My teammate (s)

In a day of raining. Rain is one of my dangerous rival for PUA as me. When rain falls, beautiful girls will be lost. When beautiful girls lost, why I go to pick up? Actually picking up girls in daytime isn’t suitable for me. Daytime is a time of sweet couple who show power of love via public, their Instagram or another social network. Every Saturday is a day of dating. I opened Instagram and I saw many of couple dated together. That’s warmth and lovely pics. In my heart I really don’t ready to have girlfriend in this time. But I believe about soulmate that is alive. Soulmate is a destiny that will occur to everybody. Someone that love and she love me together. Love isn’t like and isn’t infatuated. Finally humans have only one soulmate.

Soulmate can’t find easily, but not hardly too.

At Starbucks cafe, Thonglor.

Kimi told me about moving meeting point from Siam Center to Thonglor, place she was near. At Starbucks Thonglor was different than Starbucks at Siam Center. There are trees cover Starbucks Thonglor. Thonglor in daytime I felt as same as my residence much. Pub, nightclubs always closed in this time. At Seenspace 13 at 21:00 hrs to 02:00 in next day, there was nice atmosphere contained yellow bulbs, live musics, gorgeous girl that may more gorgeous than booth babe I had ever seen. But in daytime, there were only Japanese delicious buffet restaurant still opened.

At Starbucks Thonglor, Kimi walked to counter to order 2 cups of coffee. I looked her body and I felt interested her. She was Japanese girl that was amazing because she could speak Thai. Although she was slender shape and not tall much (approximate 165 cm), but she had a lot of charm. That day she dressed with cute private clothes. Sometimes Kimi thought every time she met me was dating.

“Here” 2 minutes later I and Kimi got coffee Kimi ordered from waiter who served our cup of coffee. First time I saw that coffee, smell from coffee make me love it. That feeling was same as I drank coffee in the forest. And many of wild animal, such as bird, gorillas, elephant surrounded me. Oh!!! That bird sound… Wow!!!

“Hey Camp, are you OK?” Kimi asked me.

Oh!!! Kimi’s asking made me stopping my imagination, back to real life.

“Im OK.” I said. “But I imagine over about I stayed at the forest when I drank this coffee.”

“Look like your imagination is unpredictable.” Kimi said and smiled. “Look like you used this when you pick up girls.”

“Maybe.” I said. “Oh!!! I am curious something about me.”

“What?” Kimi drank her cup of coffee and asked me.

“2 days ago I requested some phone numbers from gorgeous girl, but I didn’t want to tell her. My feeling I didn’t want to contact her. Why did I feel about this?”

“And why do you want to talk with me?” Kimi asked me back. She smiled to me again. This question I couldn’t answer directly. But I thought nice answers, I couldn’t do that. Finally I said to Kimi “I don’t know.”

“But I know.” She said. “Do you request phone number directly?”

“Yes.” I said. “I thought I interested her, then I requested it immediately.”

“If some guys try to request phone number with this, I really refuse.” She said and smile. “I don’t know what women think as same as me, but I like picking up moment more than requesting phone number directly. Talking is important more than requesting phone number.”

First time I met Kimi at Thonglor, she said to me a lot. Kimi’s opinion was true. I felt interested Kimi when she and me talked together.

“Kimi.” I told her. “Do you believe about soulmate?”

“Soulmate?” She interjected. Her cheek was fulfilled with her blood. “You believe about this?”

“Believe 50%, but I still find with myself.” I said.

“But why do you ask about soulmate?”

“My friends married.” I said. “They were in a relationship since they learned at grade 9.”

“What? Grade 9?” Kimi interjected again. “I really think about love when I learned in university. Camp. If you want me to tell about soulmate, don’t tell me OK? I really don’t know hahaha.”

“How about Pomelo?” She asked me.

“I didn’t find her.” I answered. “2 days ago I went to BITEC Bangna and I didn’t find her at Beko booth.”

“Um… And do you know about her location?”

“No.” I said. “She didn’t post anything on her Facebook.”

“That was sad.” Kimi said. “And do you trust about Pomelo?”

“Yes. I trust.”

“Why do you choose Pomelo?”

“Pomelo is a booth babe I am closest. Another booth babes believed me as a scammer. But not Pomelo. In Thailand Mobile Expo, some booth babe denied me to take photos. I don’t know why, but there are 15 booth babes that denied me and hated me too. Someone published rumors about me.”

“Really?” Kimi asked. “But you’re not real scammer. Don’t seek rumor teller. You’re late. Hater always be a hater. I still be your team, Camp.” She talked and touched my left hand and contacted my eyes. That was a signal for trusting me.

“Thank you.” I said. After that Kimi opened her Apple iPhone 6. She saw nice nightlife event.

“Hey Camp. at Wednesday do you available? Let’s go to DEMO at Wednesday night.”


“Nice event will be coming.” She said. “Go with me.”



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