Toey (Hormones Character)

She love to make cupcakes

Her heart is really sweet

Her eyes have more sincere to everyone

She don’t interest any gossip stories

Sometimes she may confused

What is love? What is passion?

Why Tar love me? Why Pooh want to return to me?

But… Don’t think a lot. They love me…? I don’t care…

(Toey’s vision only)

Know about Toey


Suttatta Udomsilp (Panpan) as “Toey”

Real name & Last name : Thanida Kamolpaisarn
Date of birth : September 17 1995
Zodiac : Virgo (Count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : AB (The Variety Star)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 52506
Grade : 11 room 5 (season 1) , 12 room 5 (season 2)
Habit : Simple, no fussy as girl’s habit so she is suitable for guy friends, but her girl friends dislike her. Direct mind, sincere, hate faking
Likes : Making meals, desserts, enjoy concerts
Dislikes : Bullshit friends, faking moments, wussy guys
Her smartphone : Apple iPhone 4S (Season 1), Apple iPhone 5S (Season 2)
Appeared in : Season 1,2
Main Episode : Season 1 Ep.5 “Estrogen” / Season 2 Ep.3 “Toey”
Relationship : Tar (boyfriend at final Ep.), Pooh (ex-boyfriend), Win (friend), Sprite (friend), Mork (friend), Pai (friend), Kwan (friend), Pop (friend), Kanompang (hater), Furby Gang
Her successor character : Oil (only 25%) , Mali (100%) , Jane (50%)
Ever have sex : No
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Yes (with her friends)
Sucking tobacco : No
Ever undecided pregnant : No
Use drugs : No
DISC Personality : S (Steadiness)
Theme Song : MEG – Precious, Bedroom – ไม่บอกเธอ (When Toey talked to Tar), เต้ย (Toey) (Song that Tar composed to Toey)


Toey’s stories in season 1

Meet Tar

In Ep.1. Tar came to classroom lately and he had to sit at a desk near Toey. But her friends let her alone so someday She had to stay with Tar at lunch time, but that lunch time she felt surprised because Tar was joined as “guitarist” in Seascape, famous rock band in Nadao Bangkok College.

Tar and Toey at lunch time.

Some after learning time Tar still practiced guitar at his classroom and Toey stayed with Tar for not letting Tar alone. She complemented Tar about “You have some cool moment that I watch this rarely.” Tar felt like Toey.

Toey hit whiteboard cleaning brushes for making teased rhythm to Tar.

But her mother called Toey via iPhone about making new formula of cupcakes and Toey invited Tar to go to Toey’s home.


At activity day, Tar played guitar but he felt stressed because he wanted Toey impressed him, but Toey didn’t felt impressed much. She disappointed Tar very much and walked away from Tar due to when Tar practiced, Tar exerted very much.

So that day Tar readied to think a lot and more anxiety when he thought about Toey.

“if you play guitar for me, I’m disappointed.” Toey said to Tar.

Next day Tar came to classrom late again. Toey asked Tar (as friend feeling) about “Are you punished? Why do you come late?” But Tar didn’t answer back and Tar sat at another place. Toey felt angry and she said to Tar “Do you want about this? YEAH!!!”

Toey felt angry Tar much because Tar was changed.

She was in danger!!

After 2 days, Win came to Toey and wanted to eat Toey’s handmade cupcake because he ever knows Toey could do cupcakes. Toey didn’t think anything about Win, but someone thought.

48In next day, Win sent rose to Toey because she sent her cupcakes to Win for thank you. This dangerous moment would be occurred to Toey.

Toey’s cupcake.
Win sent rose to Toey as thank you.

Actually Win was popular in Nadao Bangkok College. So every his movement someone captured and posted to Facebook “Win FC community”. Yes, Win give rose to Toey was captured to that Facebook page. Everyone knew that girl, Toey so Bee, Win’s ex-girlfriend related her friends to stay at toilet Toey was using. After Toey came out of toilet, she was slapped violently.

“Do you see my face?” Bee asked Toey, then Bee slapped Toey violently.

New relationship, Pooh

After Bee slapped Toey for 2 days, Pooh talked some chit chat to Toey to make her less sad feeling. Pooh invited Toey to make merit together at Chinese temple at China Town Yaowarat for getting better destiny and her life.

84 85 86

Then at social dance subject, Toey didn’t have dance partner so she requested Pooh as her temporally dance partner. But…. In Pooh’s heart he loved Toey so he kissed Toey without conscious mind.


She felt shy very much until she pulled Pooh’s body away.

Her second rejection to Pooh


Toey ever was in a relationship with Pooh at grade 8-9.

After Toey tested social dance, Pooh came to Toey’s home. He felt confused about his feeling. Pooh ever in a domestic partnership with Thee (yes, Pooh was gay). But when he danced with Toey, he felt love Toey very much, but Toey felt Pooh was lying himself so she said “Pooh, don’t do this. I don’t like it.” (Toey’s sentences is very direct as same as Jane.)


“Do you have something?” Toey asked Pooh.

“I argued with Thee.” Pooh told Toey.

“Why? What do you have problem about Thee?” Toey asked. “Hey. Finally it will be passed.”

“Toey, I ask you clearly. That time, did you feel something?”


“When I danced social dance together.” Pooh described. “I felt good. Did you feel as me?”

“Pooh, don’t lie yourself. Get back to your home.” Toey felt weird and said directly.

“Why do you think about I lie myself? My heart had heavy beats because you. And what didn’t I know about that?”

“But you’re gay.”

“I am confused. I ever love Thee. I wanted to be his friend. But when I stayed with you I felt very good. Why? Did I ever love guy? And can’t I love you?”

“Pooh, don’t do this. I don’t like it.” Toey said and she walked away from Pooh.


Maybe returned to Tar

Since Pooh tried to tell his heart to Toey, Toey still didn’t play Facebook, but she saw Pooh’s account online. Then she waited him to greet her. She created status “See only green dots (that mean online green point)”. But her friend sent link to new Seescape’s MV that had more than 100,000 views so she watched it and she saw Tar was playing guitar.

“See only green dots”. Toey created status.
“Wait… my smartphone is being charged. Walk to get it first. Hey Toey, this is new See Scape’s song. That’s very fast to be famous. more than 100,000 views. That’s very cool.”

In next day Toey felt happy very much because See Scape that contained with Tar will be played in Big Mountain, music festival at Pakchong, Nakornratchasrima. Toey said I had to prepare making lighting sign “Tar” and cheer Tar.


Finally she was in a relationship with Pooh.

At a dating between Pooh and Toey, she used fortune stick and she got telling about bad feeling. She threw to trash but Pooh received fortune telling paper and put to secret zone of Toey’s bag. Pooh wrote “What is it bad? It tells you will be soulmate.”


Toey, Mork, Sprite and Kwan at Big Mountain Festival.

Toey stories in Season 2

Finally she was in a relationship with Pooh. (continued)

After open new term. Toey met Pooh first and invited him to have lunch with her. Then she dated with Pooh again at Siam Center. In that time Pooh sent relationship request to Toey’s Facebook. Finally Toey accepted Pooh’s request so Toey and Pooh was in a relationship together.


Updated friend’s relationship status.

Finally Tar had his new girlfriend, “Kanompang“. Tar told Toey proudly. Pooh bought hedgehog to Toey, but Toey couldn’t take care it well until her hedgehog was injured. And first controversy between Pooh and Toey started.


She was in danger (again).

In computer subject, teacher violated girl students by touching girl students’ hand and against them. Toey was one of the victim and some Toey’s friend was raped by teacher. Toey planed her friend by letting Toey’s friend to record clip stealthy to created evidence and Toey would against teacher herself.

Toey’s friend told about how this teacher do.
Toey was being raped. Her plan is over controlled.

Luckily Tar came to computer room. First time he went to computer room, the door was locked so he called security to unlock computer room’s door. After the door was opened, Tar saw some weird thing and he punched to teacher face immediately with saying “What the fuck are you doing?” twice.

Tar punched teacher.

She might … cancel Pooh’s status.

Toey thank you Tar very much, but Pooh readied to be stressed about his relationship again. He thought a lot. When Toey talked with Tar, Toey felt fun and happy more than talking with him. This was really wussy.

Actually Toey saw Tar’s new clip that sing a song with her girlfriend, Kanompang. And she shared Tar’s clip to her Facebook. Then in dating, Toey called to Tar so Pooh thought a lot.


Toey talked with Tar at her smartphone until Pooh felt bored.

After arguing, Toey told to Pooh, but Pooh closed his smartphone, so Toey went to Pooh’s residence, but she felt shocked because Pooh slept with Thee, his ex-domestic partnership. Toey saw Pooh and Thee hugged as a gay couple. She felt sad very much.


Her third rejection to Pooh


“I’m sorry about I come to your home. I want to talk with you. If you still anger me about my jealousy that didn’t let you talk to Tar, I’m really sorry. I’m silly. I am ready to do everything better. If you want to make me change something, I can do everything. Please… Please Toey.” Pooh said to Toey when he stayed at Toey’s home.

Toey felt pressured and stop to talk. Then she said “Something can’t be changed, Pooh.”

“What is it? Toey, what can’t it change? Please tell me… I can change. I can change everything.”

But Toey felt sad about her boyfriend, Pooh still have LBGT sex vision. She remembered Pooh sleep with another guy with gay moment. She couldn’t change Pooh to be straight sex vision. She cried with Pooh’s pity.

“Please.” Pooh said.

“Let’s break up.” Toey cried and said to Pooh.

“No, Toey. What can’t I change? It have more great solution. Not this break up Toey. Please Toey. Give more opportunity to me. Once, only once Toey. I told everything about I can do everything, Toey.” He cried and said everything to let Toey cameback to him again.

“Sorry Pooh.” Toey said and walked to her home.

“Toey…Toey… Toey…….Toey….Toey ….. Toey…..NOOOOOOOO!!!” Pooh said.


Relationship with Tar will return.

After ending relationship with Pooh, Toey didn’t interest love. When she traveled in vacation day with her friends, she was hired as BBQ chef. Tar and Toey helped together but pork’s oil stuck at Toey’s forehead, Tar also cleaned Toey’s forehead and felt loved her. But Toey didn’t think romantic interesting about Tar because Tar was in a relationship with Kanompang.

Tar cleaned Toey’s forehead.

Sometimes she felt bad when Tar and Kanompang did sweet moments such as sing a song together until she felt lost something from her life.


Near Valentine’s day, Tar gave Abuse Your Mouth’s album to Toey. Toey felt very happy but she wanted to take her money to Tar. Tar said “No No No, I give it to you.”


Before Tar would play concert, Tar related Toey to help choosing Tar’s pink cloth.


But Kanompang felt jealous her boyfriend, Tar much so she related Toey to clear stress stories. Kanompang told Toey to far from Tar. Kanompang said Tar still loved Toey. Although Toey couldn’t see Tar’s love interest, but Kanompang could see.

Toey and Kanompang cleared stressed feeling together.

In library, Toey met Pooh again. Pooh sent red rose to Toey and Toey said about she couldn’t return to be in a relationship again, but she still thought Pooh as her friend. She felt fear that Pooh hated her.


In Valentine’s concert, Tar played a song and Toey still watched Tar’s concert. Toey felt happy because her friend, Tar have girlfriend singing together with him. That’s a cutest picture Toey had ever seen.


But she had to leave out from concert floor because her mother related her to go back to her home faster. Tar saw Toey went out of concert floor so he put his guitar away and followed Toey. Tar asked about her feeling but she still said “I think about you as my friend only. Kanompang exerted her love to you, but you should stay at concert, but not this place.”

Tar felt love interested as same as first time he saw (at season 1), then he walked away.


Actually inside Toey’s heard, she still love Tar, but her feeling was slow. When she wanted to be in a relationship with Tar, she was already in a relationship with Pooh. When she cancelled relationship with Pooh, Tar was still in a relationship with Kanompang. And this time Tar confessed his feeling to Toey, but Toey still said “I’m your friend.” She asked her heart and she got answered “I loved Tar.”

When she knew her feeling, she wanted to apologize Kanompang by sending heart card to her, but Kanompang hated Toey very much. Kanompang teared Toey’s heart card immediately and walked away.

“If I did something you felt angry, I apologize to you.” / Toey
Kanompang teared Toey’s heart card.

In ending Ep. Toey and Tar closed, but Kanompang dropped her glass to break down with her hatred.

25 26gameover7

Then Tar created new song “Toey” to Toey. She wanted to saw Tar again. Actually Tar stayed at Toey’s house. Meanwhile Tar composed new song about Toey to Toey. That song was named “Toey”


“Do you have something to tell me?” Tar asked Toey.

“I want to say something about may the holy influence protect you. Get a decided university.”

“Are you serious? Have enough?”

“I miss you” Toey said to Tar.


Best Ending 🙂

Her character successor

Mali 100%


Because Mali is really introvert and very sincere as same as Toey, so her habit is near Toey.

Oil 25%


Oil is introvert as same as Toey and don’t care society much.

Jane 50%


Yes, Jane is gorgeous as same as Toey and she love s to be freedom. Jane and Toey don’t care society much too.


  • Cupcake she sent to Pooh in Hormones The Series season 2 Episode 3 “Toey” was really salty.
  • Actually Toey’s name wasn’t written “Toey” but “Toei”. If you translated with Japanese language, Toey was transformed to “Muramura”
  • When Tar and Toey communicated at Facebook, they communicated by sharing music videos or chat at their timeline.
  • Because Toey’s blood type was AB, so picking up her is very very very very hard.
  • Toey ever had Pooh as her boyfriend since she learned in grade 8-9.
  • Furby gang (Toey’s friend in Season 1) now let Toey alone.
  • Actually her nickname is “Rose” but her father played rock paper scissor and he win. (Rose was her mother’s idea).
  • She is the most beautiful character in Hormones. She is an symbol of Estrogen Episode.
  • In real life, Toey (Panpan) was in a relationship with Pooh (March).
  • Her promotional pic in season 1 was really cool.






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