website.

Third is Medium is suitable for blogger who don’t want to momentize with any ads momentization.

Because Medium have very limit of customization, there are only white background color and no side bars to put banner with ads. So Medium isn’t suitable for bloggers who want to momentize ads in their blog, but Medium can momentize with sponsors by creating article from sponsors.

Fourth is if you have Facebook and have much friends, don’t need to register Medium.

Because Note’s UI in Facebook was as similar as Medium’s edit article so you don’t need to register Medium to create new awesome account.

Can Medium copy contents from my blog from WordPress and publish without being flagged as spam?

Let’s try it out.



Can’t do that.

Finally if you have only Medium, use it. But if you have WordPress, use WordPress only.


One comment

  1. To rebut your first and second points:

    1) Medium just released support for both custom domains and subdomains, so if you want to leave your existing site at and host a Medium-powered blog at, for example, you can do that now. The steps are listed here

    2) You can set up a Medium account for your business, separate from your personal account. I would recommend doing so.

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