Top 10 the best moments in Hormones The Series

When “Top 10 WTF moments” revealed, so this is a time of “Top 10 the best moments in Hormones The Series” Although you felt sad because your favorite characters get trouble you don’t want to be happened, but drama is always a drama that can’t happen in real life. When you feel sad, in a sad moment you feel good too. So this is top 10 the best moments in Hormones The Series you feel love.

This is my opinion only. Not official top 10.

Number 10 Teacher Orr answer Win‘s question (Hormones Season 1)


In Hormones Season 1 Ep.1 Win challenged Nadao Bangkok College rules’s influence by wearing another clothes and went to Nadao Bangkok Cololege. Yes, he was taken to guidance counselor. But Win created new video clip and published to his Facebook about “Why do you wear student uniform?”. Many Nadao Bangkok students agreed Win’s opinion so next day they dressed private clothes. Finally guidance counselor brought students who dressed private clothes to gym room. In gym room, Win still asked “Why do you wear student uniform?” Guidance counselor answered “Because this is a rule that many students did it for more than 10 years.” But Win thought this was nonsense answered so he tried to asked later.

Finally teacher Orr answered Win’s question that was make sense. “When you’re stolen your bag, who do you run to first? Yes, police, and who is police? Police who dresses police uniform. So wearing student uniform that mean you should know about your duty that go to school and learning.”

Number 9 Non reveals Boss’s forbidden student council’s policy (Hormones Season 3)


The last Boss’s policy for campaigning his student council is “reducing homework” due to many students in Nadao Bangkok College still bored about much of homework, but his plan may do failure because he consults with another teachers and teachers say “This plan is very hard to do due to some lessons must have much homework.” so reducing homework policy isn’t mentioned at campaign day.

But in a day of campaigning, Non is a performer who tells about normal policy that another students deny Nadao Bangkok Next Gen’s policies. Until Non reveals Boss’s forbidden student council’s policy “reducing homework” and many students agreed so in vote day, Nadao Bangkok Next Gen is winner.

Number 8 Win told stories about messages from another people to Kwan (Hormones Season 1)


After Kwan knew the truth of her father who have another family, Kwan felt stressed and rumor about Kwan’s mother was a minor wife spread together. Kwan felt bored but in morning Win walked to microphone and said about “Don’t believe another people’s speech much.”

“Today I want to talk something before in vacation days.

When I was a child, there is a game that make me remember forever. And this game I felt funny to play.

How to play : Teacher let first student in a queue read a story on a paper. When finished reading, student who just read told that story to next student in a queue. Told with mouth to mouth continuously until final student in a queue.

When the game finished, teacher let last student told story he listened. That was funny about story from last student was wrong from first student.

Actually I want to talk about when you heard something, that story was blended a lot. And are you sure about what is true story

The worse thing is someone judged people in this blended story. You will be misunderstood them all.”

Number 7 Kwan’s parents surprised her at her birthday (Hormones Season 1)


In a day of Kwan’s birthday, Kwan woke up and when she walked to ground floor, her father and mother weren’t at home. She sought her parents until her parents surprised her with cake of her birthday. In a cake, there was sentence about HBD father and mother’s gift. (In Thai, “Kwan” means “gift”.)

In this scene is very impressive. Before her birthday, she felt stressed very much because her life wasn’t perfect. Her mother was a minor wife, but another family always welcomed Kwan as member of another family so she felt happy more.

Number 6 Kwan tried telling Win to quit crystal meth addiction (Hormones Season 2)


“In toilet what something did you use? I saw you at toilet, but I don’t know what you use. How long did you use this? Are you addict?” Kwan asked Win

“No. If I use, that’s great, but if I don’t use it, I still alive.”


“Win, I asked you clearly. Do you still use crystal meth? Why? I think about talking in that day you want to quit it.”


“Kwan….” Win told to Kwan when he got extreme downer status for using crystal meth.

“Win… Win … WInnnnnnnn”


“Win… Win… Do you hear me, Win? Win… Please… stop using crystal meth. Please stop for me…” Kwan said when Win was revived from the death.

Win sends signal of accepted to Kwan and she feels very happy and her tear drops down.

This moment I felt very impressed. Although Kwan hated Win very much in Hormones season 1, but in Hormones season 2 Kwan still usual to Win. But she saw Win that used crystal meth, so she felt bad about Win. Inside her heart she still cared Win much. She tried every way to stop Win’s crystal meth addiction. Finally she did successfully although Win was near the death.

Number 5 Oil is requested her WeChat ID (Hormones Season 3)


If you ever watched Hormones Season 2, Oil wanted to talk another guy by creating fake Sprite’s Facebook account named “Sprite Sprite”, but in Hormones season 3 First requests Oil’s phone number. Finally she gives WeChat ID to First. When she is requested her phone number, she felt happy and shy in same time. Sometimes this is the best moment in Oil’s life. (And watcher because this is first scene that Oil felt happy very much). After that WTF moments will appear at honorable mentions.

Number 4 Jane understand Win’s feeling (Hormones Season 2)


“What is the most fucking asshole story in Thailand?” Jane asked Win.

“A lot.” Win answered. “The most fucking asshole story is someone who talk with don’t know true story.”

“I understand.” She said.


“Everyone think I’m fucking asshole. Who think I’m asshole, that are their thinking. And fucking asshole people aren’t very bad much.” Win said to Jane.

“You’re not fucking asshole much, Win.” Jane trusted Win’s heart and picked Win’s hand. She knew what Win thought about his asshole stories that appeared in last year (See Hormones Season 1) and she didn’t care about Win’s asshole stories, but she understood what Win felt.

“Thank you Jane for listening my stories.” Win said to Jane.

No one understand Win’s feeling. Mork, Win’s best friend ever didn’t know his true feeling. Only Jane let Win released his stressed feeling. Although Win was fucking asshole, but Jane believed Win wasn’t asshole much. Another people created rumors about Win’s asshole stories and spread together until Win felt bored and very sad. Kwan, Win’s love interesting didn’t want to know Win’s feeling too.

After that Win and Jane was in a relationship together. Win and Jane walked, traveled together. Although this couple wasn’t romantic, but understanding and respecting lover were more important to make better life.







Number 3 Kanompang surprised Tar by singing a song together (Hormones Season 2)

033 20

Someone who want your lover do this surprise thing to you. Yes, this is the best romantic moments in Hormones the series forever. When Tar played guitar and Love of Nadao Day (Valentine’s day), Kanompang surprised Tar by singing a song and gave bouquet of roses to Tar. That was very sweet moments you hope to happen in real life (me too <3). But Tar did surprisingly more than Kanompang. Look at WTF moments number 8.

Number 2 Jane‘s smile (Hormones Season 3)


She smiles very hard. First time she smile is in music learning room, Jane can answer BPM question and teacher Looktarn compliments her. Because she ever met bad English teacher in Ep.2 so she feels happy when she meets very good teacher. After that Looktarn invited Jane to be a drum major.

Looktarn, new music teacher.

Number 1 Kanompang refuses First to like her (Hormones Season 3)


“First ever picked up Oil? And I don’t like you. Don’t do this again.”

7 8

Do you think this is really WTF moments? NO!!! This is the best moment ever. That isn’t like Dao is heartbroken. First is really asshole.



“I want something to let you help me.”

“Yeah. what?”

“I want to pick up Kanompang.”


Because First picked up Oil to know Kanompang’s personalities. In Kanompang’s vision is “First likes Oil”. And result is “First like Kanompang”. Kanompang confuses about First hold her hand when First and her walk to Siam Center.


Kanompang really don’t know what First thinks about her. Kanompang think about first is Oil’s love interested only and she feels happy when her best friend Oil will be in a relationship.

More asshole stories is First tells Oil to lie Kanompang about Oil is stomachache and Oil can’t go with Kanompang to play bowling. So First and Kanompang date together successfully.


What the fuck are you doing, First? Are you blinded? Your real love is in front of you. You exploits Oil without gentlemen attitude?

And First pleads Oil with this his face.


That is really LOL and WTF in the same time. FIRST, YOU CHEATED OIL!

First, do you know about Oil still love you? She does everything to make you happy. No one consult heartbroken situation as same as Oil.


“Hi First.” Oil talked with First via smartphone.

“Oil…..” First called Oil.

“How are you? Did you enjoy?”

“I’m heartbroken.”

“Hey!!!? Did Kanompang refuse you directly?”

“Really direct. She thought I pick up you. Boring… Actually I was heartbroken lots of time, but why am I not apathetic?”

“This story who is apathetic?”

“Um… It’s true for you.”

“Keep going First. That will be better. If you have something worried, call to me every time.”

“Um. Thank you.”

❤ If First is me, I pick up Oil only and don’t seize Kanompang. ❤


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