Dao & Koi (Hormones Characters)

Translated by Dada Cupcake 100%

One thing that make their relationship to be soulmate together

Is the real love that can’t be occurred with man and woman only.

Love is greatest power that human can make and give together.

Although Dao & Koi ever separated, but truth of their love can be returned again and no one can’t stop their relationship.

Know about Dao


Sanantachat Thanaphatpisarn (Fon) as “Dao”

Real name & Last name : Dugedao Jumratpaisarn
Date of Birth : March 18 1997
Zodiac : Pisces (count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : (The Role Model)
Sexual Orientation : Bisexuality
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 53620
Habit : Not dare to risk, love her mother very much, stress in sometimes, love her friends, cute, like to make funny moments in her group
Grade : 10 room 1 (Season 1), 11 room 1 (Season 2), 12 room 1 (Season 3)
Her smartphone & phablets : Apple iPhone 4S (Season 1), Samsung Galaxy S5 (Season 2), Samsung Galaxy A7 Gold (Season 3)
Appeared in  : Hormones season 1,2,3
Her main episode : Season 1 Ep. 8 “Progesterone” , Season 2 Ep.4 “Dao & Koi” , Season 3 Ep.2 “Estrogen”
Like : Imagine another people to make love together and write romantic poems to her blog.
Dislike : Someone who reveals her in a domestic partnership, Dew
Relationship compatibility: Koi (∞% | 💞 soulmate), L (100% | 💎 close friend), Kwan (50% | ✌️ her upper class woman), Win (10% | ✌️ her upper class man), Din (100% when fall in love, -∞% when separated | 💘👹 ex-love interested), Dew (-50% | 👹 Rival)
Her successor character : N/A
Ever have sex : Yes (Din at season 1)
Drinking alcoholic drinks : No
Sucking tobacco : No
Ever undecided pregnancy : Yes (with Din at season 1)
Use drugs : No
DISC Personality : S (Steadiness)
Smoke Color : Indigo (Looks like she has “Mist flame” from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Similar Character(s) in The Urbanist :
Dada 50%
Theme Song : POLYCAT – You had me at hello



Know about Koi


Kemisara Paladech (Belle) as “Koi”

Real name & Last name : Wiriya Korkietpirom
Date of Birth : January 23 1997
Zodiac : Capricorn (count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : AB (The Variety Star)
Sexual Orientation : Homosexuality (Lesbian)
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 53196
Habit : Very wide mind, love friends, sensitive mood but performs about vigorous feeling, Hate contrasts, love to take care her lover.
Grade : 10 room 1 (Season 1), 11 room 1 (Season 2), 12 room 1 (Season 3)
Her smartphones & phablets : Apple iPhone 4S (Season 1), Samsung Galaxy S5 (Season 2), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Season 3)
Appeared in  : Hormones season 1,2,3
Her main episode : Season 2 Ep.4 “Dao & Koi” , Season 3 Ep.2 “Estrogen”
Like : Her friends
Dislike : Contrasts
Relationship compatibility: Dao (∞% | 💞 soulmate), L (100% | 💎  close friend), Net (70% | ❤️  ex-boyfriend)
Her successor character : N/A
Ever have sex : No
Drinking alcoholic drinks : No
Sucking tobacco : No
Ever undecided pregnancy : No
Use drugs : No
MBTI Personality : C (Conscientiousness)
Smoke Color : Indigo (Looks like she has “Mist flame” from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Theme Song :
POLYCAT – You had me at hello



Dao and Koi stories in Hormones Season 1

Teacher Orr let Kwan take care Dao.




Because Kwan had high score of learning and her grade is 4.00, so teacher Orr let her taking care Dao, new student from Nadao Bangkok College. Dao accepted Kwan too.

She and her friends loved to read Dao’s lovely blog.


“He gazes my face until my heartbeats rhythm unbalance. ❤

His right hand move to my cheek slowly. ❤

For a few seconds, he use his thumb cleans bit of cake on my cheek genteelly. ❤

I just know about I will eat cake at his cafe forever in my life “

Dao wrote romantic poem in her blog and let her friends Koi and L read it. Her poem was fulfilled with fairy tale romantic love that be appeared in real life very hard. She was very high imagination to wrote many love poems ❤

But Win, her upper class man walked pass her classroom so her friends looked Win and Kwan stealthy. At looking Win’s moment, Dao and her friends imagined about Win and Kwan to be in a relationship too. (in real life, Win tried to pick up Kwan, but Kwan didn’t love Win).


Dao imagined about Win picked up Kwan.

In her room


“I am confident about although math problems are really hard, any math problems I can solve them.

But I really don’t understand since you came to tease my life, easy math problems I also calculate wrong.

I don’t have concentration. Must accuse you certainly about creating love match problem

Until I solve math problem wrong, wrong, wrong again.”

She wrote romantic poem about romantic moment from Win and Kwan. In Nadao Bagkok College, Win was very popular and Kwan was perfect student. Win and Kwan was suitable to be in a relationship together. (But Win wasn’t as same as Dao’s thinking. Look at Win’s profile to know his asshole stories.)

Next day, she saw song cover clip that contained Win and Tar and she was pleased Win a lot, so she and her friend took photos with Win together.

Tar took photos Win and Dao, Dao’s friends.

Her first WTF moment, Yaoi’s imagination

7 8 9

She ever saw Pooh and Thee’s romantic moment since Pooh and Thea played the game of balancing their body in a newspaper. Dao imagined about Pooh and Thee ran among rains, but Kwan let Dao’s mind come back.

After that she requested Pooh and Thee to take photo with her own reason.


When she and Kwan walked to science learning room, they saw Sprite and Tee went out from biology room with finished having sex moment.

13 14

And Pop invited Dao to tell story she saw with Kwan together at VR Source, Pop’s Youtube video program.

Dao told stories she ever saw.

First love, Din.


Teacher told Din to create English sentence and Din said “She is beautiful.” Teacher said “Uh? Do you pick up her?” (that mean Dao).

And teacher asked Din “What’s your name?”

“My name is Din” Din answered.

“And you?” Teacher asked Dao’s name.

“Dao” She answered.

“Oh!!! Din (earth) and Dao (stellar) that is really suitable. You should talk together and you may get destiny of love.”

After that Din request Dao’s LINE ID due to want knowing about English from Dao. Then walk together.


Dao’s first dating, with Din at Madame Tussauds.

Dao’s mother allowed Dao to date. But she had to be dressed without sexy feeling. She dated with Din at Madame Tussauds, Siam Discovery, Bangkok.

87 88 83

After her dating, she created new romantic poem about her love “ดาวเคียงดิน (Stellar against the earth)”


Stellar against the earth

In the day that he and I don’t meet together, The earth will see to the sky.

Keep looking and see many stellar that shine themselves flashy.

Parody with lunar light that shine brightly.

He chooses to see the brightest stellar and hope his heart about

She will see same stellar with him at someplace together….

Her final romantic poem before…



“Today is a day that I felt happy very much.

Picture that he holds my hand massively when we look the sunup together.

It’s beautiful and romantic. Cold wind blow against my skin. It is cold enough to make me tremble.

He may knows about my tremble to bring his hand embrace to my shoulder tenderly.

I turn may head to contact his eyes. Thing that tells meaning is love that fulfills of heart.

We both don’t talk anything. Unconsciously his hand contacts my chin tenderly.

I gazed his face for long time. I feel all of world stops spinning.

❤ My first kiss will be in my memory that I won’t forget forever. ❤ “



Dao wrote new romantic poem about her romantic between Dao and Din. Because she felt love Din and her mother accepted Din if Dao and Din will be in a relationship together. When I read Dao’s romantic poem, I felt as same as eating very big sweet pink candy.


Koi loved Dao’s romantic blog very much. She wanted Koi to write new Yaoi poem with hardcore stories, but Dao refused Koi’s request due to there are many writer who wrote Yaoi poem, but Koi wanted Dao to write Yaoi poem. Finally Dao accepted to write Yaoi poem.

Romantic moments from Dao’s romantic poem will happen in her real life.


When she was reading romantic manga, Din climbed to Dao’s room and he talked something to Dao. But Din was wet because in this time had raining so Dao let Din to change Din’s student uniform to her pajama. Dao felt shy and her heartbeats rhythm unbalance. Din hold Dao’s hand and they had sex together.



This moment Dao wanted to write love scene of her romantic poem. But her love scene happened at her real life. Next day Dao tried to contact Din but Din lost forever from her life.


She tried everything to stop pregnancy. If her mother knew Dao’s pregnancy, you may know what happened next. After her sex moments, she felt stressed and blurred. Then she was very cheerful, now she felt bored everything. L and Koi felt Dao was changed.

L and Kol felt weird about Dao.


And VR Source interviewed about “think well before do it” campaign that contained about when having sex must be protected by using condom. If you didn’t use, you will be pregnant. Pop and Ice interviewed Dao and Dao said “I don’t know.”

“I don’t know.” Dao said.

She searched stopping pregnancy via Google and she found “stopping pregnancy pills” so she walked to nearest pharmacy and bought stopping pregnancy pills. Then she ate pills that might have effect in 7 days.


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Dao ate stopping pregnancy pill with water.
She looked up for date of effect from stopping pregnancy pills.

Between day of waiting stopping pregnancy pills’ effect, she felt stressed very much. Someday she got nightmare. When she walked to do something, her son appeared and said “Mom, may I stay with you?”

“Mom, may I stay with you?” Dao’s son in nightmare said.
Dao screamed extremely from her nightmare.

In day 7, stopping pregnancy pills weren’t activated effect. She searched what happen if in day 7 stopping pregnancy pills still wasn’t activated effect. She got answered “She had pregnancy.” So she tried to look nearest abortion illegal clinic to stop her pregnancy.


When she went to abortion illegal clinic, there weren’t people in here. Only Dao and doctor stayed at here. Dao followed to abortion room and waited. In Dao’s waiting, there was some patient went out from abortion room. Dao went to abortion room and saw much of blood splash to the floor. She screamed extremely and ran out from abortion illegal clinic.

Dao followed doctor to abortion room.
In abortion room, there was many of blood dropped down to the floor.
She screamed extremely and ran out from abortion illegal clinic.

After that stopping pregnancy pills activated effect. Blood from Dao’s womb drop down to her underwear in day 8. This is the most disturbed scene ever in Hormones The Series.

Dao and her friends went to Big Mountain Music Festival

After her bad stories, she never wrote romantic poems in her blog. L and Koi suspected and suggested Dao to change new genre of poem. After that she and her friends went to Big mountain music festival. Dao lied her mother by tutoring homework at friend’s home.

Koi tried to Dao wrote new poem again.
They went to Big Mountain Festival.
They selfie together at Big Mountain Music Festival.

Dao’s stories in Hormones Season 2

Dao’s mother tried to have conference to every parents about “รักกรุ้มกริ่ม” (Smoothie love), romantic drama TV series that contained inappropriate contents for children and youth.



Dao’s mother knew about this story isn’t suitable for minors so she objected and invites many parents to get conference about this.

With Dao’s stress, she couldn’t consult to another people, except Koi, her best friend.


When Dao and Koi walked to department store that she ever dated with Din, she felt worry and ran out from that dating place because her flashback with her and Din revealed in her mind again. Koi asked Dao “Are you OK?” Dao felt worried and said “Tonight will you stay with me?”


“Dao. Are you OK? If you have something that you feel bad, tell me.” Koi said to Dao.

“Promise me about don’t tell to another people.” Dao said.

“I promise.” Koi said.

“I ran away from that place because I ever dated with my lovely boyfriend last year.”

“Did you ever have relationship?” Koi asked Dao. “And did your mother know?”

“She knew. My mother could talk with him. Because he was good habit, good at learning and he helped my learning.”

“That was good. ” Koi said. “Why didn’t you talk continuously?”

Dao readied to cry and said “It lost from my life.”

“He lost by couldn’t connect to you?” Koi asked.

“My final meeting with him.” Dao told her bad moments from Hormones Season 1 to Koi. “He climbed to my room. That night he….” She stopped telling and felt stressed a lot until Koi called Dao “Dao”.

“I had to be worried about I was pregnant, not pregnant. Look at him. He met with another girls without taking care me as same as I never was in this world.” Koi released her stressed mind to Koi.


“I wasn’t fool to walk away from him. I wanted to slap him forcefully.” Dao said and tried to cry.

“Dao. I know that was very bad. I know you passed that bad moment alone. But now you have me closely forever. You don’t fear and forget it.”

After that Koi embraced Dao’s shoulder and said “Don’t fear. nothing happen.”



“Thank you for staying with me.” Dao said to Koi.


In next day at morning, Koi and Dao still talked together. This is first feeling of in a domestic partnership.

Relationship updated!!!

Dao ❤ Koi

(in a domestic partnership)

Her secret relationship would be revealed.

The day before Koi went to Dao’s home, Je t’ame took a photos with Koi and Dao to post in Jinrak Facebook page that contained about girl ❤ girl moments photos. Dao and Koi felt worried because their relationship had to introvert. Not revealed to another people.

Koi and Dao’s photo at Jinrak Facebook page.


And rumors about Dao and Koi spread together. Until Dao and Koi felt worried and slideshow revealed until Dao wanted to close that slideshow.




Dao tried to close slideshow.

In Thai instruments room, Dao angered Dew a lot because Dew teased Dao about playing small cup-shaped cymbals. (In Thai, small cup-shaped cymbals mean 2 girls are in a domestic partnership.)

Dew teased Dao and Koi.
Dao felt angry very much.
Dao picked small cup-shaped cymbals from Dew and hit to Dew’s face.

After that Dao and Dew’s parents came to guidance counselor’s room. Dao confessed about Dao didn’t love girls. Dao had straight sex vision. Koi felt worried because Koi really loved Dao.


But Dao lied. She still loved Koi. They still were in a domestic partnership.

Koi sent Polaroid photo with lovely text to Dao.



That was sweet moment again between Dao and Koi. Dao kissed Koi’s cheek and took photos. Actually Koi loved Dao very much, but Dao still cared another people and society so Dao wanted this moment was secret. Don’t let another people know.

Until someday Dew revealed this relationship. She copied much of sheets spread out from learning building. Dao and Koi’s friend still think Dao and Koi are in a domestic partnership again that Dao didn’t want to reveal. Dao knew who reveal this. Yes, Dew!! She agreed about Dao and Koi were lesbian but Dao didn’t accept. She wanted to slap Dew forcefully. But Koi saw this arguing too.

Dao saw a lot of sheet of copying her Polaroid photo.
Dao felt shocked WTF!!!? My Polaroid photo!!!?
Dao angered to Dew a lot so she want to slap Dew forcefully, but Dao’s friend forbade her.
Koi saw that WTF moment.

Relationship updated!!!

Dao ❤ Koi

(it’s complicated…)

Dao destroyed everything near her. Dao was out of control.


“Dao. I think to talk with you.” Dao’s mother said. “I said directly. What happen? I don’t have more tolerance. What happened to you? Why in this time you are diligent to make problems much? Twice! I am PARENTS AND TEACHERS ASSOCIATION LEADER but I am related to guidance counselor because my daughter had problems. Twice in a few months aren’t funny and I don’t count about lying. You lied me a lot. Anger and don’t talk with me. I felt tired. Take care my daughter to be good daughter. Being good daughter is hard? TELL ME! I WILL KNOW AND I KNOW TO DO. WHAT DO YOU WANT? TELL ME. WHY DON’T YOU SAY? TELL!! WHY DO YOU QUIET? CAN’T YOU ANSWER?







She screamed extremely and destroyed everything near her. Her pressure miter ran to limited point and exploded insanely. Dao’s mother wanted Dao to be perfect woman. Actually mother’s demand can’t control Dao’s demand because Dao’s mother tried to force Dao to be everything she want. When Dao wanted to consult something, only Koi could consult only. Dao and Dao’s mother felt far away to close their feeling. But Dao’s father understood Dao’s feeling.

Dao and Koi felt far together


Since Dew threw copied sheets of Dao & Koi’s Polaroid photo, Dao and Koi felt far together. They didn’t talk as same as earlier time. And Koi got gift from someone who Koi guessed about some guy who wanted to pick up her.


At final day of semester


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Dao tried to make Koi met her again. Dao felt bad that Koi couldn’t talk to her. But guy who picked up Koi invited Koi to have lunch together. Dao stood up and walked away from Dao and went to that guy.

Dao and Koi’s stories in Hormones season 3

Dao apologizes Koi about bad feeling in last year and she wants Koi to talk with her again. (Episode 2 “Estrogen” | This episode is ours!)


Dao still takes care Koi. Dao wants Koi to be her friend again. Because friend relationship dies very hard and moments of jealousy, think a lot is happened very hard. Koi accepts to be Dao’s friend too.

But when Koi walks away from Dao, Koi chats with Net via WeChat. Net invites Koi to run with him together. Koi accepts.


Koi meet Net


Net tries to pick up Koi by inviting Koi to run together. Net tells about Koi doesn’t love guys because Koi never found good guys that was suitable for her. Net asks about trying to pick up Koi directly and Koi laughs. That is funny.

Dao and Koi went to Central World



“What are you doing?” Koi asks guys who uses his hand to scrub Dao’s ass.

In a day of going to Central World, Dao, Koi and L meet to do something. But first time Dao and Koi come together. When Dao and Koi walk away from elevator, Koi tries to warn Dao about don’t allow guys who try to violate her. After Dao and Koi talk, they hold their hand together.

71“Can friend hold our hands?” Koi asked Dao. Then they release their hands. Finally L meets Dao and Koi.


Net meets Koi’s father that have a lot of funny moments


Koi’s father is really very funny. I think he is the funniest father ever in Hormones The Series. Look at this.


And this.



This is a reason why Koi’s mood is calm and have warm heart more than Dao. Dao’s mother is really strict and make Dao stressed.

When Net talks something about faculty he interests, He wants to enter faculty of engineer that as same as Koi too.

Um…. Net….. What the….


Koi’s weird dream

Personal situation. Parents should advise youth.


Her dream was really weird. Dao and Koi tutor learning together, but Dao saw some secret folder that contains adult video. Dao opened adult video and Dao and Koi have sex mood so she kissed together, but Net seize Dao’s scene.

Bathroom scene (after swimming)

Koi feels neck ache and Koi wants Dao to massage her neck. But Dao’s feeling is more than massaging. She against Koi and kiss Koi sexually. Dao is doing wrong. Dao is doing more than friend but L calls to Dao and Koi. Koi says to Dao “Sorry, I can’t be a guy for you.”

Dao is massaging Koi’s neck. But her unite between her and Koi, she still love Koi more than friend.
They kiss together, but L calls them.

Koi is in a relationship with Net


Koi cries alone at ladder, but Net comes to Koi to heal Koi’s feeling. Net feels sad when Koi cries so he tries to let Koi is in a relationship with Net. Because if Koi still love Dao, bad feeling will be occurred again.

But in Koi and Net’s talking. Dao hides herself and listen Dao and Net’s talking. When she hears about Koi accept Net as her boyfriend, she cries a lot.

Dao cries alone when she knows Koi is in a relationship. Because she still love Koi.

Relationship updated!!!

Koi ❤ Net

(in a relationship)

Dao & Koi

(broken up)

She releases her feeling with poem to Microsoft word.

In a domestic partnership was appeared only at novel and poems. In real world god created guys love ladies and ladies love guys. Dao typed that WTF moments poem to her document in Microsoft Word.

“If this world has only I and you, I will hug you and don’t let you to go anyway.

But world isn’t about I think. There are a lot of people who are in my life. Take care and wish well to me.

Although her taking care maybe imprison me that she doesn’t feel her actions, she maybe let me to meet positive things.

She wants me to feel happy. She may create questions about things I am.

Question that I can’t answer. She may not know about happening itself that I don’t choose.

If today you will go, I want you to know about



After that day

That paper….

Koi keeps being in a relationship with Net and wants to be straight sex vision. She gazes Net’s face sexually but when she turns her book, she sees red star shaped paper that Dao ever sent to Koi since Hormones Season 2. Koi doubts but when Net turns his head to Koi and said “Koi, this problem what do you solve?”, then Koi kisses Net tenderly. She wants to have straight sex vision as same as another girls. But inside her heart, she felt uneasy.

Koi contacts her mouth to Net’s mouth.

Meanwhile Dao writes new novel about her relationship between her and Koi. She draws picture about 2 girls stand together. Then she puts 2 girls hook little finger together and she creates this story name “Hook little finger” (In Thai, Koi is mean little finger)



Dao’s mother may know the truth about Dao’s sex vision.


Someday Dao’s mother opens Dao’s room and she sees about Dao’s room is untidy. So she manages Dao’s stationary and books to suitable orders, but when she is managing, she sees Dao’s new novel “เกี่ยวก้อย (Hook little finger)” so she open to read it.

But… in this novel she sees something about Prao, protagonist in this novel is lesbian. Actually “Prao” is “Dao”.


“Answer him about I love girl or be shipping?”


Mother receives glass of water from Prao’s hand to drink. Prao picks glass of milk to drink too. (Before Dao sleeps, Dao’s mother brings glass of milk to Dao everyday.)


Prao wants to tell about Prao love girl.

In the morning in next day.


Dao wakes up and she sees Net posts photos to Koi’s Facebook about running together. Net writes description about “burn out 1kg fatty girlfriend.” to Koi. After that Dao’s mother go to Dao’s room. She talks about Dao’s novel that very great. In Dao’s heart, Dao thinks about her mother denies Dao’s relationship if Dao is in the domestic partnership with Koi. But in this time looks like Dao’s mother allows Dao to be in a domestic partnership with Dao’s love.

Dao interrupts Net and Koi’s conversing.


Koi waits Net to have lunch together, but Dao interrupts Net and Koi’s conversing by running to Koi aggressively. Koi feels weird about Dao so she asked Dao “Dao, what happened?”

“May I talk with you?” Dao wants to talk with Koi face to face. Koi sees Net’s face and she smiles to Net that means letting Net go away to talk with Dao secretly. Net knows Koi’s feeling so he said “OK. I will take a bath.”

“Dao. What happened to you?” Koi asked to Dao due to Dao’s mood is weird.

“I know about I shouldn’t talk with this because you are in a relationship with Net, but I want to tell immediately.” Dao says.



“In this time I wrote new novel about 2 student girls that very closed, more than close friend. I hid it never someone read because if my mom knew about this, my mom disliked it. But today my mom came to my room. She told about she already read my hidden novel completely.”

“Hey… and did your mom blame you?”

Dao shakes her head and says “My mom didn’t blame me. My mom said it was fun. My mom asked about the end of my novel and I answered to my mom about I wanted to end happily.”

Koi feels good to Dao.

“Koi. Do you know about my mom didn’t blame me about this is necessary for me?” Dao says to Koi. Koi smiled. “This is first time that I have hope about our relationship.”

Koi feels stress and undecided and says “You talk about this in this time. What should I do?”

“Do you return to be in a relationship with me?” Dao asked Koi. “I love you, love you as same as earlier time. Now I ready.”

Koi feels stressed.

At athlete locker room


Koi wants to confess Net about her real love. Net doesn’t want Koi to be in a domestic partnership with Dao again, but Koi says to Net about in her life only guy she love is Net only. Koi loves Net, but Net can’t change Koi. Net understands Koi’s feeling and Koi walks away.

Relationship updated!!!

Koi & Net

(broken up)

Finally Dao and Koi return to be in a domestic partnership again


“Koi” Dao called Koi when she is walking to main area at Nadao Bangkok College.


“Did you ever say you ready?” Koi asks Dao.

“Yes.” Dao answers. Then Koi brings her hand to Dao for letting Dao hold Koi’s hand.


“If we are in a relationship, can we hold our hands?” Koi asked Dao. This question is similar when Dao and Koi held their hands together at Central World.

Finally Dao hold Koi’s hand that mean Dao and Koi return to be in a domestic partnership again.



Relationship updated!!!

Dao 💞 Koi

(soulmate forever)

But big obstacle of relationship will be appeared.

Although Dao’s mother can trust about Dao’s sex vision, but Koi’s father… Can he trust about Koi’s sex vision? Because Koi’s father cheered Koi to be in a relationship with Net. But now Koi is in a domestic partnership with Dao.

At Koi’s living room, Dao and Koi stay together. Koi can’t open jelly so Dao help her for opening jelly.


“Koi.” Dao called Koi. “Open with this.” Then she uses small spoon cut jelly cover until that cover is opened. “Hold it…”




“Done!!” Dao says.

“I give the prize to you.” Koi talks to Dao. “Due to open jelly’s cover.” Then she dips jelly to feed Dao.

107-Koi-give-jelly 108-Koi-give-Jelly 109-Dao-give-Jelly

After that Koi pinches Dao’s cheek.


“I don’t want to think about when we will learn at university.” Koi says to Dao. “Faculty you will want to learn is far away from my home. I has to miss you a lot ❤ Huh? Or…? Will I stay with you at your room in dormitory?”

“Really?” Dao asks Koi. “I want to learn at university you have chosen. I will want to stay at your room too.”


“That’s good because that university there is faculty I want to learn.”

After that Koi says to Dao “OK, I will go to university you have chosen.”

“Really?” Dao asks Koi again. “Promise me.”

Then Dao and Koi hook little finger together. That signal is confirming promise together.


“That’s good, so I will tell to my mom about Koi stays with me.” Dao says to Koi. “If I didn’t tell about this, my mom won’t feel uneasy.”

“I promise about I will sleep with you every night.”

After that Koi’s father says to Dao about how to make collage picture to post in Instagram.

“Hey Dao. I want picture that be merged together as same as Dao’s Instagram. How should I do? I’ve played with long time and I’m not good at Instagram.”


Then Dao teaches hot to make collage pictures. When Koi’s father walks away, Dao asks something about our relationship. Dao feels uneasy if Koi’s father know her domestic partnership. But Koi says to Dao about don’t think a lot. Koi will talk to her father.


Koi confesses about she love girl.

After that Koi goes to her father’s bedroom.

115-Koi 116

“Please brush my hair.” Koi says to her father to brush her hair.


When father brushes Koi’s hair, Koi asks something to her father.


“Last night did you watch football match?” Koi asks to her father. “Which team did win? I felt asleep again.”

“Do you have something stressed?” Koi’s father asks his daughter.

“How do you know?” Koi asks her father.

“So what moments do you feel stressed?”


“I’m…..” Koi doesn’t dare to talk her confession.

“Tell to me.” Koi’s father wants Koi to talk.

“I don’t know about what moments have you disappointed me? But a thing that I want to talk now, it maybe let you disappoint me forever.”

“If I say about disappointment, there was no thing as when Koi was grade 7-9, you didn’t talk with me for months and let me to talk with that electric fan!”


“Please don’t tell that flashback LOL.” Koi says and she laughs.

“Have something to tell me? Tell now.” Koi’s father says to Koi. “Don’t fear about making me sadly.”

“I’m sorry beforehand.” Koi says to her father. But she doesn’t talk continuously so her father says “Pregnant?”


“No~” Koi says.

“And what?”

“I an still same Koi.” Koi starts to confess. “I’m still your daughter…”





“Love girl?” Koi’s father asks. “Hahahahaha…”

“Why do you laugh? Is this OK?” Koi asks to her father with her crying.


“Oh… It’s gonna be OK. That make you cry? Oh….”

“Do you OK about this?” Koi asks to her father again and she cries to her father. “I’m sorry very much.”


“Don’t cry Koi. Teenager’s life is this. Don’t worry. When you love someone, Don’t think a lot. When you will be adult, you will know yourself.” Koi’s father says to Koi “I have something to show to you.” Then he show collage picture that he merged Koi’s photos since Koi was young.

126-Koi-and-father 127 128-when-Koi-is-child

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“I love dad very much.” Koi says and cries. then she hugs her father with her love. That means Koi’s father understands Koi’s sex vision. Looks like big obstacle will be faded away. This scene is one of the most impressed scene that make me cries too.


Looks like Koi’s father know Koi is kidding about loving girl. (Episode 8 : Endorphin | First’s main episode)

After Koi’s father accepted about Koi’s sex vision, Dao & Koi can be in a domestic partnership openly. Dao feels very happy when everything that ever be big obstacle will be faded away. But actually this is the first opportunity to shake Dao & Koi’s relationship.


“Wiriya’s score is…” Dao says to Koi (Wiriya is Koi’s real name. In Thai, nickname is more use than real name.) “66 points!!! Yeah!!!”




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“Oh!!! Too bad, Dao. I got scores less than you 10 points.” Koi says with sad feeling.


“Hey! This score is better than earlier test so you should be happy!” Dao cheers Koi to think positive. “When you are glad, how to do? Yey!!!!!!” Then Dao yells “Yeyyyyyy” to Koi for performing glad action.


“Yeyyyyyy… That’s it.” Then Koi acts as same as Dao and Dao says “Don’t cry so let’s look.”

“Which problem am I wrong?” Koi asks and Dao points to wrong problems. Then Dao’s dad knocks Koi’s room door to open.


“I don’t lock.” Koi says. Then Koi’s dad serves a few of pieces of apple to Dao & Koi.

“Apple is came to you.” Koi’s dad says. “Good specie apple that is very delicious!!”





“Eat it!!! Put down!!” Koi said and Dao says “Thank you.”

“How about tutoring books?” Koi’s dad asks.


“In this time I am doing last year examination. I have gotten more points!!” Koi says to her dad.

“That isn’t about Dao cheated giving more points to Koi.” Koi’s dad says.

“Hey… dad. If you don’t believe, look at it.”

Then Koi’s dad checks Koi’s practicing tests. Koi sends confident signal to Dao. But looks like Koi’s dad suspects about Dao & Koi’s moments that are really weird.

“Do you believe me?” Koi asks to her father.


“Wait and see me to pass university admission testing!” Koi says with her confidence.

“May the ambitious mind be with you to test day.” Koi’s dad says.

“Certainly, dad. If I will be in university and I will rest in dormitory, don’t be alone and don’t cry to me.”

“Hey wait wait wait.” Looks like Koi’s dad is suspecting about resting in dormitory. “Finally will you go to rest at dormitory? Have you told me about choosing nearest home faculties?”



“Huh? Haven’t I told you about this?” Koi asks her father. “I ever told you. Do you forget?”

Looks like Dao feels bad about this.

“Important story I never forget.” Koi’s dad talks to Koi. “Can you go outside to talk with me?” Then Koi’s father talks to Dao. “Excuse me. I bring your friend to talk outside.”

“Yeah.” Dao says.

Looks like Dao and Koi feel bad because they don’t know about more obstacle to intercept their relationship. Dao hopes about this situation will be passed away.

Then Koi walks to her dad. Koi’s dad starts to talk with his daughter directly about Koi’s future.


“I confirm about I never know about this.” Koi’s dad says.

“Ah….” Koi says. “So I forget to talk.”

“Do you decide to hide this?” Koi’s dad asks to Koi.

“Are you crazy? Why I must hide? Why are you serious?”


“Can I ask you directly? Are you and Dao in a relationship?”

Koi thinks with long time and she shakes her head vertically.

“And changing university place determination because of Dao?” Koi’s dad asks her.

Dao feels worse.


“Daddy, Do every universities have same faculties?” Koi asks her dad. “I always be ambitious to learn. ”

“Koi… I don’t know how do you think less or think a lot about this. Saying  “I love girl” I think you was kidding me. As a fashion moment, but you give this kidding moment will effect to you future? I can’t allow!”

“I never said about my relationship with Dao has been kidding.” Koi describes to her dad. “You think yourself about my relationship is kidding.”

“You may be with Dao long time until you misunderstand.” Koi’s dad describes back. “It may not be a love. You close with Dao together, I never blame you.”


“Do you tell about my relationship between Dao and me is false?” Koi feel angry and she asks to her dad directly.

“Listen to me. If you learn in university. You will meet new good guys that ready to love you, that ready to take care you. And don’t you change you mind?”

“No! I won’t change my mind. No way.” Koi answers directly.

“And Dao? Do you sure about she will never change her mind?”

“I’m sure. Dao love me and I love Dao.” Koi answers to her father directly.

“I have idea about changing university place determination, I don’t agree to change university place determination to be at dormitory. Don’t bring love feeling to decide future because human life doesn’t have only this moment.”


Then Koi’s father walks away from Koi. Dao and Koi feel very bad. Why obstacle appears again? Why!!!”


Looks like Koi is hesitating about Dao’s sex vision. (Episode 9 “Testosterone” | Sun’s main episode)


When the close semester time, at classroom of ECONCEPT, Famous English tutorial school in Thailand, looks like L interests some cute guys that stay away from her. He looks like Korean celebrity very much.


“Hey Dao.” She says to Dao curiously. “White, Asian, Oppa, I fall in love with him.”

Dao sees that Oppa guys curiously. He is talking with his friend.

“Hey!! Very adorable!” Dao compliments about that Oppa guy. But L warns immediately and says “No! You already have Koi. As a friend or girlfriend, I confuse.”


Looks like L and Dao fall in love with Oppa guy a lot. They still see that lovely Oppa guy.

“Dao. Look at this.” L tell to Dao and show her smartphone about Koi does something. “Koi bought a lot of meatball! She told to me to help carrying with her.”


“How about buying. When I buy this myself, I don’t eat it all!” Dao comments about Koi buys a lot of meatball. Looks like Koi buys meatball a lot. She fears about she will be stuffed before meatball will be empty.

“So you keep lecturing. I will come back.” L says to Dao to help Koi carrying bags of meatball. After that, L go away from ECONCEPT classroom.

Looks like that Oppa guy interests L but he doesn’t dare to request L’s phone number directly, so when L go away from Dao, he walks to Dao and says “Excuse me, can I get your friend’s phone number?”


Dao’s smiles about that Oppa guy interests L. Then Oppa guy bring his smartphone to Dao for dialing L’s phone number.

Until something happen to Koi. Looks like L and Koi comes to ECONCEPT’s classroom very fast. When L and Koi comes to classroom with cheerful moments, they saw weird and Oh! moment when Dao give her phone numbers to Oppa guy. Actually she give L’s phone number, but that moments Koi feels shock very much. L too because that Oppa L already reserved.



“Hey Koi!” L says to Dao excitedly. “Is he request Dao’s phone number?”

Koi feels bad about this. She is stunted. Then L walks and bring Koi to their seat.

“Dao. What’s that?” L asks to Dao after she and Koi walk t0 their seat.

Looks like Dao has high self-esteem about someone request her phone number and wants to tease L and Koi. Dao still doesn’t tell about this.

“Did he request your phone number?” L asks to Dao.

“Yes. You’re also envious…” Dao answers with teasing feeling to L. Koi feels bad. Dao is changed as same as her dad’s suggestion. Someday Dao will change to love another guy. Koi’s face is stressed.


“Hey!!! Is he request your phone number really?” L still asks about this again because Dao is alrealy in a domestic partnership with Koi and looks like Dao interest only girl.

“Oppa lalla cutie cutie!!” Dao feels fall in love with that Oppa guy very much. She does cute moments about sweeties behavior to L and Koi. For Koi, she worries a lot. Is my relationship shaken again?


“That Oppa is mine.” L says to Dao excitedly and looks like she doesn’t agree that Oppa guy is interested wih Dao.

“L, I want to say about…”

Dao tries to describe about that moment, Koi feels disappointed very much. Dao is changed. Oh No!!! Why!!! She is pungent about Dao’s interesting Oppa very much. Koi also throw bag of meatball to Dao’s lecture desk pungently. Dao is stunted about Koi’s feeling. Everything is complex and complicated. Koi is misunderstanding about this situation. Perhaps Koi’s father told Koi right


Then Koi walks away from ECONCEPT’s classroom immediately with bad feeling. After Koi walks away and throw bad feeling to L and Dao, Dao says to L “I will go back.” and runs to Koi immediately to confess the truth of that weird moment and she says “Koi…”


Koi runs to the seat outside ECONCEPT’s classroom lonely and feels sad about that weird moments. Dao tries to reveal the truth. She sits under Koi and says “He requested L’s phone number. I was just kidding her.”


Looks like Koi is serious about Dao and her’s relationship very much. Koi feels fear as same as ever happened after swimming. She cries silently. Then she says “Just kidding her?”


“I don’t know what you are happened a lot.” Dao describes and apologizes Koi that Dao don’t know about Koi is serious very much. “Please forgive me.”

“Hey, never mind. I wrong. That will be faded. Only temporal time.”


“Koi, actually when you feel something, you will say that immediately. When you feel something, you say directly. And now what are you feeling?” Dao feels Koi is changed. Earlier time when Koi felt something, she waned to tell directly without caring anything, but now looks like Koi has something hide in her mind without letting someone know, not except her soulmate, Dao.

“That time I though about… Or my dad ever told me is true. Someday, I will be straight sex vision. I will meet lovely guys. As we’re in a relationship, it’s in the fairy tale. I also object myself about this can’t be true. Because I am very sure about I never love  another guy forever. I am also very sure. But I don’t know can you be sure with me?”


“You also think a lot, Koi.” Looks like Koi think a lot. She never is about this. Koi always has trustworthiness that no one can break our relationship together, but why Koi hesitates about little bad moments?


“This… Can you see about this? And we stay with you at this place.” Dao says and still does something that give trustworthiness love to Koi. Dao touch Koi’s hand and contact her soulmate’s eyes with taking care feeling. Nothing will be failed. You and me will trust together. I still love you, Koi. ❤



“I just know about you stay with me. But in future, will you be changed? You will love another guys. But… If you will love guys. How will I be?” Inside Koi’s heart, she feels complicated and hesitated about relationship in future that can’t control ourselves. For Dao, she wasn’t born to be lesbian completely (bisexual), but for Koi, she is real lesbian.

“I’m sorry. Am I not sure about you?” Koi cries and sill asks Dao’s sex vision. “Don’t think a lot, my lesbian loving will be faded away. Let’s go to the classroom.”


Then Koi go away from Dao to the classroom. Inside Dao’s heart. She doesn’t know about Koi is caring this relationship a lot. She thinks a lot with more time. Can we be in a relationship without bad feeling? Not only trustworthiness can save our relationship, but thinking a lot will harm our relationship too.

Let’s be the winner L!! (Episode 10 “Growth Hormones 2” | Pala’s main episode)

Finally, second semester is opened. In Loykratong day, L, Dao & Koi’s best friend contests Miss Noppamart.Dao & Koi cheers L together.



But looks like Mali’s beauty and innocent heart can win every competitors.


After that, Kanompang, leader of student council sings a song with See Scape Rock Band members. Her voice is peaceful and let everyone jump and say hey! together!!! (For lyric with translating, look at “Kanompang” article.)


Dao, Koi and L enjoy songs from See Scape Rock Band together.


To be continued…

Dao’s apology from the paradise (Episode 11 “Oxytocin” | Oil’s main episode)


After Loi Krathong day, looks like relationship between Dao and Koi is complicated again. Koi feels hesitated about Dao’s sex vision because she didn’t sure that she won’t love guys again. Finally…

“Please come with me.” Jet’ame calls Koi to go to some room

“What do you have something, Jet’ame?” Koi feels weird and curious when Jet’ame, Jinrak’s Facebook page owner who is fan club (and shipping) with Dao & Koi calls to her to go somewhere.

“This. Please follow me.” “Quick.” Then Jet’ame walks to some room and let Koi goes to that room. For Jet’ame, she thinks positively to Dao & Koi and she feels excited very much about this moment.

But Koi feels undecided to enter that room. She still sees Jet’ame face curiously. In that room have weird moments? Koi still thinks about negative moments that doesn’t want Dao to be happened.

“Enter to this room.” Jet’ame still talks about this to Koi.


“I must enter?” Koi asks to Jet’ame with undecided feeling.

“Yes.” Jet’ame answers. “Koi’s let’s enter to this room.”

Finally Koi opens to that room. The room of miracle or nightmare?


There are many balloons in this place. Some balloon is at floor, some balloon is floating against ceiling. Koi feels this is same as the paradise of love. She ever saw many romantic movies and she feels love with that moments . Finally this happens to her lovely.


The sound of opening doors and some feet let Dao opens music about Koi and her.  Then Dao press play virtual button on her phablet to play “You had me at hello.”


ไม่รู้ว่าต้องโตท่ามกลาง หมู่ดอกไม้ มากมาย ขนาดไหน
I don’t know how long to grow among flowers.
เธอจึงได้ครอบครอง รอยยิ้มที่สวยงามขนาดนี้
You will own the beautiful smile.
ทำให้รักใครไม่ได้อีกเลย วินาทีที่เธอ เจอกับฉัน มันทำ ทำให้
That make me can’t love anyone forever. The second I met you, that make me… that make me…



ความเดียวดายสลาย เพราะได้เจออะไรที่คู่ควร
Loneliness is eliminated because I found something is suitable.
ฉันขอบคุณและให้คำสัญญา ว่าจะรักษาไว้
I thank you and give promise about I will keep it.



I don’t want anyone.
ดวงดาวทั้งฟ้าต้องเสียใจและ ไม่มีสิ่งไหนสวยงามต่อไป
Many stellar and stars must be sad and nothing are beautiful forever
although in this world has you.


และฉันคือคนโชคดี เมื่ออ่านความหมายทุกคำกวี
And I am lucky girl when I read meaning all of poems.
ไม่มีบทไหนงดงามอีกแล้ว ตราบที่โลกนี้ยังมีชื่อเธอ
Nothing is gorgeous when in this world still has your name.
ได้โปรดให้ฉันเป็นคนสุดท้าย ได้ไหม เธอคือชีวิตและลมหายใจ
Please give me as last girl? You are my life and my breath.
(เธอจะเป็นคนที่ฉันยกใจ เก็บไว้ เก็บไว้ให้เธอผู้เดียว)
(You will be a girl who I shift my heart to keep, to keep to you only.)



เธอมีหลากล้านเม็ดทรายทะเล อยู่บนร่างกาย
You have zillion sands from the beach are at your body.
เมื่อมองนัยตาของเธอ เจอหมอกรุ้งพร่างพราว
When I see your eyes, find wonderful mist and rainbow.
And discover the best song when you talk about that.
ooh ดีใจเหลือเกินที่ไม่บังเอิญหรือว่าฝันไป
Oh! Be happy that isn’t unexpected or dream.


When Koi still walks to Dao slowly. There is someone who hold red heart shaped balloon. Until Koi stay with Dao, Dao let red heart shaped ballon away from her and it floats at classroom, ceiling. Dao and Koi contact their eyes togeter for feeling of love.

Actually Dao wants to surprise Koi and she performs that doesn’t make Koi feels worried forever about their relationship that isn’t same as another people in this world. Dao smile and says

“Koi, I’m sorry that let you feel worried, or let you aren’t confident about me. You ever worried about I can like any guys.”


“I answers without lying, something another guys make me feel cute.”


“But that are only liking because everyday when I stay with you, I feel enough.”



“I love you very much. So if some guys and girls come to my life, I won’t feel anything.”


From the trustworthiness Dao gives to Koi is worth to give. She invests many balloons to change Koi’s stuck negative belief to the reality. Koi’s eyes is changed to have very high happiness. She is interesting Dao a lot.


But… surprising will make Koi feel fly herself to the paradise. Dao gives her handmade novel “เกี่ยวก้อย” (Hook the little finger) to Koi, her soulmate forever with her love.



Do you know “Hook the little finger” is available on B2S in Thailand with 245 Baht. (For Thailand only.)


“Everything is in this.” Dao says to Koi and smiles to her. Koi feels very happy that Dao gives the most precious gift forever that is given by her soulmate. She smiles to Dao warmly.

Then she opens that “Hook the little finger”.


First page is writing “To Koi… and our love ❤️ ”


“Ah…. Dao…. Have you loved me a lot?” Koi thinks herself. She readies to  smile about Dao’s attitude of love to Koi. So all of time, Koi has thought a lot from her dad’s opinion and some moments that Dao stays with another guys.

I’m sorry Dao.




“Although another one don’t believe our love, that isn’t bad as we don’t believe ourselves.”



“Thank you.” Koi says to Dao.

Finally, their love that ever had many obstacles…

They have been faded away from the air…

Love is the most power to make everyone have meaning of life.

Love is happened to every sex, can’t divide with straight sex vision only.

Dao and Koi have passed the hardest obstacle of love with same sex…

They don’t care anyone who thinks about their relationship.

So they should get the most precious prize…

That is…






The meaning of truth of love.







For Dao & Koi…

This is just started!


click here for true ending

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  • In Hormones Season 3 Dao’s hair open her forehead.
  • After Dao’s undecided pregnancy, she stopped to write romantic poem until at Hormones season 3, she writes again, but not fulfilled of love. She writes with sad and drama feeling.
  • Koi’s role wasn’t separate to Dao much.
  • From author who wrote this article, this is the hardest article ever because I watched Hormones to look at Win, Kanompang, Oil, Toey and Jane only. When I found Dao’s face, I skipped it so when I wrote Dao and Koi’s story, I must watched Hormones since Season 1 to Season 3 again.
  • Look at earlier promotional pics, that was awesome.
  • “Koi” in Japanese language means “love” or “Koi fish.”
Koi’s profile in Hormones Season 2
Dao’s profile in Hormones Season 2
Dao’s profile at Hormones Season 1



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