Someone in this world had talked about…

In Thailand is kitchen of the world.

That’s really true, I am really proud about this alias. In Thailand, you can eat every food from around the world. Korean food? Japanese food? American food such as hamburger you can eat it easily. Because of raw materials and ingredients from Thailand are easy to find so making awesome meal isn’t hard. Oh!!! Tropical fruits, you can find it easy too. Pineapple, pomelo, mangosteen, durian, in Thailand these are sold very cheap.

Finally now flea market is boomed due to beautiful market and Thai people love to share their activities to Instagram. If you came from another countries, you should know about one of Thai’s habit that they love to reveal themselves to social network and want to another people press “like” to them. Actually their portraits photos (not selfie) is taken by their friends. You may see more portraits at Instagram celebrities. Yes, they’re not take selfies, but they call their friend(s) to take them.

Flea markets now are boomed a lot. Actually flea markets aren’t real flea markets much because these are under controlled by owned department stores, such as INTHEBOX that be owned by Central Group, etc. In Thailand, famous moved flea markets are INTHEBOX, LOL, ART BOX.

But FOOD FUN FAMILY is special flea market that contains about handmade foods, foreign foods. So how price about this flea market? Don’t think this is cheap. 1 hamburger is more than 100 THB. (approximately 150 THB. That’s very insane price.) I checked lowest food price in this flea market is 25 THB. and highest price is 400 THB.

If you have much money, try to eat them, but beware rain that falls every time!!