Ep.5 Wonderful Smartphone (Thailand Mobile Expo 2015 final round)


Oh!!! someone sent LINE message to my smartphone at morning. I was brushing my teeth. I thought there weren’t some Official Accounts who sent shitty ads message to me. I really hoped. OK, I opened my smartphone to check!!! Ah Kimi!!! She sent “Don’t forget to meet Shing in this day.”

I opened LINE application and texted “OK. If something is different, I’ll tell you immediately.”

“Yeah. But I’m not sure about Shing. She may be hired at someplace. But you should go to Thailand Mobile Expo first. If you don’t meet her, tell to me. I want Shing to join our nightlife communication.”

“Affirmative.” I texted and sent “OK” sticker to Kimi.

“But beware bouncers who anti you.” Kimi said. “I’ve ever heard about many bouncers who don’t let you survive at this event. If you are detected, run immediately. Although this action is as same as dog, but surviving from absurd death is greater than taken down because of absurd reason. Take care yourself, Camp.”

“Thank you.” I said.

At Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

There are many of people who interested new smartphones very much!! Yes!! Meizu now review to Thailand!!!


“Oh!!! Meizu Meizu Meizuuuuuuuu” I felt very excited and ran to Meizu booth!!!!

I touched Meizu phones with my happiness. This phone have very much inspiration from iPhone!!! There are one button, but that one button can command back and go to my home!!! That was very amazing. But I asked staff at Meizu about this price. And this was his answer.

“Sorry. for showing only. Not selling in this time.”


Why do you lie me!!!?

I felt little disappointed!!! Oh!!! But if Meizu can buy at Thailand, that mean this is real war of Android smartphone in Thailand. Don’t compare Apple iPhone. That is really highness smartphone 😛


Oops!! I forgot my mission. Kimi sent some texts to me.

“Hey Camp. Do you found Shing?”

“No… There’re are many of same face booth babe.” I said.

“Hey Kimi.” I texted to her. “Please call to me. I don’t love to text this much. My phone is really small (although my phone’s display is 5″)”

“OK. Call to LINE.” She said.


10 minutes later….


Kimi may sleep… That storm made weather cool.

I still walked around this expo. There are many of new smartphone that were shown at Thailand Mobile Expo. I always interested Meizu because I ever looked review Meizu in Youtube that was really awesome I thought.

But… no Shing. Shing wasn’t here.

So I wanted to picked up some booth babes in this event. There are more interested booth babe at here. And one truth about booth babe, booth babe who were gorgeous had blood type B. I asked gorgeous booth babe, and she answered she had blood type B. Oh!!! Was I proud about every people with blood type B are really handsome and beautiful? Because I’m blood type B too.

But…. When I did number close, she didn’t give phone number to me. She said “I’m already have a boyfriend.”


“Camp!!!? Are you alright? CAMP CAMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPP!!!”


Feeling when I was refused was as same as letting Snake died in Metal Gear Solid 4 video game.

But… if I died because I was refused requesting phone number, that’s very funny hahaha.

Actually, this mission was really failed since I didn’t meet Shing at Thailand Mobile Expo. So before I would go home, I saw some booth babe that was very gorgeous and she have lovely smile.

“Hi” I said to her. “Do you know what is your attraction?”

“Um…. ” She was thinking. “My eyes?” 😍

“Yes, but I saw your smile is more than your eyes. and…. your boobs are very big?”

“Huh?” She felt shocked and have flesh face. Actually her boobs were very big. 😱

“What’s your name?” I asked her name

“Jane” She answered.

“I want your phone number.” I said her phone number directly.

“Um. That’s not OK. I have a boyfriend.” Oh! Was she already have a boyfriend? Let’s test her.

“I think I’m lucky.” I said to her that she confused this meaning.


“I saw someone who already have a boyfriend, but she gave her phone number that want to make me as minor-boyfriend.”

“That’s really bad. I love one person only.” She said. “But you’re also cute. Try another girls who was single. Sorry about that.”


“Huh?” I interjected. Kimi called me.

“Hi Kimi.” I said to her.

“What booth babe do you close the most?” She asked me.

“Um….” That’s really hard question because no one closed me. Booth babe I ever talked are really acquaintance. But…. I remembered someone.

“Kimi.” I said to her via my smartphone. “Pomelo. Do you ever know her?”

“Pomelo?” She thought about pomelo. “Who’s that?”

“I think she is the closet booth babe I’ve ever seen.” I said to Kimi. “Why do you ask about Pomelo?”

“You ever take photos with booth babe and I know someone who close you. But only Pomelo?”

“Yes. I ever closed Par, but she resigned booth babe job.” I described. “Only Pomelo.”

“OK. And what day you found her at latest?”

“Someday at June in this year.” I said.

“Um…” She said. “If you can contact her. tell me OK?”

“I ever heard about she will do MC jobs at Powerbuy Expo at BITEC.” I said. “Tomorrow I’ll go to meet her.”

“OK.” Kimi said. “Good bye.”


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