If MEIZU smartphone come to Thailand, that is a nightmare!

Apple has walked to right point because of revolutionizing mobile phone that shifted from feature phone to smartphone. Back to 2007, Apple revealed new Apple iPhone that use touch screen without using stylus. Until in this time, Apple has still gotten profits from selling iPhone.

Meanwhile, Android still be developed to greater every years, from couldn’t challenge iPhone, but now some Android phone was greater and cheaper than Apple iPhone much. If you ever read IT news, you may know about Samsung smartphone is iPhone’s copycat. I think Samsung doesn’t copycat as same as some Android phones that have inspiration from iPhone very much. That band called “Meizu”

Meizu’s smartphones are Android phone that have only one navigation button.

Meizu M2 Note

As same as Apple iPhone. But iPhone hasn’t had back button, but every apps in iPhone created back button themselves. Back button in Meizu’s phone is touching home button. If you want to get back to home button, press home button as same as pressing home button on iPhone. And if you use Touch ID, you can use touch ID without pressing power button to be awaken first. That’s really simple and very great for user’s experience.

But main apps still got inspiration from iOS much until you can’t decide is it Android phone or iPhone?

If you want Android phone that uses easily as same as iPhone, Meizu is your choice.

If MEIZU smartphone come to Thailand, that is a nightmare!

Meizu M2 (aluminium like)

The nightmare from Android phones service providers who still using old marketing, such as Samsung who up price to same as iPhone because Samsung invested with promoting ads every places, hired celebrities promote their smartphone, Tie-in their products on famous drama TV series.

Meizu’s marketing was as same as “ASUS” and “Wko”. Come back to 2014. When ASUS revealed Zenfone 4,5,6 that is very cheap smartphone and very fast touching and very beautiful designing (until they’re gotten red dot award.) And ASUS got more profits of selling smartphone much. In Q1 2015, Wiko did this marketing again by revealing Wiko Ridge and Ridge FAB 4G. This marketing is show product’s value extremely and have budget promoting (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads or hires reviewer to review these products that not wasting money much.)

At 2 years ago, rate of Android smartphone is

  • Low end (4,000-8,000 THB)
  • Mid end (9,000-15,000 THB)
  • High End (16,000-25,000 THB)

But now competing Android smartphone is very aggressive so today rate of Android smartphone is

  • Low end (2,000-4,000 THB)
  • Mid end (5,000-9,000 THB)
  • High end (10,000-15,000 THB)
  • Ultra End (16,000-30,000 THB)

(But some ultra end smartphone may be low quality).

That’s very extreme competing. But profits are fallen to cute consumers (such as me ;P).


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