Call vs Chat, which one is better?

Now smartphone can download apps and chat with another people together. I think this is awesome. Comeback to the age of feature phones such as Nokia who was the king of feature phone since 2004-2008 (when I was learning at high school). Every students had feature phones to call together. When some guys wanted to hit on some girls, they requested phone number. Requesting phone numbers were usual when I was in high school. Denying request wasn’t happened often as same as this age. Finally I had gotten new feature phones that can tell to somebody easier. Communication at that era was only calling together, so why people from Gen Y love to call more than chat in chat application such as WeChat or LINE.

Because people from Gen Y love to talk more than text to another people.

And using speech in public place in Thailand isn’t forbidden from main society as same as Korea and Japan. In Japan, talking loud is mean you don’t respect another people. If you use trains in Japan. you may see a lot of people still chat with their smartphone without calling. And now all of social network have chatting function that means you can chat easier.

Finally I readied to Chat with another people since I had smartphone. I installed LINE application and added my friends in my contacts. Sometimes I requested phone numbers from interested girls. Many girls I picked up gave LINE ID. OK, when you got LINE ID (or WeChat ID, WhatsApp ID) you feel very good about I get her connected way. But for my experiences, chatting was disadvantages more than calling. So what advantages of disadvantages from calling or chatting, let’s check it out.




  • You can talk with your friend directly.
  • Can release feeling more than texting.
  • If you call to your lover, lover’s voice is important. Lover’s voice is impressive.
  • Only use one hand and don’t looks at smartphone display.
  • You don’t wait your talker to answer back. As same as talking together.
  • You focus to your talker more than chatting.
  • You can use outdated feature phones to call.


  • Have cost of talking together.
  • Connection may be failed if you stand at no signal point.
  • When talking, another action will be stopped.
  • In smartphone have magnetic wave that may damage your ear and brain if you calls with much time.
  • Make your smart phone hotter.
  • Can’t record your calls to listen at another time.
  • Can’t call when you stay at loud place, such as nightclubs or concerts.




  • You can save your dialogue or look earlier dialogue every time.
  • You can send photos and videos to your chatter.
  • Can chat silently.
  • Can sent stickers to show your moods.
  • You can edit your sentences before you send your chat sentences
  • Free costs.
  • You can chat every time. Sending some texts and your chatter will read later.


  • Some people may ignore your chat texts if you are stranger.
  • Feedback from chatter is slower than calling.
  • You can’t hear your chatter’s voice.
  • Some smartphones are smaller to use chat application.
  • If you call via chat application, you will get missed call because your talker doesn’t connect internet.

Finally I have some experiences about calling and chatting to you. This are interested to read. Calling and chatting are mixed with advantages and disadvantages together. But I will recommend about calling is important more than chatting when you hit on someone. Because their voice is one of the identity to remember them and chat texts’ feeling are monotone. Look at chat texts, there are only one style. No italic or bold texts. Although that chat application have stickers function, but can’t substitute feeling from listening talker’s calling.

I recommend about when you want to meet and contact someone, please request phone numbers because now every chat application when you add new phone numbers, you’ll be added new contacts in chat application automatically too. That was really easy. Don’t only request any chat application’s ID. First impression of connecting is daring to call, not sending any texts. 80% of people who checked some texts and texts sender have usual or bad profile picture would delete it immediately or block it because that’s strangers.

I ever hit on some girls in Facebook more than 10 people via chatting. Results are every 10 people rejected me and block me although I didn’t do anything pervert to them. That was really crazy very much. Now Facebook is a social network that I open and closed within 2 minutes. Twitter is better because there are more interested follower who want to talk with me and retweet my tweets.

If I request LINE accounts to another girls, does it have more opportunity to get LINE ID? Answer is as same as requesting phone number. Although 3-4 years you can request LINE ID very easy, but now users that use LINE are a lot as same as using phone to call. And requesting phone numbers can get LINE ID, WeChat ID too (if your target have both).

Actually someday I don’t check any chat dialogues because I don’t connect internet to my smartphone. There are many official accounts that sent nonsense news that are really annoyed. As same as SMS in Thailand. No one uses SMS to send together as same as past time. SMS is a way of annoyed advertisements.

But some moments I felt bad because when I ignored to check message on LINE application, there are many message that really contact to me. I opened it until I knew about she sent messages for 4 days ago. Oh No!!

Finally I contacted to her. Luckily she didn’t blame me anything.


Calling is suitable for your friend, lover. 
Chatting is suitable for business contacts, related places.


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