3K Unlimited Power Let’s go!

I knew my friend Pomelo who was a race queen worked at this place, Central World. Long time I couldn’t meet her since Bangkok Car Audio Show that I ever wrote story in my earlier blog. Pomelo was only booth babe and race queen I trusted her because she was my closed friend. Her appearance was different than another booth babe I ever saw. Pomelo’s beauty was balanced. Although she wasn’t famous race queen, but I thought this was good. Could contact her easier than famous race queens who be arrogant and hard to talk with another people.

She related me about she would go to Central World at 11:00 hrs. I also traveled after 11:00 hrs because Pomelo might late and this event I would go finished at 23:00 (but race queens would be finished working at 18:00 hrs.) My travelling was via BTS skytrain who had unsuitable costs as same as another countries where had perfect transportation to go anywhere. From my home to Central World if I went via BTS skytrain, I used only 20 minutes, but if I used normal buses, I would use 2 hours to arrive at Central World.

Escalators to BTS skytrain.

In that day. There was raining moderately. The sky ever blue and had ultra light from the sun, now the sky was white-gray colors and no sunlight show directly to everyone. I thought it was good but it was very bad for someone who wanted to dry their washed clothes. After that I paid 100 THB to refill my Rabbit Card, BTS transported card that paid easily without staying a queue and waited to insert coins to get one journey ticket. I didn’t know this system was only in Thailand?

Then I walked to gate and I touched Rabbit card receiver with Rabbit card. After that gate opened. You must pass it within 1 second because if you didn’t passed it, that gate will smacked you and you felt hurt very much. Since bombing moment at Ratchaprasong, many places in Bangkok raised security system to the highest. Every important place such as BTS, Siam Paragon, Central World, there were full of security who checked your bag. So if you don’t want securities check your bag, don’t equip bag to anywhere. Picked it to your room and walk freely to Bangkok. That was really annoyed if you were checked everywhere although you come out and come in again.

“Pip Pip Pip Pip Pip Pip”

That was BTS skytrain’s signal that readied to close all doors and transported to next station. After that the door closed.

In BTS skytrain I saw many passengers used iPhone a lot. There were 70% of passengers used iPhone. Yes, iPhone was the best smartphone ever in Thailand. If you ever owned iPhone, that mean you were awesome. iPhone was the best smartphone ever.

20 minutes later, BTS skytrain arrived to Chitlom Station. At Chitlom station there are many department store in Central Group that contained about Central World, Central Chitlom and Central Embassy. That were very luxury. I ever went to Central Embassy and I thought this department store was suitable for high-social people, not suitable for me and going to this department store was very hard. So I went to Central World as same as ever walking.

Ah…. I walked to skywalk that fulfilled with many people. I saw 3K Unlimited Power booth far away. I thought to walked to Central World ground. There was security wanted to check your equipment at here. But I didn’t equip anything so I walked away and finally!!! I came to 3K Unlimited Power!

There were many booths at here. Such as football, motorbikes, auto parts and only thing couldn’t take away was 3K batteries that was main sponsor at here. This event everyone was free to enter but you must register first.

In football zone, you could kick football to target and you may get precious prize at here. Booth babes welcomed everyone who played.

Ah!!! What the hell!!!? Rain was falling. I walked to nearest indoor area that was in Central World.

After rain stopped, I walked to 3K Unlimited power again. Now I saw Pomelo. She smiled and said


I took photos to her and took selfie with her. After that I talked something to her.

Pomelo (Som-O in Thai)

“What is your blog?” Pomelo asked. “I ever read your blog that you wrote about Inter Brand Car Audio show at Season Square, but where is it?”

“I closed.” I answered. “Because someone created rumor about I’m a booth babe scammer who lied booth babe. Now I am hard to take booth babe photos so I may leave out from booth babe and race queen society.”

“Why? No no no. You’re not scammer.” Pomelo said. “Take it easy. I know you’re not scammer. I talked to you and nothing I fear.”

“Thank you.” I said to Pomelo. “Hey Pomelo, add my Facebook.”

“I already added you.” She said. “Didn’t I add you?”

“Yes.” I answered. “I am only followed you and when I comment to you, I didn’t get any notification from you.”

“Oh no.” She said and she added my Facebook to her account.

Pomelo is one of race queen I was closed to her. After booth babe or race queen, they readied to hate me because of bad rumors.


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