Top 10 the most badass characters in Hormones The Series ever

“Badass” is a slang that means “Very ultimate immortal fucking cool”

The most advantage of Hormones The Series are every characters have very individual personalities, except some characters who inherit habits from earlier generation. But that’s very OK because not only character habit is advantage for Hormones The Series, multiple and parallel stories is the best too. But this article I didn’t decide characters from their stories, I decided with their BADASS moments only. Who is the best? Let’s check it out.

Number 10 Phao (Hormones Season 1,2,3)


Phao is one of the characters who appeared since Hormones season 1. Phao’s habits are as same as another guys. He ever had girlfriend since he was grade 8 by planning his friends to tackle his interested girl at Siam Center. After that Phao hit on her finally Phao and that girls was in a relationship together.

Phao planned with his friends to pick up some girls.
Phao’s friends tackled that girls.
Phao helped that girl and he still pick up her.

In Hormones Season 3 Phao was single again. He started new life by being a master of guitar as same as guitarist from See Scape. In Nadao Bangkok College he learned with Robot and Mali. And Mali revealed her biography about her father is gay. Girl classmates asked Mali about her father who is gay, but Phao let Mali away from gossip group. That’s really badass and have alpha male.

Phao pulls Mali out from gossip group.

Number 9 Kanompang (Hormones Season 2,3)


Kanompang is the friendliest characters in Hormones the series. She makes friend with another people easily. After she was heartbroken from Tar, earlier guitarist from See Scape, she started new life by meeting new people and now she is member of student council “Nadao Bangkok Next Gen”. She loves to stay among many people. Her charisma is very high until First tries to pick up her, but she refuse First’s interesting. Because First use dirty plans to pick up Kanompang by exploiting Oil to know Kanompang’s personalities and let Oil lies Kanompang about she is stomachache and can’t go to play bowling with Kanompang and First. Don’t lie Kanompang because she knows everything but she doesn’t tell you.

Number 8 Non (Hormones Season 2,3)


Non is one of badass character in Hormones The Series. Although his role in Hormones Season 2 didn’t badass much, but in Hormones Season 3 he performs his individual to make you shock. He is campaigner who bring Nadao Bangkok Next Gen to the victory of voting.

Number 7 Kwan (Hormones Season 1,2)

Untitled-2Kwan is only Win’s friend who knew about Win addicted crystal meth from New York City. Her trusted heart make me impressed. Her another badass didn’t have. But in scene that she and Win stayed at rooftop in apartment at Hua Hin made me impressed very much. If you ever watched Hormones Season 1, Kwan was very arrogant to Win because Win was asshole. After Win came back to Thailand in Hormones Season 2, She suspected Win’s habit that was less cheeky than last year. She tried to talk with Win about stopping crystal meth. Win trusted Kwan to tell about he was addicting crystal meth and he wanted some spirit from Kwan to help him to better life.

“Thank you for trusting me to tell your story to me, but Win can do it” She said thank you and believe Win could stop addicting crystal meth.

“If Win will be happened with bad moments, I felt sad much.” Kwan said to Win. This sentences was very impressed.

Number 6 Koi (Hormones Season 1,2,3)


Koi is one of badass characters from Hormones the Series. Although she loved Dao that had same sex as her, but she took care Dao with her love. Because she was only Dao’s friend who know what happened to Dao that Dao was changed. Dao told her bad stories to Koi and Koi understand Dao’s feeling. That was real love.

One of her badass moment is when Dao and Koi go to Central World, some guy scrub Dao’s ass and Koi argue that guy directly until that guy walked away. She still protect Dao.

That guy scrubs Dao’s ass.
“What are you doing?” Koi asked to that guy directly.

Number 5 Sprite (Hormones Season 1,2)


The most attractive character in Hormones The Series ever. Because she was really love sexual feeling and care her friend’s feeling. She still love Pai but Pai was jealous when Sprite talked with another guys so Pai still wasn’t in a relationship with her.

Sprite in real life.

She stayed at base of reality. She loved among parties with her friends. And her senses of relationship was very high. Her badass moment are when Kwan leaved out from her home in Hormones Season 1, she made Kwan’s mind to refill her happiness again.

Sprite wanted to make Kwan felt happy.

Number 4 Win (Hormones Season 1,2)


This character is badass and asshole in same time. He challenged Nadao Bangkok College’s influence. Although he did asshole stories much times, but inside his heart he still love Kwan. Someday Kwan felt stressed very much because she was insulted about her mother was minor wife. But Win told ever students at microphone about don’t believe bad rumors who you ever hear from another people because that story was blended.

And every asshole stories he ever did have badass in same time. Questions you may asked him were “Why do you dare a lot?’

Number 3 Orr (English teacher in Hormones Season 1)


The best teacher in Hormones the Series ever. She didn’t teach another students well only, but she understood students’ feeling very much. She believed some problematic students such as Kwan who ever cheated examination. She was a peacemaker who solve problems to mercy way. The reason of Orr to be a teacher because she wanted to revolt teacher’s system to next gen teachers, but her plan failed.

Number 2 Pai (Hormones Season 1,2)


This is the most badass male character in Hormones the Series ever because he was very handsome and his attitude was real gentlemen. In Thai language, Pai means “Bamboo”. He love his friends very much. When his friend and his love, Sprite were in a danger, he wanted to eliminated them immediately. But in Hormones Season 1, he attacked with that rival a lot and that rival attacked him back continuously. Until attacking is nonsense so he stopped to attack another male students in another school. In his heart, he still loved Sprite, but his bad habit about he is very jealous when Sprite talked to another people and Sprite thought about jealousy was nonsense and she thought Pai never to stop that bad habits so she stopped to be in a relationship with Pai.

In Hormones Season 2, Sprite was in a danger because of Sprite’s fake Facebook accounts that lied another people who talked with her. And nerdy guys connected fake Sprite and tried to hit on her so he sent teddy bear doll to Sprite that Sprite didn’t know who sent this.

Sprite got mysterious teddy bear doll.

After that nerdy guy followed Sprite until she went to her destination, he appeared and confessed his love to Sprite. Pai still followed Sprite too and he warned to nerdy guy to don’t pick up her again.

Until Sprite got accident. She was brought to nearest hospital because nerdy guy seized Sprite’s cutter to drop down, but Sprite didn’t give up until that cutter pierced Sprite’s stomach.

Sprite got accident from cutter.

This time was the revenge. Pai walked to nerdy guy’s workplace and tried to eliminate him. Finally he eliminated that nerdy guy successfully.

Time to revenge!!

Although he was hurt from attacking another people, but he thought he did because of protecting his love, such as friends, and Sprite.


One badass’s story is Pai ever did Fern pregnant. He wanted to take care Fern’s child after Fern would deliver her child. He wanted to take care, but Fern wanted to abort. He felt sorry very much.

Number 1 Jane (Hormones Season 2,3)



Her talking is really explicit. Everything she thinks she doesn’t think with her brain, but she uses her heart to do everything. So every her movements attracts everyone. Her opinions are as same as Win, her ex-boyfriend, but she doesn’t care any people more than Win 5 times. Although she is cheeky but she is very sincere to everyone who be sincere to her. One question about her is “Why does she come to Nadao Bangkok College?”

Finally, everyone don’t answer this question, except her and director hahaha.

Jane’s badass moments were a lot. She ever demonstrated about effect from crystal meth at street in Union Square when she met Win who wanted to know about solving downer effects from crystal meth. Because he felt uneasy, thirsty and hungry very much. Her pose might be the legend of Hormones forever. That was really badass pose.

Jane burned piece of paper to demonstrate effects from crystal meth to Win.

But after Ep.6 Win in Hormones Season 2, she wasn’t appeared until true ending of Hormones Season 2 that she registered as new students in Nadao Bangkok College.

Another badass movements in Hormones Season 2 was understanding Win’s feeling. She asked Win very explicit when she bought box of gum at nearest supermarket and she asked Win “What was the most fucking asshole story you ever did in Bangkok?”

For people who just meet, they don’t ask this question. That is very explicit, but Jane asked Win because she ever knew about Win felt not OK when he stayed at Bangkok.

At Central Park scene that Jane related crystal meth agent to buy crystal meth, Win told his asshole stories to Jane and she listened Win’s story. I thought Jane may have asshole stories as same as Win so she knew Win’s mind easily. For dialogue, look at Jane’s story.

Jane without makeup.

In Hormones Season 3, she is a student in Nadao Bangkok College and meets with Kanompang and Oil. Kanompang always be badass and Jane is the most badass character, that mean this is the badass team ever. One of the most badass moment is she objects English teacher who translate wrong. English teacher that fulfills with very high ego argues Jane, but Jane does right. She opens translating application in her Samsung Galaxy A7 and show to everyone. Although this moment is as similar as Win, but Jane’s badass moments are right and apply to all situation in real life. If you do wrong, I will fix that issue, not keep wrong forever.


Jane is tall girl so Looktarn, music teacher invites Jane to be a drum major. First time she refuses, but finally she accepted. That’s mean she will be Nadao Bangkok College’s reputation. Actually Jane doesn’t want to be a drum major, but inviting to be a drum major is very hard. How to be a drum major you must register directly and will audition again. JANE IS REALLY MOST BADASS CHARACTER EVER.

Teacher Looktarn invites Jane to be a “Drum Major”.


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  1. Looks like you’re in #teamjane. Isn’t it? Many articles you wrote cheered Jane much. I’m in Koi&Dao team and I have just read Dao&Koi article I felt impressive because I knew Dao’s background since Season 1. I’ve just watched season 3 only.

  2. You’re right. I stayed at Jane, Kanompang, Oil team (for earlier seasons, I stayed at Win team only. Jane is Win’s habit successor and she is more badass).
    In Twitter, you can see another tweet from…

    All about Hormones The Series Season 3 = #hormonestheseries3
    Jane = #เจน , #ทีมเจน
    Kanompang = #ขนมปัง , #ทีมขนมปัง , #แพรวา
    Dao = #ดาว , #ทีมดาว , #sananthachat (#sananthachat is name who acted as “Dao”. You can see another her works at here.)
    Koi = #ก้อย , #ทีมก้อย , #kemisananday (#kemisananday is name who acted as “Koi”. You can see another her works at here.)
    Oil = #ออย , #ทีมออย
    Non = #นน , #ทีมนน
    Boss = #บอส , #ทีมบอส
    Zomzom = #ส้มส้ม , #ทีมส้มส้ม

    Combined characters

    Jane + Kanompang = #เจนปัง , #ทีมเจนปัง , #เหนิงแพรวา (That’s really popular)
    Koi + Dao = #ก้อยดาว , #ทีมก้อยดาว (Very popular)
    Jane + Oil = #เจนออย
    Zomzom = Mali = #ทีมส้มส้มมะลิ

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