Ep.7 : My allies

I had ever picked up race queen at 3K Unlimited power because I thought I will no longer in booth babe and photographers society. I wanted to revolt myself to new society that greater than booth babes and photographers society. Reason to come to society of booth babes and photographers because I wanted to meet Alice, but 3 years I ever sought her, finally I found her, but she already had boyfriend. I felt disappointed very much, so I changed my plan to pick up booth babes. Many booth babes  I had found them were same booth babe every time and many booth babes remembered me. 50% remembered me with positive attitude, but 50% remembered me as negative attitude. Reason of negative attitude I thought I never talked to her. I came to her and took photos only with out chit chat because they were taken photos by another photographers.

And bad rumor about me would spread out on social network. I couldn’t control it. It looks like virus that may be lost. Why don’t you talk to me directly?

Luckily Pomelo, Kimi and Cotton trusted me. Another one who was picked up by me I thought she would trust me too. I couldn’t feel alone as same as last days. I have my allies.

“Hello Pupae.” I called to Pupae at Monday 19:00 hrs.

“Hi.” She talked.

“I am a guy who requested your phone number at 3K Unlimited power on Friday. Do you remember it?”

“Ah… I remember.”

“I want to ask something about at that day did you work with a few hours?” I asked Pupae. “I ever went to 3K Unlimited power and I didn’t find you.”

“Um… I worked until evening.” She said “Did you stay until evening?”

“No.” I answered. “At evening I stayed at May Who event.”

“May Who? GTH cinema?” She asked me.

“Yeah.” I said to her. “I wanted to ask something about what next event will you be a race queen?”

“Um… In this time I’m available until December. At December I will be hired again and that event maybe a motor exhibition.”

“December?” I interjected. “In December will have Motor Expo.”

“May be yes.” She said. “Are you a guy who equipped glasses?”

“Yes. He’s me.”

“After that you take photos with another booth babe…”

“It’s my job.” I said. “Because I’m event blogger who advise new event in Thailand. If event contains a booth babe, I will take photos to booth babe. But if events don’t contain booth babes, I still take photos.”

“Ah… I see.” She said.

“Do you ever watch Hormones The Series?”

“Yes, I watched. Now Ep.2?”

“Actually now is Ep.3.”

“Really? Yesterday I watched Ep.2 in Youtube.” She described about Hormones stories. “I felt sorry about Dao.”

“Yes.” I said.

“Hey you.” She said to me. “I wanted to ask you something about…”

“What?” I asked her.

“I got some rumors about you are booth babe scammer.” She said. “Are you really booth babe scammer?”

“No.” I answered. “If you ever talked to me, you may not ask this question. Someone wanted to prank me.”

“What?” She said.

“Pupae, do you know rumor publisher?” I asked her.

“I don’t know.” She answered. “Some Facebook page published.”

“Um… That is dangerous.” I described to her. “Because on Saturday I went to ThaiBev Expo, bouncers pushed me out from exhibition and every booth babes refused me to take photos.”

“Really?” She asked. “Why did they do this? I never refuses taking photos.”

“I felt bad. ” I said.

“Don’t worry. I have some idea. Tell to bouncer about you are booth babe’s friend. They may allow.”

“That’s good idea.” I said. “But booth babes I ever closed to be friend are a few, such as Pomelo, Cotton and you. Another booth babes I talked to her very hard. She still working.”

“I see.” Pupae said. “This is a reason why I am not hired to be a race queen in big booths. Besides Pomelo, Cotton and me, who do you know another?”

“Par, Noel.” I answered. “But Par is very famous net idol. She may forget me.”

“Hey… Don’t be serious. Par never forget you.” Pupae said to me. “I know Par’s habit very well. She ever be my friend.”

“Wow!!!” I said.

“My sister called me to help something. I will tell you later. Have something to tell, send messages to LINE. See ya.”

“See you again.” I said and ended calling.

After that at Starbucks Thonglor.


“Hey! Who is Pupae?” Kimi asked.

Huh? She knew about Pupae. No no no… Don’t tell about… Kimi opened my phone… I had just gone to toilet within 2 minutes. Kimi always was curious.

“Why do you know?” I asked her.

“You talked to her yesterday. I opened your smartphone hahaha.” She said. “She is gorgeous.”

“Yes.” I said. “Pupae is booth babe I still picked up. She was nice attitude.”

“Um… I ever told to you about you’re suitable for gorgeous girl hahaha.” Kimi said. “And what did you say to Pupae?”

“Hey Kimi. That is my story between me and Pupae only.” I said directly.

“I see.”

“But she know about my bad rumor.” I described about my bad rumor. “She believed me about I’m innocent.”

“Congratulations.” Kimi said. “You got one ally.”

“Hahahaha.” I laughed.

“Trust me Camp.” Kimi said. “If you’re innocent, you still will be innocent.”

I smiled to Kimi.

“Will you take photos in TGS BIG FEST?” Kimi asked me.

“I will go.” I answered.

“Beware some booth babe.” She suggested. “If you will be encountered, tell them about you have booth babe friend. And I have some suggestions to you.”

“What are your suggestions?”

“Keep low profile.” Kimi said. “Make yourself as invisible people. Keep stealthy. Detect some booth babe, harmonize with crowd. This is the best solution to you. And you must talk with indirect opener.”

“Indirect opener?” I asked Kimi. “I’m not good at this.”

“Hey. Don’t be serious.” She said. “When you talk about our main topic, think wider than your main topic, such as when you talk about Ramen, open with “Japanese meal” and keep talking much. That perform your friendly vision. Try to me.

“My mother ever said Japanese people are really nice and friendly because their society is very good. What do you think?”

“Yes!” Kimi said. “Keep doing that. Keep talking much. Try to introduce prologue but don’t show your story much. Another Example?”

“Is it right?” I asked Kimi. “I love Kebab very much. When I imagine about delicious kebab, I still think about Pantip plaza that in front of Pantip plaza have Kebab. That’s very delicious. Do you ever go to Pantip plaza?”

“You should create questions about opinion. Beware creating yes or no question. That will be more solid. Keep convey. One more example.”

“When I go to Thonglor, I still remembered about Japanese food first. There are many Japanese restaurants at here and Japanese restaurants have Japanese chef. They made very delicious meal but price of Japanese meal are very expensive. More than 200 THB. For me, I trusted about you will love their Japanese food because you’re look like Japanese people.”

“Great!!!” Kimi said. “Is this improvise sentences?”

“Yes.” I said. “I’ve just thought.”

“That’s good.” Kimi said. “But look their interesting. If you talk a lot but she (they) don’t interest you, that mean failure. Now try talking with indirect openers to me.”

“Kimi. I have ever gone to Thailand Mobile Expo since October 1 2015 and there was interested booth about new smartphone that would be published at 2 months later. That’s name is Meizu. Do you know about Meizu?”

“Chinese smartphone?” Kimi asked me. “That’s interesting.”

“It’s more interested because smartphone from Meizu have body looks like Apple iPhone. When pressed back button, touch only once, but if you go to home screen, press home button as same as iPhone. Flagship phone Meizu MX5 can scan your fingerprint to create Touch ID. Everything was similar as iPhone, but have cheaper price.”

“Oh!! Impressive.” Kimi said. “I thought your best skill of communication is tell stories. Why don’t you tell your great stories to another people. You’re not asker, but you’re story teller.”

“Kimi.” I said. “I don’t have more times to tell more great stories to booth babe because speaking booth babe was really limited time.”

“I see.” She said. “Try this in nightclub. Friday do you go to LIVE RCA?”

“LIVE RCA?” I asked.”What new event? DJ Event as same as that moment?”

“Yes.” She said.


Revolution at Live RCA Bangkok

Revolution BKK & Live RCA Bangkok invites for their latest party concept. The event will feature 3 distinct zones, each with it’s unique music style: The Pit (Future House, Progressive & Big Room), Fire Garden (Rock, Tech House & Techno) and the Panic Room (Hip & Hop, Trap, Twerk). There will also be a zone with games, special performances, food and activities. The huge lineup features DJs, MCs, VJs and musicians. Dress code is “Future Tribes”!

“What’s entry fee?” I asked Kimi.

“350 THB.” She answered.

“Oh!! That’s great.” I said.

“See you again” Kimi said. “I must to go to my room.”


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