Something is weird…

This article I want to tell you about behind the scene of taking photos and receiving data to write articles. Many of exhibitions have booth babes that are gorgeous and nice to take photos with her. And my earlier blog I update many of “PUA” articles, but my role of being PUA must be finished due to this is a time of change. Yes, I’m not PUA forever. I really want girlfriend who walk with my life together. Love is really attracted and very beautiful to inspire them. That is a wonderful passion in my life.

The really weird things I am sticking is someone I really don’t know appeared bad rumors about I’m booth babe scammer. Oh no!!! That was very insane. So effect of these rumors were…

When I walked near booth babes, 50% of booth babe I walked to them they walked away from me. And some booth babes refused me to take photos to her. I didn’t know why and I asked reason of walking away from me, but they didn’t tell the reason. This wasn’t happened at first time, but I counted this weird things were 15 times since I closed my earlier blog.

Luckily I met booth babe who know about me, but she pulled me out of her and bouncers wanted to take me down. Very insane. And no one did it without any reason.

Someone who read this article and you may had answers about “Was it happened to another photographers?”

Answer is “No.” This was happened only me.

Actually I’m not investigator who still seek this silly moment. Because I will come out from booth babe and photographers society when I will go to Motor Expo next 2 months. Yes, Motor Expo 2015 is final job I will take photos with booth babe grandly. After this event, I still took photo with booth babe, but not necessary as same as earlier events.

Although next event will be harder, but I don’t care anyone. This is my legal job.


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