Why should you cancel subscription of Apple Music?

Music streaming is good, you can listen it every time you want and you can listen it without saving music files to your physical storage. If you wanted to listen another new songs that just be published, you can listen full song easily without enduring listen bad quality in Youtube. And when you listen that song, that mean you help artist to receive money.

But in some side of music streaming services, there are more bad points you should know. Everything have weak points, music streaming service “Apple Music” is too. So this is why should you cancel subscription of Apple Music.

Number 1 You don’t have iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (or not have iPhone 4S or later)

Yes!! Apple Music is available on iPhone and Mac, PC only. For Android or Windows Phone users can’t use Apple Music. And now everyone love to listen music via their smartphone, but Apple Music is available in iPhone only. So if you don’t have iPhone, you shouldn’t subscribe Apple Music.

Number 2 You listen music from indie publishers.

Indie publishers are publishers who aren’t big music publisher, such as Universal, GMM Grammy, Geffen, Warner Music, etc. If your songs are from big music publishers, Apple Music is suitable for you (but if you don’t have iPhone, don’t subscribe it.) In die publishers may not publish songs in Apple Music. You must buy via iTunes store only.

Number 3 You love to listen only a few songs

If you’re repeated music listener, don’t subscribe Apple Music. Apple music is suitable for someone who love to listen musics a lot. You will play $9.99/month to listen only few songs?

Number 4 You owned a lot of songs

My song that owned a lot.

For me, I really love Apple Music very much, but sorry my song I loved that already owned. And my purchased songs are a lot. So Apple Music isn’t necessary for me.

Number 5 You’re audiophile

Songs in Apple Music isn’t 24 bit that audiophile listeners want. There are only 16 bit and bitrate of songs is 256 kbps. If you don’t serious about quality of songs from Apple Music, you can listen musics from Apple Music easily because songs from Apple Music are very high quality. But someone thinks about “only 24 bit songs” so Apple Music isn’t suitable for you.


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