Ep.6 Bad Rumors

In October 10 2015, I woke up from my bed at 07:00 AM. And I waked to my writing room to pick up my smartphone to check news feed on Facebook. There were many of unnecessary share stories that my friends pressed like button. That was really unbalanced for Social Network’s news feed.  Ah…. my friend Cotton posted some contents I could read it. Cotton is one of booth babe I closed her. Although she isn’t famous as some famous booth babes in Thailand, but she is very friendly. First time I ever saw her is Metalex at BITEC Bangna. Then some exhibitions that she ever was hired at BITEC Bangna. At second time she said

“Can I added you on Facebook?”

“Yes.” I said. But she let me to add her Facebook via my smartphone, but I couldn’t add her because she didn’t open another people to add her. I could follow her only.

“Cotton, I can’t add you. I can follow you only.”


“You add me first.” I said to her.

“Yeah.” She said, but at this time she still didn’t add me again.

4 months later.

Cotton’s post she wrote about she worked at Queen Sirikit Convention Center at some booth.Yeah, finally I would meet her. Although she was hired small events, but small events was really easy to contact. There wasn’t any photographers seized taking photos much. This would be my great opportunity to talk with Cotton.

In 13:00 hrs. At Queen Sirikit Convention Center.

I arrived to Queen Sirikit Convention Center. This place wasn’t chaos as same as Thailand Mobile Expo much. There was quiet more than Thailand Mobile Expo. When I walked to the hall of exhibitions, there are many booths with booth babes who exhibited. Exhibition I came was contained about home and condominium fair. There are very interested home and condominium a lot. This event had booth babes because target group was guys who chose awesome home or condominium to live with their girlfriend. And booth babe at this place wasn’t famous much so contacting some booth babes in this event was really easy. But I still sought Cotton. She was really meaty, but her face was really beautiful.

Ah!!! Finally I found her.

“Hi.” I said to Cotton.

“Oh!!! You remember me!! Long time no see! How are you?” She asked to me.

“I’m really fine.” I said. “That’s very great moment to see you.”

“Ah!!! Sweet mouth.” She said. “Do you pick me up?”

“You think yourself.” I said back.

“Who do you seek?” Cotton asked me.

“There are some booth babe at Thaibev Expo.” I said to Cotton. Thatbev Expo is one of event in Queen Sirikit National Convention Center that exhibited with House and Condominium expo together.

ThaiBev Expo 2015.

“Um. OK.” She said.

After that I came to Thaibev Expo 2015. There were many of nice beverages that I really love. Such as Chang, Oishi, etc. In this event was contained about before Thaibev. What were they doing?

Um…. This events had a few booth babes at here. Not same as last years. Ah finally I found my friend who was a booth babe. Her name is Nice.

“Hi Nice.” I said to her.

“Hey!! Let’s take photo together.” Someone I didn’t know seized my opportunity by letting me taking selfie with her. What!!!? Weird moment.


After that she walked away from me, but I still followed her.

“Hey.” I said. “I wanted to look my photos.”

She opened her camera and she opened my photos. Oh no!! WTF!? That was bad but she still didn’t erase.

“Erase now.” I said.

“NO!” She said and walked away.

That was really strange. No one requested taking photos with me as this. There are something was really bad at future. Nice, my friend walked away as same as I never met her.

But more WTF moments until I had to leave this event is…

I walked to take photos with some booth babe, she said “No!!” and call staff to push me out. WTF!!?

What happened to me? Why booth babes hated me a lot?

That was really WTF. Only one booth babe allowed me to take photos to her.

Reason to take booth babe photos because event and booth babe were paired together. Something was changed so I talked to this booth babe.

“Do you know another booth babes in this event denied me for taking photos.”

“What?” She asked me back with high tone voice. “That’s impossible.”

“Do you ever refuse people who take photos?” I asked her.

“No. If they’re not pervert.” She said. “Do you do anything pervert?”

“No.” I said. “Do you feel about me pervert?”

“Um, really no.” She said. “You talk to me nice.”

“Let it be.” I felt bored and said about this. “lovers and haters still exist everywhere.”

“Hahaha.” She said. “Keep working.”

“Yeah.” She said. “What’s your name?”

“My name is Pearl.” I said. “And you?”

“Sand.” She answered. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” She said.

After that Kimi called to me via my smartphone.

“Hi  Kimi.” I said to her.

“Hi Camp.” She said. “I have something to tell to you.”


“Someone published bad rumor about you.” She said.

“What bad rumors?”

“Um… That’s really bad. That told about you’re booth babe scammer who cheated every booth babes.”

“WTF!!?” I asked her. “Who published this rumor?”

“I really don’t know.” She said. “But I warned you about events you go. Where are you?”

“Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.” I said to Kimi.

“What? Get out off here.” Kimi said. “NOW!!!”

“OK! I will leave.”

After Kimi ended calling, I ran out from Queen Sirikit National Convention Center immediately. But in a time I was running, Cotton asked me immediately.

“You, Is it real?” She asked me and opened pics that told me about I am scammer.

“What?” I interjected. “Trust me. This is fake rumors.”

“I has already trusted you.” She said “You’re not scammer.”

“And do you know who published this fake rumors?”

“I don’t know.” Cotton said. “My friend who is booth babe shared in booth babe groups.”

“Um… and do you tell about this news is fake?” I asked her.

“I will try.” She said. “But everyone will not trust me 100%. There are many of booth babes trusted this news.”

“OK. I know this situation.” I said. “Keep trying tell everybody before everyone will misunderstand me.”


“Thank you.” I said.

After I ended talking with Cotton. Oh shit!!! Bouncers wanted to take me down. I ran to exit immediately!!!

Sometimes I thought this situation was really bad. Events in daytime I may be careful about saving myself. Am I dangerous guy? NO!


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