Win (Hormones male protagonist) [E]








I want to ask something about….

Why this rule is nonsense?

Why can’t I do it?

But… Kwan…. Why don’t you love me?

I tried everything to love you.

But finally…









(Win’s vision only.)

Know about Win


Pachorn Jirathiwat (Peach) as “Win”

Real name & Last name : Chaichana Jaraschaipracha
Date of Birth : Febuary 22 1995
Zodiac : Aquarius (count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : B (3rd Generation)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality (Extreme)*
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 520170
Habit : Clever, Dare to think and do it, Dare to perform, have leadership
Grade : 11 room 1 (season 1), 12 room 1 (season 2)
His smartphone : Apple iPhone 4S (Season 1), Apple iPhone 5S (Season 2), Samsung hero (Season 2 when he was at New York City)
Appeared in : Hormones season 1,2
Like : Dare influences, Kwan
Dislike : nonsense rules, people who don’t know something completely and decide it immediately.
Relationship : Kwan (love interested in Hormones season 1, Soulmate in Hormones season 2), Bee (playmate), Jane (girlfriend at New York City), Mork (best friend), Sprite (playmate), Toey (friend), Pai (friend), Tar (close friend, rival after Win gave rose to Toey), Pop (friend), Porsch (cousin)
Alternative names : Win, the teacher rider, asshole Win
His successor character :
Jane , Sun, the See Scape vocalist
Ever have sex : Ever (Sprite, Bee, Some girls in DEMO nightclub, Teacher Orr (unfinished with drunken status))
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever
Sucking tobacco : Ever
Ever let some girls pregnant : None
Use drugs : Ever (crystal meth when he stayed with Jane in New York , Heroin when he came back to Thailand)
DISC Personality : (Dominance), I (Influence)

*Heterosexuality with extreme status means they interest sexuality very much until they want to have sex, flirt a lot, silly, can’t control themselves.



Win’s stories in Season 1

At first day of semester, Win got out from toilet with Sprite. Actually Sprite had boyfriend, Peck. But Sprite loved to have sex with another guys who used condom.


Win was really popular in Nadao Bangkok College because he was really smart and don’t care anything. Dao and her friends wanted to see Win after they saw him walking pass from Dao’s classroom, but Win met Kwan who carried whiteboard cleaning brushes. He gave box of tobaccos but Kwan refused.

In his classroom, he dare guidance counselor who cut Win’s classmate’s hair because his hair was long more than rules of Nadao Bangkok College. He said “What the fuck” to Mork, his best friend, but guidance counselor ever heard Win’s voice so he asked about what is your misunderstand? Win answered about why reason of cutting hair is nonsense.


Before Win came out from school, Win let shirttail out from short. And same guidance counselor obey Win again. Win still asked reason of putting shirttail in short. But guidance counselor answered nonsense reason again.


At Siam, Win met Bee, his upper class woman who interested. Bee felt loved Win and they had sex together. After having sex, Win woke up at early morning and he walked to his home.



In second day of semester, he dressed with black shirt to Nadao Bangkok college that was breaking the rule of Nadao Bangkok College. Mork asked “why Win dress with this? That is very challenge. Beware guidance counselor.” But Win said “I don’t challenge guidance counselor, I just created question.”


Finally, Win’s plan was occurred. Lady guidance counselor said “Student who dressed wrong uniform, go to meet me at front of queue now.” Win said “Please answer this question. Why am I dressed with student uniform?” At guidance counselor’s room, guidance counselor answer nonsense again, so Win still activated next campaign “Dressing trivate clothes”. He posted video clip he created with recorded guidance counselor’s voice at his Facebook and many students accepted Win’s campaign so next day many students in Nadao Bangkok College dressed private clothes, except Kwan that still dress her student uniform.


But rules always rule. Students who dressed private clothing would be punished at gym room by cleaning gym. Actually Win want reason about why students dressed student uniform? Why USA students didn’t dressed student uniform? But teacher Orr gave cool reason to Win. “If you have accident of something weird and you want to call nearest police, you always ran to someone who dressed police uniform. Students are too. if you dressed student uniform, everyone know you’re a student.”


Win accepted teacher Orr’s reason that was make sense. Another day Win and another friends dressed student uniform.

Win helped Tar to be a guitarist of See Scape


Next day Win and Mork visited at Tar because Tar wanted Win to sing a song to get more than views in Youtube due to Win was popular in Nadao Bangkok College. After Tar’s clip revealed, there are many views in Youtube. Dao’s friend wanted to take photos with Tar and Win together and member of See Scape invited Tar to be a guitarist.

14 15

In “World of activity” exhibition, Win answered question from Kwan “What is your light to lead your way of life?”. Win answered “My light to lead my way of life is someone who know about my life.” That was flirt question.


Bee, his playmate called to him. Bee still thought Win as her boyfriend, but Win still bored about her and walked away from her (because Win picked up Bee very easy and could lay with her easily. Win love hard thing such as Kwan who Win still pick up.). Finally rumors from “Win FC” Facebook page posted about Win cancelled relationship with Bee.

17 18

Then Win know Toey‘s mother made cupcake everyday, Win wanted Toey’s cupcake so he talked to Toey. Next day he got sweet cupcake and he sent to Kwan (because he picked up Kwan).

48 51

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But his moment is really over. He gave rose to Toey due to Toey love rose very much. He thank you Toey for her cupcakes. He didn’t know someone took his moment photo at Win FC Facebook page.


At yesterday, Bee came to Win’s home. She felt angry very much because Win didn’t interested her.


But… that was Win’s WTF moment again. Tar, Win’s close friend knew Win gave rose to Toey, Tar felt angry very much, but he stopped to punch Win because Tar still think Win was his close friend. After that Win followed Kwan to meet Kwan’s mother.

21 22

But when he came back to basketball court, he was punched by Tar because Win sent rose to Toey. Tar interested Toey but Win sent rose to Toey before Tar sent bouquet of roses to Toey and Win is a reason of Toey was slapped violently at girl toilet. Win didn’t think a lot.

Toey was slapped at girl toilet.
Tar punched Win aggressively because Win made Toey to be trouble.

So Win called to Toey, but Toey closed her smartphone. In this moment he lost his close friend, Tar.

Win let Kwan to know the truth of her family.

At sport club, Win and Porsch was a friend beacuse their father who exercise at sport club was friend together too. But someday Win saw Kwan’s father was as same as Porsch’s father. Win related Kwan and her friends brainstormed at sport club. After brainstorming, Kwan related Win to visit Porsch’s house because she wanted to know about her father that had another family. FInally Kwan know the truth. Her mother was her father’s second wife. Kwan felt stressed very much


After mid-term examination, Win knew about Kwan cheated examination. After that rumor about Kwan was second wife daughter was revealed and spread viral. Win felt sad very much until he talked to everyone about rumors that attacked his interested love, Kwan. So this is a reason why Win’s dislike is “people who don’t know something completely and decide it immediately.”

26He talked something to Mork about Kwan that she was shocked due to her father have another family. Mork thought something until he knew Win planned to let Kwan know the truth of her father. Kwan heard Win and Mork’s saying. She felt hurt and said “Win, why do you do this?”


FInally Kwan hated Win very much.

Win called Kwan to apologize, but… She felt hate Win, Win can’t do anything so he wanted to explode his feeling by related Mork to DEMO, nightclub at Thonglor.

First night he laid with Bee, his earlier playmate. Second night he had sex with girls in DEMO nightclub.

29 31

After Win was drunken in second night, he woke up with mature woman. He felt shocked.

One of the most WTF moment

At teacher’s Orr’s house, students were invited to talk with teacher Orr’s friend that had only 1 rule “speaking English only”. In saying English time, Win said about Kwan that she couldn’t understand her real life story. So Kwan said to Win “FUCK YOU”


Kwan left away and Win followed Kwan, but Kwan still didn’t talk to asshole man as “Win.” After that Win felt drunken again and he tried to have sex with teacher Orr. Someone recorded Win’s moment until next day Win was terminated from Nadao Bangkok College due to having sex with teacher Orr. Actually Win did with embracing teacher Orr only. Teacher Orr felt bad and she resigned as English teacher at Nadao Bangkok College.


After that, Win lost from Nadao Bangkok Forever in Season 1.

Win’s stories in Season 2

At New York City

Win was exiled to someplace at New York City and he thought to start his new life. He met with Asian friends and someday he traveled in nightclub at New York City. That day he met Jane, Thai girl who had red hot hair color. Win felt weird about Jane that she was extremely enjoy. But she left to someplace in nightclub. So Win followed her


Win met Jane at ladder zone and Win saw Jane used crystal meth. She invited Win to try her crystal meth. After Win used Crystal Meth, he felt extremely enjoy as same as Jane.

Jane brought crystal meth to let Win tried.
Jane and Win felt very very very crazy together.

After that Jane brought Win to go nearest supermarket because Jane wanted to buy Chiclets. Jane wanted to know Win’s asshole stories he ever did because she felt win wasn’t OK. She wanted Win to be less of stress mind.

Jane and Win.

Then he came back to nightclub again with Jane. Next day Win felt stressed very much. Everything he ever heard was very annoyed. So he contacted to Pat to request Jane’s phone number. Pat said “Hey, horny guy. Do you pick up Jane? I found her every party so I didn’t request Jane’s phone number. But Jane worked at Thai restaurant at Union Square in Saturday”.

He called to Pat.

After that Win met Jane at Thai restaurant. He was curious about weird feeling. Jane said about Win had psychedelic effect from crystal meth. And Jane described about effect from using crystal meth was more than having sex 10 times.

Jane described effect from crystal meth that more than having sex 10 times.

But Jane’s breaking time would empty, so she related Win to buy crystal meth from crystal meth’s agent at under the bridge at Central Park in next day. At Central Park, Win talk about Jane that how long she stayed at New York City and he revealed about having sex with teacher Orr, but he didn’t know actually because he was drunken. So Jane said “Everyone didn’t know truth. Win should find that teacher”


“Everyone think I’m fucking asshole. Who think I’m asshole, that are their thinking. And fucking asshole people aren’t very bad much.” Win said to Jane.

“You’re not fucking asshole much, Win.” Jane trusted Win’s heart and picked Win’s hand. She knew what Win thought about his asshole stories that appeared in last year (See Hormones Season 1) and she didn’t care about Win’s asshole stories, but she understood what Win felt.

“Thank you Jane for listening my stories.” Win said to Jane.

After that she got crystal meth from agent. Then Win and Jane traveled together. They was in a relationship because Win and Jane understand their feeling. In his world, He had only him and Jane only.


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5 41

But psychedelic effects activated again. Win felt weird until he opened his smartphone. He saw Kwan’s Facebook and his tear was dropped.

“Girl photographer that wanted to learn faculty of dentist. That’s cool” Mork said.

Win met Jane again at same nightclub. Jane felt Win wasn’t OK again so she made Win enjoyed with her. She stayed against Win and touch Win’s next sexually until Win saw Kwan’s illusion in his mind due to Win’s extreme psychedelic status.

“Do you like New York City? If you like, Don’t come back to Thailand” Jane said to Win.
Jane do sexually wtih Win, but Win’s mind saw Kwan’s illusion.

Win felt weird very much. He walked away from nightclub and let Jane alone. He escaped Kwan, but Kwan still teased his mind until He said “What do you want?” Kwan’s illusion said “Win. Why do you do this?” Kwan illusion’s voice was as same as time that Kwan know Win planned to let Kwan knew truth of her family.

Jane was let alone at nightclub.
Kwan’s illusion teased Win’s mind everywhere.
Win asked Kwan’s illusion.

After that Win came back to Thailand because he missed his friend everyone.

After Kwan’s illusion lost, Win missed Kwan very much. He sent message “Kwan, I’m so sorry.”
Win bought this toy to Kwan because she will be a dentist.
Win came back to Thailand and Mork found him.

Win returned (and equip heroin)

After Win came back to Thailand, Win tried to apologize Kwan again, then Kwan forgive him because that story was passed for long time. And she and Porsch was nice to meet her. Mork invited Win, Kwan to go to his uncle’s hotel at Hua Hin. Win accepted to go. But in the night of Hua Hin, Win didn’t sleep. Kwan felt Win have weird status since she saw Win carried some heroin. She felt curious so she asked win.


“Do you heard about Teacher Orr?” Kwan asked Win

“No.” Win answered. “Since at that day, I went to teacher Orr’s house, but I couldn’t find anyone.”

“And never connect to her? Same as me.” Kwan felt disappointed about teacher Orr that she couldn’t connect to her. But she felt curious about crystal meth that Win carried at his hand.

“In toilet what something did you use? I saw you at toilet, but I don’t know what you use. How long did you use this? Are you addict?”

“No. If I use, that’s great, but if I don’t use it, I still alive.”

“How feeling do you use that?

“I feel changed with myself.” Win answered. “That make me excited, depressed and no any anxiety. Sometimes I can get new idea, but I can’t sleep. Depend on my body.”

“And do you think to stop addicting this?” Kwan asked Win.

“I think about not stop to use it.” Win said. “I know my limit.”

“But if you’re not addict, can’t you use this?”

“Um… Some people at some society use crystal meth as usual. That’s usual, Kwan.”

“But I think this is unusual.”

“Do we argue together?” Win asked Kwan.

“Hey!!! No no no… I’m not started to argue with you. I don’t have any idea about what it is good. Many people told about harming health, harming life and this is illegal. If you think this is good, why should it is legal? I want to know about how you think, Win. Or… many people use it until you feel this is usual!!!?”

“No! I can’t substitute answering for another people. But I think this isn’t weird as you think. And I don’t think this isn’t dangerous very much. For me, I learned using it, learning myself and feel myself is changed.”

“How do you change?” Kwan asked Win curiously.

“Have more happiness.” Win answered.

“Is it real happiness?” Kwan asked again.

“I don’t know.” Win said and felt bad.

“At someday you don’t use it. Do you have happiness from yourself?

“I don’t know.” Win answered.

“For me, I have something that are more important than my happiness. That mean my family, friend and my future. But I trust. I trust about you are vigorous to have happiness with myself without using this drug.”

“You’re misunderstood, Kwan.” Win said.

“OK. I maybe misunderstand all about this, but I trust you. If you stop addicting this, you can do it.”

“Thank you very much. And sorry everything I did asshole at past.”

Kwan felt Win was unusual

After Win came back to Nadao Bangkok College, Win absent more times. Someday Kwan found Win and she asked about Win. Win’s movement was unusual as same as a day Win uses heroin at Hua Hin. Kwan warned Win to stop using heroin, but Win didn’t understand.


After that day Win absent again

Until he was dying due to he used heroin over.


First time Win was popular, but now Win came to darkside life near completely. He uses heroin a lot. No friends he left. Kwan ever told Win about if he had accident, called to Kwan immediately. In that night Win’s body and mind was out of control. He was dying. He called to Kwan

“Kwan” He said, but she asked him where are you. But Win’s mind was out of control completely. He was taken to nearest hospital

Until he revived from dying. When he opened his eyes, first picture was Mork, Kwan and Kwan’s mother gave spirit to him


“Win… Win… Do you hear me, Win? Win… Please… stop using it. Please stop for me…”

Win sends signal of accepted to Kwan and she feels very happy and her tear drops down.

When Win’s body was usual, Mork said about relationship between Win and Kwan. Win said “I like Kwan. But you’re suitable for Kwan. Although Kwan loves me, but it was impossible to be in a relationship. I’m a asshole people, but Mork is possible to be in a relationship with Kwan.”


But soulmate was always be a soulmate. Kwan and Win loved together although both didn’t decide to be in a relationship.

57 58

Normal Ending 🙂

His character successor

Jane 50%


She never care everything around the world as same as Win. Everything she does, she does with her decision without focusing any comments from everything. But one thing she has but Win doesn’t have is her sincere heart that very high as same as Mali.

Sun, the See Scape vocalist 100%


Every Sun’s habit are as same as Win, so his habits are as same as Jane too, except he is extrovert. Sun is really cheeky in Hormones The Series Season 3.


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  • Win’s parent gave freedom to Win much.
  • Finally Kwan and Win’s status wasn’t cleared.
  • Before Win revived from dying status, only Jane and Kwan knew Win used crystal meth.
  • Nightclub that Win met Jane was available in Thailand, named “Grease Mon-Sat” at Thonglor, Bangkok.
  • Finally Tar met Win as Win’s close friend again.
  • Win’s dislike was as same as Jane.
  • Guidance counselor who have wood to hit some student never hit any students in Nadao Bangkok College.




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