My favorite characters in Hormones The Series

Since I watched Hormones Season 1-2 continuously at last month, I felt loved Hormones’s stories very much. Hormones The Series had multiple and parallel stories that could be joint together. And characters of Hormones was really cool. They were very individual and have their owned style. So this is my favorite characters ever in Hormones The Series. Let’s check it out.



Win is my the most favorite character in Hormones The Series ever. Although he was really asshole, but Win’s habit was as same as me since I learned in high school. That meant I was asshole hahahaha. But I didn’t suck tobaccos and used drugs. Because I was ever popular in high school as same as Win and I have girlfriends who had very high self esteem. I ever had problems with guidance counselors a lot, but finally I graduated with good GPA. But I felt outlaw hahaha.

I have problem with guidance counselor much since I was learning in high school.

When I watched Win, that meant I watched myself. I had only two best friend that as same as WIn. Another that students knew me but I didn’t know who you are. Sometimes someone wanted me to take photos. Oh!!!  That’s really interested. In that time there were only Nokia feature phones so taking photos got only resolution 2 MP.

Sometimes I had taken photos from another students when I was learning at high school.

Sometimes I went to concert in high school. That was really fun. I moshed with nearest guy together. Wow!!!


34Second character I felt favorite is Jane because Jane looked like my girlfriend since I am high school. She didn’t care anything happened around her. Her speech was really cheeky and funny LOL. She loved freedom very much and she trusted about if she and me understand feelings, can love together. So when Jane appeared, I felt “Oh!!! My ex-girlfriend at high school!! LOL.

Jane smiles at music learning room.

Jane’s character was very hot. Her decide was really resolute. She didn’t have a lot of friends much but her friends were really sincere because Jane was sincere to everyone who met her. And Jane’s habit looked like Win much. If Win wasn’t available in Hormones The Series, this series was really boring. So Hormones The Series Season 3 that has Jane, that is a good signal. Actually Jane’s charm was herself, not copied Win 100%. Win likes to meet new people, but Jane didn’t meet new people as same as Win. She would go to her interested people only. And her smile was very nice because Jane smiled very hard. In Ep.3 Jane’s feeling readied to be as same as Season 2 again that she had cheeky talking and enjoyable.

In some her corners she is very cute. Especially her smiling from her happiness.


Toey and cupcakes.

Third character I felt favorite is Toey because she is the most beautiful character ever in Hormones The Series that she appeared in season 1 and 2. Toey’s character could be substituted to many beautiful girls in Thailand that have someone picked up her and she felt usual but guys had high infatuation. Although Toey broke Pooh’s heart or Tar’s heart, but she did right. Because Pooh and Tar were jealous.


And Toey could make cupcakes! That is my favorite dessert!! Toey’s character was as same as my friend who wanted to be a doctor. Finally now she is psychiatrist.



Her voice was really beautiful and more warm. Looks like girls who have tender mind. Impressive Oil’s scene is when First is heartbroken, she still consults First and gives spirit to him. Because Oil love First so this is Oil’s cutie love moment.

“Hi First.” Oil talked with First via smartphone.

“Oil…..” First called Oil.

“How are you? Did you enjoy?”

“I’m heartbroken.”

“Hey!!!? Did Kanompang refuse you directly?”

“Really direct. She thought I pick up you. Boring… Actually I was heartbroken lots of time, but why am I not apathetic?”

“This story who is apathetic?”

“Um… It’s true for you.”

“Keep going First. That will be better. If you have something worried, call to me every time.”

“Um. Thank you.”

In the day of playing bowling, Oil dressed her cloth as same as First’s style.


Actually Oil wanted First to date together. As same as another couple who dressed same or similar clothes.


If Oil and First is in a relationship, that is suitable because First and Oil have same blood type (A) that may understand their feeling together. Although she ever created fake Facebook “Sprite Sprite”, but this story was long time ago. Don’t remember it.


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