Something will return…

“Hi.” I said to my interested woman.

“Hi.” She said back and smiled to me. She was really gorgeous. I thought she was Chinese race. And she dressed with black suit that raised her sex appeal. Although her eyes were small, but her makeup was supreme gorgeous to attract another men who saw her, such as me. “What’s your name?”

Oh!!! She was violent than I thought. Many beautiful I had ever met was silent when meeting strange people, but she wasn’t.

“My name is Pearl.” I said fake name to her. Kimi ever suggested me about when I picking up girls, I should use fake name that be cool. Camp, my default nickname Kimi said it must be changed. If I still played picking up game, fake name is the most important thing I ever used.

“Pearl? That’s girl’s name.” She said and smiled. Her smile is very nice because she smiled with her mouth and her eyes. Her contacted eyes made me fallen in love to her temporally, but that weird feeling I got couldn’t make me fallen in love more than 30 seconds. You missed, Chinese girl.

“Sorry Chinese girl, You shot me with your charm eyes, but sorry I can tolerance them ;)”

“Hahaha. You’re so high self esteem.” She said. “Let’s dance together.”

She smiled to me again. Um, that’s very dangerous girl I think. You may think this thinking is negative, but for my experiences she may bored if I do bored moments. She was testing me. I didn’t have resistance with her moment, but sometimes she was lying herself. I ever saw her eyes. Although her eyes was gorgeous, but I detected her bad feeling. For my curious feeling, I asked her directly.

“Do you escape from boyfriend?” I asked her.

Surprisingly! My guessing was very sharp. After I asked her, she felt stressed and fulfilled with anxiety. She smiled and said “Why do you know?”

“You’re so beautiful, but unluckily you have rude boyfriend.” I said and teased her.

“If I don’t have boyfriend, do you believe me?” She asked me.

“In the world of nightlife, everyone are single.” I said and hugged her. She was really gorgeous for me. Then I requested her phone number.

“What’s your phone number?” I asked her.

“Give your smartphone to me.” She said. I picked my smartphone from my pocket and gave to gorgeous girl. She pressed her number to my smartphone. Um… That’s really surrealistic and romantic in one time. Another men felt very happy much if you got hot girl’s phone number, but for me, I felt usual. This was usual moment for me. If I didn’t get her phone number, that was usual too. Picking up game was a game of romantic feeling. Every girls was easy to let you approach them, but you must think she is nice too.

That’s usual human’s moment since ancestor was born at this world.

That moment I told to you was occurred at some nightclubs in Thonglor. For me, my interesting radar will activate if I am close near someone more than 5 minutes and she smiles to me a lot. I really love mankind.

But sometimes I never loved someone I requested phone number. This was really happened to me. At Thailand mobile Expo, I picked up some booth babe that was cute and nice dressing. She dressed with cosplay style that was freak from my seeing. Another booth babe I had ever seen was sexy, gorgeous and nice smile, but booth babe I approached was really different. She was very cute and I wanted her phone number.

“Hi cute girl, I want your phone number.” I said directly to her and smiled. OMG!! She gave her phone number to me. She felt very shy.

At number close game, I was refused many times. But truth of number close game was when she refused my phone number request, she smiled to me without bad feeling. If I turned back to her by saying “Hi” or do something that be her friend, she still accepted you, but not her boyfriend in future. So this choice you can choose, friend zone or leave away.

Relationship never be fixed.


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