My website in another platforms

For looking featured image, look at this.

Now smart devices was very smart. Back to 10 years ago, when I wanted to read some blogs, I must open computer and open web browser. In 10 years ago, my internet connection speed was really slow. I used only 256 kbps (but now I used 20 MBps). When I wanted to read some blog, I had to used 30 seconds to open each website. And that year Flash was very popular but use high CPU and RAM. Now HTML5 substitute FLASH 90% and my blog used all HTML5 features so outdated web browser may not supported on my website.

So what HTML5’s feature that be used in my blog? Fonts in my website are forced using every platforms that support HTML5.

When I open at another device, what site appearance did it happen? Let’s check it out.


036 037

There are 3 columns. and scrolling is as same as another device.



There are only 2 columns and article name’s area is squeezed. Use San Serif font.

When open some articles, if you use iPad (all size), pictures will be fit to your iPad that was really beautiful. Paragraph’s font is serif that is really beautiful too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0″)

As similar as iPad, but Samsung Galaxy Tab A’s display resolution is lower than Apple iPad. So when I took photos to Samsung Galaxy Tab A, there are some little pixels appeared.


Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus

All smartphones when open my website, article will be shown at 1 column only. And “CAMPZZZ” bar will be hidden.

When reading article, pictures won’t against side borders as same as tablets, iPad due to Apple iPhone 6,6 Plus (or another iPhone) have smaller border than tablets.

Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 5 on Samsung Galaxy S6. at Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

As same as iPhone. Although you still uses smartphone, phablets, but my website still show 1 column only. When you scroll down, CAMPZZZ and menu button will be hidden. In Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Plus Edge+ and  Note 5 have extremely high resolution display.


My Sony Playstation 4

12068412_10207954277844647_3637176266405941618_o 12138416_10207954291884998_5821607526699802566_o

Yes!!! My website can open in Playstation 4. Because my website force using font to all browser so if you open every platform, you still see same font too.


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