Jane (Hormones Character [E])

Translated by Campzzz 100%

Warning : Jane’s story is really explicit! There are many 127 f-words!

A girl who came from New York.

And she came back to Bangkok.

She love to walk.

And seek Win to know the truth of his escape from New York…

A girl who have only one eyelid, tall body, cute voice and ever had crimson hair color.

Freedom is her real life. Nothing can’t stop her!

Some people ever told about Jane was born from Sakura petals…

She looks like Japanese Yakuza




habit successor

(Jane’s vision only)

Know about Jane


Kanyawee Songmuang (Thanaerng – read as “Tarnerng”) as “Jane”

Real name & Last name : Jane Mahattanolerk
Date of Birth : May 1 1998
Zodiac : Aries (count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : B (The Rebel)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Parent calling : Por (พ่อ) = Dad (Thai language), Mae (แม่) = Mom (Thai language)
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 54721
Habit : Clever, Strict, Very high self esteem, Love freedom, Don’t believe anyone easily, Hide her feeling, Very fucking high sincere heart
Grade : 11 (room 1 as same as Kanompang, Sun and Oil in Season 3), Grade 10 (at Season 2)
Her phablets : Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Season 2), Samsung Galaxy A7 Gold (Season 3)
Appeared in  : Hormones season 2,3
Main Episode : Season 3 Ep.5 “Dopamine”
Like : Freedom, songs in nightclubs, walking in large place, Alternative rock musics
Dislike : Desserts, nonsense rules, people who don’t know something completely and decide it immediately, controlled situation, someone insult her, someone controls her, someone flirts her without knowing her more.
Relationship compatibility :  Sun (∞% | 💞  soulmate), Kanompang (100% | 💎 best friend), Oil (30% | ✌️  classmate)], Pat (95% in season 2, 30% in season 3 | 💎 best friend), Nutt (-100% | 👺 rival), Looktarn (60% | 👍 teacher), Ben (100% | 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 brother) Win (∞% in season 2, 60% in season 3 | 💞 ex-soulmate)
Similar character in earlier generation : Win 50% , Toey 50%
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, vodka, liquor, cocktail, Sake, Shochu, Soju, Barcadi Breezer, Smirnoff, Absolut)
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Ever (Crystal Meth in season 2, LSD in season 3)
DISC Personaity : D (Dominance)
Smoke Color : Crimson (Looks like she has “Storm frame” from  Katekyō Hitmdfan Reborn!)
Theme song : Yokee Playboy – อากาศ [ML] , Kevin Sherwood – Dead Again
Similar character(s) in The Urbanist : Dada 50%,Roxanne 50%, Layla 100%, Riona 20%
Special Experience : See the psychedelia from alternate dimension. 



Jane’s story in Hormones Season 2

Jane met Win at nightclub in New York City

In Season 2 at Win‘s story. Win met Jane at nightclub in New York City. First sentence she talked to Win is “Win, the teacher rider?” Win was curious about Jane’s crazy dancing that smashed him so he followed Jane after Jane left from dance floor zone. Win saw Jane doing something. Jane picked her crystal meth and she smell at crystal meth. Win didn’t know what Jane do so he tried to smell crystal meth as same as Jane.

Jane tackled to Win unconsciously.
Win tried Jane’s (censored) crystal meth

After that Jane and Win danced at dance floor extremely because of effect of crystal meth. Everything is really fun and crazy.


After that Jane brought Win to go nearest supermarket because Jane wanted to buy chewing gums. Jane wanted to know Win’s asshole stories he ever did because she felt win wasn’t OK. She wanted Win to be less of stress mind. Then she came back to nightclub again with Win.


Jane and Win used crystal meth together.

But after party Win felt strange. He was thirsty and very hungry. His hands were shaking and can’t control. So he contacted to his friend to request Jane’s phone number, but Win’s friend teased him about Win tried to pick up Jane. Actually Win’s friend didn’t have Jane’s phone number. He said he found Jane every time at nightclub so requesting phone number wasn’t necessary. But he knew about Jane’s working place. She worked at Thai Restaurant at Union Square. Win went to Thai restaurant and found Jane.

Win met Jane to describe about weird feeling after he used crystal meth.

Demonstration of effect from crystal meth

“How do you come?” Jane asked Win.

“Pat ever told me you work at here.” Win answered.

“What do you have something that you come to me?”

“What happened to me? I felt weird in myself.”

“You got psychedelic effect?” Jane asked Win.

“What is psychedelic effect?”

“Tell to me what happened to you.”

“I felt strange. Unusually hungry, everything around me are annoyed.”

“That’s usual.”

“Do you get psychedelic effect?”

“Yeah. I am too.”

“And sadness, is that usual?”

“I also asked you about do you got psychedelic effect?”

“It’s right.” Win said. “And how to solve this issue?”

“Have to wait until psychedelic effect will be lost. Can’t do anything as same as psychedelic effect from liquor. That’s similar.”

“Will it happen every time?”


“Then how to do and don’t get psychedelic effect?” Win asked Jane.

“Did you ever fuck someone?”

“What’s mention?”

“Do you know about when you fuck with someone, your body will pour some hormones that you feels good.”


“If I want to compare about effect, may I borrow your lighter?”

Then Win gave lighter to Jane.

“If you eat delicious food, hormones in your body will pour approximately with this.”


“If you fuck with someone, hormones in your body will pour approximately with this.”


“For crystal meth that we used, hormones in your body will pour approximately with this.”



“Do you understand this?” Jane asked. “When hormones pour to your body a lot, you body wants to fix balance. That’s usual. So when you feels sad, boring, that is usual. When you use crystal meth, you will get psychedelic effect as same as borrowing happiness from tomorrow to use in today. To borrow, then give it back. For someone who addict is borrowing continuously. It is as same as science that have causes and reasons”

“Can’t it control?” Win asked Jane curiously.

“You asked with this that means you want to use crystal meth?”

“Sometimes it should be controlled. Someone uses crystal meth and it doesn’t addict.”

Finally Jane ended conversation.


“Have long time of breaking. I will be argued. Tomorrow is Sunday, I won’t work. See you at Central Park at 13:00 hrs. Do you accept?”

“Yeah.” Win answered. “And what will you do?”

“Shopping.” Jane answered. “My crystal meth is empty. See you again tomorrow.” Then Jane walked away from Win.


After that Jane related Win to meet crystal meth agent at under the bridge. Before crystal meth agent came to Jane, Jane asked about Win’s asshole stories that was happened in Season 1. After Win tried to have sex with teacher Orr, Win was banned from Nadao Bangkok College for half year. After that Win traveled to revive his mind at New York City. No one wanted to listen Win’s asshole stories he ever did, except Jane that listen and consult Win’s solution.

Jane let Win to tell his asshole stories. Only Jane know Win’s feeling.

“Story you ever asked.” Win talked to Jane “About did I do? I can’t remember”

“Crazy. Didn’t you remember it?” Jane asked Win.

“Yes.” Win answered. “That night I was drunken very much. I can’t remember anything. When I looked at that clip, I felt only bad. I couldn’t excuse to everyone. After that day teacher Orr hid away from me. I didn’t know about what truth is.”

“Wait. That mean no one knew about what truth is.”

“Just know only from that clip.” Win said. “I missed it about I was out of concentration.”

“Go to find that teacher to know the truth.” Jane suggested Win to find teacher Orr.

“Who someone still interests about what true is?” Win asked Jane.

“You maybe feel good if you know that truth.”

“It maybe fucking asshole.” Win said and he felt sad. “That’s true about everyone think I’m fucking asshole. Who think I’m asshole, that are their thinking. And motherfucking people aren’t very bad much.”

“You’re not motherfucker much, Win.” Jane trusted Win’s heart and picked Win’s hand. She knew what Win thought about his asshole stories that appeared in last year (See Hormones Season 1) and she didn’t care about Win’s asshole stories, but she understood what Win felt.

Jane held Win’s hand for trusting Win’s feeling.

“Thank you Jane for listening my stories.” Win said to Jane.


After that she got crystal meth from agent. Then Win and Jane traveled together.


Relationship updated!!!

Jane 💞 Win

(in a relationship & soulmate temporally)

They was in a relationship because Win and Jane understand their feeling. In his world, He had only him and Jane only.






Next week Win met Jane again She felt Win wasn’t OK, She wanted to Win enjoy but Win was changed. So she stayed against Win and said “Do you like New York City? If you like, Don’t come back to Thailand”

“Do you like New York City? If you like, Don’t come back to Thailand” Jane said to Win.

But Win walked away from nightclub. Let her alone. She felt quite confused. Win was changed.


8-10 months later, Jane comes to Nadao Bangkok college with some her reason. She comes to Nadao bangkok to meet Win? Or do something… But when she comes to someplace, problem will be occurred as similar as Win.


Jane’s stories in Hormones season 3

Her first WTF moment at Nadao Bangkok College (Ep.2 “Estrogen” | Dao & Koi’s main Ep.)

Due to she ever left at United States of America, education in USA, student can object teacher’s mistake so Jane said to English teacher in Nadao Bangkok College “I think you translate wrong.” But English teacher is fulfilled with her ego, so she controverts Jane aggressively.

“I think you translate wrong.” Jane said.

“I’m English teacher who have taught English for 20 years. You were not born for long time. Don’t think about you have learned at another country and you think you’re clever than everyone at here.”

“I don’t tell you about I’m clever, but I say you translate wrong. If you translate wrong and let it away, another one remember with wrong translating.” Jane objected English teacher.

“In a translating sentences, I must analysis sentences. “hot air” is mean “angry man”.”

“I searched about “hot air” that is idiom means talking nonsense.” Jane objected English teacher again and showed her Samsung Galaxy A7 Gold with translating app. After Jane objected English teacher, she feels overheat and said.

“However, your enormous problem is your manners that is less. If you don’t have any respect, You can’t stay at this college. Get back to your earlier place. SIT DOWN!” English teacher objected Jane.

Jane felt bored and disappointed English teacher in Nadao Bangkok College.

I think this WTF moment’s feeling is as same as Win, character from Hormones season 1 and 2.

She knows BPM (Beats Per Minute) (Ep.3 “Adrenaline” | ZomZom’s main Ep.)


“Question is how many BPM in this song?”

Toshiko Koshijima Looktarn, new music teacher asks question to student in grade 11 room 1 (that contains Kanompang, Oil, Jane, Sun, Ryo) about BPM because Looktarn thinks about these students in this room are good at music. Answering BPM is very hard, but Jane can answer.


Jane counts beats in song Looktarn opens and she answers “120 BPM”

“That’s right!” Looktarn says. “Do you guess until correct?”

Jane shake her head and says “I tried to count 1,2,3,4 from your suggestion and second hand in my clock moved as same as beats. That means 1 second has 2 beats and 1 minute has 120 BPM.” (60 seconds X 2 beats = 120 BPM)

“OHHHHHHHHH” Looktarn interjects. “Clap your hand!!”

“What’s your name?” Looktarn asks Jane.

“Jane” Jane answers her name.

“You’re very good. That group couldn’t answered.” Looktarn said. Jane feels happy and she smiled.


Looktarn invites Jane to be a Drum Major




In break time Jane comes to Kanompang and Oil. After that teacher Looktarn comes to Jane and invites Jane to be a Drum Major. First time Jane refuses, but Looktarn gives opportunity to let Jane trying to be a Drum Major. If Jane doesn’t love it, tell me. Finally Jane accepts. Reason about Looktarn invites Jane to be a Drum Major because Jane’s body is tall.

Jane practices about Drum Major movement and talk something to Looktarn (Ep.4 “Serotonin” | Phao’s main Ep.)


At finished learning time Jane meets with her upper class woman to learn Drum Major skills.


Then she talks something with Looktarn.

“My attention in this year, I want about Drum Major is a part of march brand really.” Looktarn says to Jane. “Drum Major isn’t had for beauty as same as another people understand. But Drum Major is able to control rhythms and walking steps from march band.”

“As same as conductor that control orchestra band?” Jane asks Looktarn.

“Yes!!” Looktarn answered. “As same as this.”

Looktarn sees Jane curiously.

“What is it, Looktarn?” Jane asked Looktarn when she sees Jane curiously.

“I don’t know.” Looktarn says. “When I see you, I remember when I am a child.”

“Why? Are you a strange child?”

“I am a beautiful child.” Looktarn said. Then she LOL. “I’m just kidding. It’s strange about Jane is direct-mind girl as same as me when I was a child.”

“Really? I feels everyone in this place are strange. No one say directly. They choose to talk indirectly. Sometimes I am not familiar”

“As same as when I came from San Francisco.” Looktarn says about her story when she came from San Francisco. “Oh! That time was very severe. No friend met me. When I had friend, I met upper class friend. But I was more severe than Jane about I’m naughty girl. When I went to someplace with friends, I would go together. Look at this.”


Looktarn opens her tattoo to Jane.

“That’s beautiful, Looktarn.” Jane says.


“Really? I got it from grade 10. Don’t tell to another people. When I tested to be teacher, I used plaster stuck to hide that tattoo and said “I hurt waist.” Otherwise I never was a teacher.”

“To be a teacher, don’t tattoo?” Jane asks.

“Really yes!” Looktarn answers. “I think about it isn’t good to be a precedence to students. It’s not fair. I’m lady that have little tattoo that isn’t bad girl much.”

“I think I understand your feeling.” Jane says. “When I was at New York City, I changed my hair to crimson color. I was gossiped”

When Jane was at New York City, her hair color is crimson.

“Really? Look at my face. There were many friends said about borrowing lighter from me. I wanted to say “I DON’T FUCKING HAVE LIGHTER TO LET YOU BORROW!”


After that Looktarn invites Jane to be a Drum Major.

“Jane, I want you to be a part of march band. Do you decide about tomorrow will you come?”

Jane sees march band video clip again. Then she says “What time will you relate me?”


“OH YES!!!” Looktarn feels very happy “You’re so cute. You will meet me after learning everyday. Maybe have Saturday and Sunday. So i will talk to march band members. Thank you Jane. I feels happy.”

Let’s go to the nightclub, Jane. (Ep.5 “Dopamine” | This episode is mine!)

Jane is sleeping.
Jane get out from her room.
Jane’s mother uses hammer to alarm Jane.

Next day Jane wakes up from her mom’s hitting some objects with hammer due to Jane wakes up very hard.


Then she goes to Kanompang’s seat with bad mood. Kanompang gives some deletable imitation fruits to Jane for eating with happy mood. Then Kanompang invites Jane to go to nightclub. Because Jane never go to Thai’s nightclub and she wants to stay with Kanompang, Jane accepts Kanompang’s invitation.

Practice Drum Major with march band teammate


Now Jane’s Drum Major skills readies to practice with march band’s member so she control march band teammate to walk together, but some points march band teammate walk with wrong rhythm so Jane stops and talk to earlier Drum Major

“What do you have something, Jane?” Pim, earlier Drum Major says to Jane.


“There is someone walks with wrong rhythm. Walk again.” Jane describes about problem of walking wrong rhythm to earlier Drum Major.


Then march band teammate walk again, but…. that wrong rhythm occurs too.


“What do you have something more, Jane?” Pim says to Jane.

“That same position. Wrong again.” Jane says.


When Jane says about that problem again, march band members felt pungent to Jane and one of march band member says to Jane “Hey sister. We are grade 12.”


“And then?” Jane asks back.


“When you do something, please respect to us.”

“When I talk with truth, what is disrespectful ?”

“You’re grade 11 and my friends are grade 12. You should have manners.”

“Huh? That mean when grade 12 wrong, that means I must quiet?”

“Your mouth is good to argue someone.”

“And what?’

“HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY!!!” Looktarn interrupts Jane and that guy’s arguing. “What happened? This is first practice with Drum Major, isn’t it? Have something to talk? Talk it genteelly.”


Then Looktarn talks with Jane.

“Jane, every march band teammate ever stayed together, so they stuck with their group. But if you want to be good Drum Major, you must be part of march band teammate. Do you understand my feeling?”

Jane accepts Looktarn’s feeling.

“And you, you’re grade 12. Know about relating. Earlier people should relate too that don’t let new member relates alone. “Teamwork” do you ever know? Are you OK?”

“OK!”March band members say.

“Go. break 10 minutes and practice again.” Looktarn says to march band members.

Then Nutt hits on Jane.

“Jane… Jane Jane. You’re great.” Nut talks to Jane after march band members separate.


“Thank you.” Jane thanks to Nutt.

“I’m Nutt. I have played football and I see Jane practice that’s cool.” Nutt says to Jane.

“Do you know my name?” Jane asks Nutt.


“Ah! I know your name. You’re Drum Major. I want to ask something about do you love to eat dessert?”

“Why?” Jane asks back.

“I made some banoffee pie to divide march band members so I guess it randomly about you may like to eat it.” Then Nutt opens banoffee pie he made to show Jane and he says “Try it?”


“Can school athletes eat any desserts?” Jane asks Nutt. “And this piece isn’t small to all march band teammates?”

Nutt feels speechless. Then he says “OK. I confess about I see you with few times that you’re cute. So I want to meet you. Try it? I made it myself.” And Nutt opens his dessert again.

Jane shakes her head and says “Thank you. But I don’t like to eat any desserts. You keep this to someone who see your intention. See you.”


Then Jane walks away. Nutt’s hitting on fails!


Go go go to the nightclub!84-Jane-sees-the-spinning-light-ball


In the night that Jane goes to nightclub, She opens her spinning RGB light ball. She sees her photo that she ever took with Ben, her brother. But she looks at clock and she thinks “I must go now.” So she locks the door and jump out from balcony at her room.

87-Jane-locks-door 88-Jane-prepares-to-escape 89-Jane-prepares-to-escape-2

In the nightclub there are Sun and See Scape’s members, Kanompang, Oil. Then Non comes to the nightclub too. Jane orders 2 buckets of ice and 2 little bottles of soda but when she orders, she sees Nutt and his friends too.

Jane orders 2 buckets of ice and 2 glass bottles of soda.

Liquor is a cause that occur arguing and crimes.

Selling alcoholic drinks to people under 20 years old is illegal.

When Kanompang drinks a lot, someone calls Jane.

“Hey Jane.”


“You!!! MOTHERFUCKER PAT!!!” Jane says. “What’s fucking up?”


“Nothing happened, and you?”

“I’m too. Who do you come with?’

“My friends. How long do you come to Thailand?”

“With a moment. And who do you come with?”

Then Jane sees to Pat’s direction. Finally she sees someone who ever met. That!!!! my boyfriend… WIN!!!!


Meet Win


When Jane sees Win, she highfive to Win and says to Sun “Hey, I will go to another place.” Then she walks to Win and Pat says “You stay with us together, I felt as same as when we stays at New York.”


“You’re so overthinking.” Jane teases Pat.

“So you tease me too?” Win says to Jane. “I feel too.”

“So you talk together.” Pat says to Jane and Win. “I will go to my girlfriend. I thinks she is drunken. See you Jane.”

So she stays with Win. Win asks to Jane “How are you?”

“Huh? What?” Jane teases Win by lying she doesn’t hear Win’s talking.

“How are you?”

Then she talk near Win “Can you buy chewing gums with me?”


If you ever read Jane’s story when she and Win were at New York, Jane brought Win to go to nearest supermarket to buy chewing gums. And in this time she remembers about first time she knew about Win, she knew when she stayed with Win at supermarket.

At 7-11.


“Do you want?” Jane asks Win.


“You should be brought to doctor analysis you.” Win talked to Jane.


“Chewing gum addiction. That maybe severe.”

“Silly.” Jane says. “How long do you come?”

“3-4 months.” Jane says. “catch up with opening semester.”

“Do you come back to Thailand for learning?”


“How do you think?” Win asks Jane.

“I don’t think. My mom forced to come back to Thailand. That’s it.”

“Sometimes you was arrested at sent back to Thailand, wasn’t it?”

“How do you know?” Jane feels frightened and asked Win. “Now I am forbidden to go to USA.”



“That really regret. I want to travel with you.”

“Do you think to go back?”


“I think.” Win answers. “There are many place we didn’t go. Where did you ever go?”

“My mother’s sister let me go to Florida.” Jane says. “When I went to New York at first year.”

“Disneyland?” Win asks. “Oh!!! You have some cute moment as same as another girls.”

“That time I was 12 years old so I have cute moments.” Jane says. “I remembered about that time I didn’t want to come back to my home. I hate New York”


“I don’t like school.” Jane answered. “When I came at first time, I didn’t talk with English well. They teased me, I couldn’t get it all. Think about American teenagers that colored eyes, golden hair all around me. And me? lined eyes, black hair as same as Japanese ghost only one in school. That was really strange.

“But when you related yourself, you was so badass!!”

“That’s not fucking easy.” Jane says. “Change with more one year. That was adulterated thing.”

“So you changed hair color to crimson for harmonizing?”

“No.” Jane objects. “Fashion. Do you know?”

“Yeah. I think about black hair is cool for you.”

Jane feels love and says “Really? But if I spread my hair, you will not say about this.”

“So try it.”

“Are you serious?” Jane asks Win.


Then Jane releases her hair.


“Ah!!! Looks like you’re not that person who stayed at New York.”

“Discuss.” She says.

“Black hair is calm.” Win discusses Jane about her black hair. “But crimson hair is really badass and cheeky.”

“Which style is better?”



“Nice answering.” Jane says. “And why did you come to Thailand?”

Win is speechless. So Jane says “OK, skip it. Then…”

“OK.” Win said. “I came to find someone. Reason about I stayed at New York because I couldn’t stay at Thailand. Simply reason is… escaping problems. When I stayed at New York, I thought I would feel good. Until in the day I started to use crystal meth. That bring me to the my weak point. It let me seeing her illusion. I saw it and I found it everywhere. Until I knew about when I stayed at New York, didn’t have any meaning. When I thought about this, I just knew about I had to go back. Had to apologize someone who should apologize. When I came back, I just knew about I had some little opportunity. There was someone cared me. Sorry Jane. Sorry for never told real reason to you.”

102 Jane felt sad

“Come and be happy. That’s good.” Jane says but she feels bad because Jane hasn’t known about Win ever had girlfriend who Win care her. She maybe heartbroken.

“Thank you.” Win says to Jane.

“And Jane, after that day how did you do?”


“Same.” Jane answered. “As same as when we stayed together. Until my mom called to come back, so came.”

“You stayed at New York with long time, your mom didn’t call you to come back. Why she wanted you to come back?”

Until someone calls to Win via his smartphone. He walks to says with someone lonely.


“Hi. Are you stressed? Do you want to go back? OK. I will take you. See you again. Good bye.”

Jane felt sad.

“I must leave now. That regret about talking with you with little time.”

“Never mind. Go to her before you talk with me long time.” Jane said. “When you see me again, I will told my stories. And someone called you is same as someone you ever come back to her?”

Win shakes his head and says “I am happy to see you.”

Alien and Alien shake hand together!

“Good journey.” Jane says.


“Hey. I am not drunken. I didn’t drink.” Win says. “Good bye.”


In her heart she still loves Win. But Win already has lover. Chewing gums she bought, she wants to give to Win too.

This is… her real broken heart. No one in this world as same as Win. Because Win’s feeling is same as Jane’s feeling.


Relationship updated!!!

Jane 💔 Win

(Know the truth, she can’t love Win forever)

After that she comes back to nightclub and she…

Jane feels sad very much and she wants drinking a lot.


“I go back to my friend’s reserved table.”

“OK. Jane.” Pat says and he gives something to Jane. That is…. drug named “LSD”


After she drinks and uses LSD. She feels high. But… Now she feels sad about Win that he already has lover and effect of LSD isn’t as same as alcoholic drink that erase bad memory temporally so when Jane feels sad, she isn’t gotten upper effect, but effect from LSD reverses itself to extreme psychedelic effect as same as Win that he ever saw Kwan’s illusion everywhere. Now she gets many flashbacks of living at New York. That means she sees her ex-boyfriend, Win too.

Jane uses LSD.

Using drugs is very fucking guilt. Will be arrested and harm your life to the death.


Drugs have dangerous effects for sensing, nerve system and brain.

Jane’s vision from psychedelic / flashback effect #1.
Jane’s vision from psychedelic / flashback effect #2.
Jane’s normal vision.
Jane’s vision from psychedelic / flashback effect #3.
Jane’s vision from psychedelic / flashback effect #4.
Her vision is surrealistic.
Jane’s vision from psychedelic / flashback effect #5. Her flashback appears when she ever in a relationship with Win at New York.
Jane’s vision from psychedelic / flashback effect #6. Win.
Actually Jane’s vision is this.
She raises her hand to catch something.
If someone see Jane’s movement, that is it.
But Sun helps Jane.
Huh!!!? Who is talking!!!? (From Jane’s vision)

But when she got many extreme psychedelic effect, Sun calls Jane. “Are you OK?”

Jane doesn’t respond to Sun. She still gets psychedelic effect. Sun sees about Jane’s hand shakes unconsciously.


“Why does your hand shake?” Sun asks Jane. “Feel cold?” Then Sun picks up Jane’s hands. But Jane hugs Sun. Then she releases immediately with strange feeling. Sun thinks Jane has weird feeling. Jane isn’t drunken because her movement isn’t unbalanced. She still balance but her vision is from her mind from psychedelic effect from LSD.


“Do you want to go home?” Sun asks Jane.


“No.” Jane answers. “Go another place?”


Sun drives his car to the place Jane wants.


“Finally what happened to you?” Sun asks Jane again.


Jane silent with a few second, then she asks Sun “Do you ever feel about you’re alien?”


“No.” Sun says.

“Aliens talk with human not understandingly.” Jane says about alien. “It can talk with only its folk. Someday, alien found another alien that talk understandingly. But after that day, it have some moment that both aliens were separated. But when both aliens meet again, first alien still be an alien, but another alien is transformed to be a human.”

“What level have you drunken?” Sun asks Jane. “Are you OK?”

“I’m OK.” Jane answered. “maybe…”

Jane comes to home and she sees WTF moment!!


“Jane… Jane… Jane… Do you hear me? Jane!!! Open!! Jane!!! Jane!!! Jane!!!”


When Jane comes to her home, She hears about her mother’s voice that trying to breach her room because Jane didn’t respond. When Jane open to up stair, Jane’s mother sees Jane and she asks Jane.


“Jane. Where did you go?  Why do you come lately? Where did you go? Why didn’t you receive my any calls?”

“What are you crazy, mom?” Jane asks Mom.

“You locked your room and you escape. Do I know about you are alive or dead?” Mother asks. “And you jump from second floor. Do you want to die? Aren’t you fear about death? (Jane’s mom shake Jane’s body)”

Jane silences with a few second. Then Jane’s mother said with crying. “No… No!!! I don’t want you to die. For Ben, I can’t endure enough.”


“When you want to go someplace, tell me first.” Jane’s father says to Jane. “Don’t do this.”

“Yeah.” Jane says.

Rumors about Jane addicts drugs spread together.


When Jane with equipping Drum Major‘s mace to march band teammate, Jane see something is weird. march band teammates see Jane with insulting. Jane see something unusual and that guy hold his smartphone, so she seizes that phone and she saw something that really awkward!!



On smartphone is being used WeChat with secret group “มหากาก (very suck) grade 12 room 2” Jane feels bad when she sees picture that someone took when she got psychedelic effect from LSD at nightclub.


Nutt : Hey! motherfucker let’s look this.

Nutt : [Picture that Jane got psychedelic effect]

Nutt : Do you think that motherfucking bitch got psychedelic effect from drugs?

o^o^W : What?

o^o^W : She still stand.

Nutt : You must see this at that time.

Nutt : What human can stand gazing laser light more than 1 hour. (Nutt don’t know about Jane isn’t human, but Jane is alien )

Nutt : She waved her hand with something and she smiled.

Hard2xplain : Was she drunken from drinking?

Mormu : That symptom isn’t drunken moment.

OHMp : Um. I ever was when my upper class man used drugs. That symptom was same as this.

OHMp : And he spoke incoherently. I couldn’t understand.

Karn : FUCK!

Karn : That story guidance counselor know!!

o^o^W : Her habit is really bitch.

o^o^W : Using drugs is usual.

Bombers : I agree.

Kyuu : Although she is gorgeous, but I don’t like her face. She is really cheeky.

Flattograph : She is student from another countries. Very high self esteem.

James : Yeah, when she was at another countries, she might made terrible moments. No one knows LOL.

Hard2xplain : That bitch might be fucked with Caucasian guy LOL.

Buncha : Must ask Nutt. That motherfucker know much.

Nutt : I tried.

Nutt : Nothing interested.

Then Jane talks with Looktarn.


“Finally did you addict drugs as same as that rumor revealed?” Looktarn asks

Jane still silents.

“And how can I help you if you don’t say the truth?” Looktarn asks again.

“Yes.” Jane says about she uses drug (LSD).


“Do you know that punishment isn’t only be fired, this can be arrested, Jane.” Looktarn argues Jane. “Oh! How many do you use drugs?”

“Not often.” Jane answers.

“And do you addict?”

“No.” Jane answers.

“Are you sure?” Looktarn asks. “Why do you use that drugs?”

“I want to get out from some worries for my brain is refreshed.” Jane answers.

“What do you have some problems?” Looktarn asks.

“Many problems.” Jane says. “But I know my limit about how drugs I should use.”

“Really?” Jane asks with weird face. “Then you go and return because can’t find any exit, or you find more problem? Huh? How do you do next? You must use drugs more more and more until you fix problems, Jane? Using drugs to be your assistant, that doesn’t mean you addict them, Jane?”

“Who know about you use drugs?” Looktarn asks.


“No one.” Jane answered.

“So… In this time guidance counselor tries to find clearly answer by checking your urine. But I don’t know how they will do. Jane. Do you promise me about don’t return to use drugs? And next conference, I will hole talking to you. I tried to give sour second chance, Jane. Because I believe. I believe about you’re vigorous to change yourself, Jane. Do you agree? Do you promise me?

Jane still silent until Looktarn blames. “Hey Jane!”

“I promise you.” Jane answers.

“OK.” Looktarn says. “So listen to me. After this day, she don’t agree this moment to someone. Because if you don’t talk, no evidences can harm to you. And talking and spread picture, they can’t let you to be guilty. Do you understand? And I will help you with all my skills with my promise. And you must keep your promise to me too.”

“Yeah.” Jane says.

My room door!!!


When Jane comes to her room, Jane sees about her room door without knob. She opens the door and says to her mother “What crazy did you do?”


“Have I ever told you about if you come late, call via your smartphone to me? Do you ever know my requests?” Jane’s mother asks

142 mother

“What the fuck is it make sense?” Jane argues her mother. “What did you do for?”

“And who daughters do yo do this?” Jane’s mother asks back.

“Do you know about when you do this, you are near the freak.?”

“Yes. I’m freak. I’m freak because I have my daughter as you.” Mom argues Jane. “If Ben still alive, he never do as you.”

Then Jane releases her bag and walks to wardrobe.


“What are you doing?” Mom asks Jane.

“Go outside.” Jane said.

“Where are you going? I don’t allow you.”

The Jane still change her cloth.

“Hey!!! Don’t silent to me.”

Jane still silent.

“Jane. Jane. Stop!!”


Then Jane wares her cloth sucessfully and says  “I will go outside. no comeback.” Jane says. “Don’t wait me.”

“JANE!!!” Mom seizes Jane, but she goes away. “JANE! JAAAAAANNNNEEEEEE!!!”


Return to the nightclub again.


After that Jane returns to nightclub alone. She feels alone so she calls to Sun.


“Sun. Where are you? Please receive me.” Jane called to Sun. Then she leaves from nightclub and she forget LSD at bar counter.

Then Sun bring Jane to another place.


“Do you want to go someplace?” Sun asks Jane.

“Go somewhere.” Jane answers. “When I was child, I and my brother wanted to buy this spinning RGB light ball. I couldn’t remember about why I wanted this. But when my mom bought this, I didn’t know how to use. I and my brother helped to erect a tent in bedroom. And I used this to illuminate in tent. Then we played as UFO. Turned to be alien. That’s really silly. But when I was near ending grade 6, my mother wanted me to learn at another country. That time I didn’t know anything. My mom said that was good, I would go. Actually I stayed at USA at one year. But for long time, that was 4 years. I stayed until I felt that place is my home more than in Thailand. And someday Ben got accident. After that, my mom was worried a lot. Where I go, she want to know. If Ben wasn’t dead, I will not come back to Thailand. I am still at New York. Don’t start my new life.”

“Sun” Jane calls Sun.


“If I tell you about I haven’t done, do you believe me?” Jane asks about she didn’t use LSD to Sun. This question she doesn’t talk easily that means Jane trusts Sun.

“You tell something I always believe you.”

“Feel good.” Jane says with happy mood. Then she confesses about she uses LSD. “But I have done.”

Sun feels curious to Jane and says “Who know about this?”

“From my mouth, there are 2 people.” Jane answers. “You and Looktarn.”

“And how did teacher Looktarn say?” Sun asks Jane.

“She has tried to help me. Help everything without fired from Drum Major. Help until I feel I am motherfucking asshole that let teacher to lie with me. But don’t worry. Tomorrow I will resign.”

“Why?” Sun asks Jane. “If someone don’t know about this, is that OK?

“It’s really fucking crappy.” Jane describes. “I have done everything failed .”

“I know where we are going.” Sun says. Then he drives to Nadao Bangkok college. Jane and Sun climb to enter inside Nadao Bangkok College to do something. Sun runs behind stand cheer.

148-Nadao 149-run

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing?” Jane asks Sun. Then he equips broom to Jane.

“What the…” Jane asks.

“You won’t be a Drum Major.” Sun says. “Give a send off.”


“No!!!” Jane refuses. “What are you playing? That is really silly.”

“That is silly as your UFO.” Sun talks to Jane. “Go go go . Let’s walk!”

Jane walks with Sun to get right position. Then Sun says “Stay here. Ready!!!”


“And Nadao Bangkok College’s Drum Major in this year is… JANE!!!! Clap your hands!!!”


Then Sun walk to behind Jane so Jane readies to walk with Drum Major style.

“Are you a fucking Drum Major?” Sun askes Jane. “Command walking now! Shift your Drum Major mace (broom) now! Hey!! Quick!”

“Um.” Jane said and she commands.

“Quick! Drum ready!!” Sun says.



“Tad dad dad dad shoong tad shoong tas shoong…” Sun uses his mouth to copy drum sound let Jane walks.

“Are you OK?” Jane asks Sun. “Hey! Why do you stop?”

“Tad dad dad dad shoong tad shoong tad shoong…”

“Ah pant! Are you OK?”


“Shoong shoong … shoong shoong… shoong shoong shoong”

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jane asks Sun.

“Tad dad dad dad shoong tad shoong tas shoong…Tad dad dad dad shoong tad shoong tas shoong…”

“Why do you stop?”

Finally Jane and Sun lay their body to the lawn.


“When I invited you to come to this place, I didn’t think about I must imagine a lot.” Sun talks to Jane. “When you’re Drum Major, you’re fucking badass. I felt regret.”

Then Jane cries to Sun. She felt very happy or something so Sun hold Jane’s hand to trust Jane’s heart together.



“Where planet did alien come from?” Sun asks Jane. “Cry as same as human.”

158-touch-Jane's-hand 159-Jane-sees-Sun 160-See-the-moon

Relationship updated!!!

Jane 💎 Sun

(best friend forever)

Jane sees to Sun and they see the moon together.

After that Jane comes to her home.


“Hey you. How are you. That’s better.”

“How about her?” Jane asks her father.

“She feels tired a lot. She sought you and cried until she slept.” Father answers. “Jane. Do you have any problem at college? Can you tell me? Don’t do anything to be harder. Near to midnight, take a bath and go to bed.”

Jane’s relentless revenge!

Sometimes Jane feels sad to her mother that be worried disorder. In next day Jane resigns Drum Major.

“I’m sorry. Teacher.” Jane apologizes Looktarn at Looktarn’s room.


Then Jane walks to earlier Drum Major. But Kanompang sees her.

“Jane Jane Jane” Kanompang calls Jane.

“Jane. Where are you going? Why don’t you practice?”


“I already resigned.” Jane answered.

“Huh?” Pim interjects.

“I’m sorry about you must be a Drum Major again in this year.” Jane says.

“Hey! Wait. Be calm. What’s the matter?” Pim askes Jane.

“Hey Jane. Do you resign?” Nutt asks Jane. “You resigned that mean you used drugs.” Then Jane stop walking.


“You’re so pity. You stay at someplace and can’t stay along. Do you want to be in a jail?” Nutt asks. Then Jane walks to Nutt.


“What happens?” Nutt asks. “Do you get psychedelic effect? Do you have something?”

“How much are you?” Kanompang asks Nutt. “My friend resigned and have something wrong with you?”

“And what the hell do you interfere?” Nutt asks Kanompang back.


“What the fucking hell do you interfere?” Kanompang asks Nutt back. “Should you look yourself first?”

“lower class students don’t be cheeky much.” Nutt warns Kanompang. “You again!”

“And why?” Kanompang argues Nutt.

“Your friend is fucking slut and you are slut as same as your friend!”


“And why?” Kanompang asks.

“And why?” Nutt argues.

“I am fucking slut and why?” Kanompang still argues Nutt.


“Pang.” Jane calls Kanompang. “EVADE!!”

Then she strikes with Drum Major mace to Nutt’s left leg to be disabled.




61-Jane-looks-at-result 62-Nutt-leg-hurt 63-Nutt-leg-hurt2

“Argh!!! Fuck!!!! Fuck you bitch !!! Motherfucker!! Fuck you slut Jane Fuck!!! Fuck daughter of the motherfucking whore Jane!!! You are the fucking piece of slut!!! You has motherfucking born from the shit hole motherfucker!!!!!”

Finally Jane walks away with her very high self esteem. Although Jane hate someone very fucking hard and her talking, attitude is direct and explicit, but if Jane revenges to someone that she feels hate, that means you’re really fucking asshole!!


For Jane’s striking Nutt, she is gotten penalty by suspending from Nadao Bangkok College. (Ep.6 “Cortisol” | Boss’s main Ep.)


For drug addiction rumor, that rumor was faded. Nadao Bangkok college principal talks about Jane’s WTF moments that she ever did to Jane’s father. He talks about guidance counselor will not test Jane’s urine for seeking about Jane’s drug addiction, but Jane ever struck Nutt with Drum Major mace so Jane is gotten penalty by suspending from Nadao Bangkok College for 2 weeks. Jane feels disappointed and she says to Nadao Bangkok college principal “Let me being fired?”

Sometimes Jane doesn’t want to live in Thailand. After the conference, Jane requests her father to go away from Thailand and she argues her father due to her father lies her mother about she doesn’t know testing Jane’s urine. But when Jane requests her father about Jane doesn’t want to live in Thailand. Jane’s father says “Do I ever told you about don’t make moments harder?”

Finally, Jane’s close friend Kanompang runs to Jane and she says “Jane.”


“I go to wait at my car.” Jane’s father says to Jane.

After that Kanompang walks near Jane and she says “What happened to you?”


“I’m suspended from Nadao Bangkok College 2 weeks.” Jane answers to Kanompang.

Kanompang wants to ask something. She feels stressed if she ask about this, Jane will anger to her. Jane can’t endure Kanompang’s uneasy movement so she asks to Kanompang “Have something to asks me? Please ask me now.”

“I don’t want you to come across this problem.” Kanompang says. “Can you stop to use drugs?”


Jane silents and she answers to Kanompang “Yes. I will not use it forever.”

“If you have some problem that I can help you, you tell to me.” Kanompang says to Jane with taking care her.


Jane feels happy about Kanompang stays with her.

“Thank you.” Jane thank you Kanompang about Kanompang can help her when she is gotten any problem. After that she leaves from Kanompang to go to Jane’s father car.

“See you.” Jane says.

But Kanompang says to Jane again.

“Jane. 2 weeks later I will meet you.”

Before Jane walks away, Jane waves her hand to goodbye Kanompang. Kanompang waves her hand too. Good bye Jane.

174-Bye-bye-Kanompang 175-bye-bye-Jane

2 weeks later…

Jane comeback!! (Episode 8 “Endorphin” | First’s main episode)



After being suspended, Jane comeback to Nadao Bangkok again. Kanompang and Sun welcome Jane warmly. Looks like Sun welcomes Jane by hugging Jane, but Jane pushes Sun away and says “Too much!”

Hey Jane!


Sun wants to hug Jane, but Jane pushes Sun away.


“Too much…” Jane says.

But… Ying, English teacher comes to grade 11 room 1.


She is teaching “Passive voice” but looks like some classmate chit chat without paying attention to teacher, so Ying throw whiteboard marker to that 2 classmates. Jane feels frighten. This moment is occurred again?





Then Ying asks to that 2 classmates. They can’t answer. She demonstrates passive voice “These 2 students were punished because they din’t pay attention to the class.” After that Ying says. “Sent whiteboard marker to me.”


Bingo! That whiteboard marker is near Jane. So she does unexpected moments by throwing whiteboard marker back to Ying.






Ying angers and say

Miss Jane!! You don’t have permission to perform this manners to me.


Then Jane stands up and says “And you have permission to perform this manners to students?”

“So what do you want with me?” Ying asks to Jane. “If you have more problems, get out from this classroom.”

“I don’t get out.” Jane says directly. She is challenging teacher’s influence. “If I get out, I will not learn your subject..”


“If you want to learn, Can’t you act up?”

“I don’t act up. I have just send whiteboard marker to you.”

“To argue incessantly!”

“I don’t argue. I describe.”

Looks like this situation is more stress, Kanompang calls Jane to keep calm and take it easy.


“Huh? Or you get psychedelic effect from drugs to act insane behavior and every punishments can’t be used with you? Because you have your dad to help. Everything is at large. You are beyond your control!”

Jane feels anger again because Ying opens drugs story to her.


And you who judge any people, talk aggressively with teenagers. What the fuck you think about you have more motherfucking concentration?

Then Ying hits the table and yell





“I don’t want to say with you forever. Miss Jane. I am a teacher who teach English, I command you to get out from this class rom NOW!”

Sun felt sad about Jane.

After that Ying still teach her knowledge. But…. That sound… Why this is very loud?


“That sound is disturbing.” Ying says. “Another students can’t learn.”

But Jane still watch something in her Samsung Galaxy A7.


“So I get in classroom to get my earphone.”


“STOP!” Ying says stop again. “Learning time isn’t using smartphone time.”


“You chase me getting out from classroom, so I learn English with myself.”


“Stop motherfucking retorting! give that smartphone to me.”

Then Ying seizes Jane’s Samsung Galaxy A7, but…. Jane’s Samsung Galaxy A7 is fallen from upper floor.







Jane is taken to guidance counselor’s room again.




“Jane. Did you ever do as same as teacher Nantiya (Ying) said?” Nippon, guidance counselor asks Jane. Jane shakes her head vertically.

“You should adjust yourself to be a student in Nadao Bangkok College. If you act up more times, I may dismiss you.”

“Don’t you dismiss me?” Jane asks to Nippon. “Do it now! You talk with this a lot.”


“Jane! Don’t use any emotion in this time. You should have maturity.” Nippon warns Jane about aggressive mind. Then Ying says to Nippon. “I have done my duty to the best is paying attention to teach. For disrespectful student (she sees Jane), I can’t control her. Excuse me.” Then she walks away from guidance counselor room.

Then Looktarn says “Teacher Nippon, may I talk something to Jane?”




“Thank you.”

Then Looktarn talks something to Jane.

“Jane. You threw whiteboard marker to Ying. Don’t you know what will happen?”

“I just want teacher to know when she is thrown as same as students, how is she feeling?”

Looks like this moments is similar as her ex-boyfriend about creating question to let teacher know.

“It is interested about you want to create question to teacher. But do you think about throwing whiteboard marker to teacher can get any answer? You should feel about disrespectful retorting don’t have any interested reason? Finally how about that? A thing you want to tell to teacher remain wrath? Listen to me, Jane. Retorting with this never be useful.”

“Hey!” Nippon talks to Jane. “Do you know yourself Jane? You are dismissed when you have drugs moment and attacked moment. And do you ever know about the most tired people about you aren’t teachers, but is your dad. After that, when you do something, you shouldn’t respect any teachers, but should respect your dad. That is enough.”

When Jane gets out from guidance counselor’s room, Kanompang still waits Jane to know about Jane.



“Are you OK?” Kanompang asks Jane.

“Nothing. I was argued with guidance counselor’s duty.”

“Nothing?” Kanompang feels weird and suspect. “What the fuck is this nothing? Do you have something in your mind? I don’t let you to be punished forever. You just comeback. ”


“Never mind. I should be punished. That’s good. Be dismissed is better.”


“Do you want to get out from this place?” Kanompang asks. “I don’t want you to think with this. Why don’t you want to stay at this place?”

“I think I am not suitable for this place.” Jane answered.

“What isn’t suitable? Can I help you?”

“Many.” Jane describes about her bad feeling. “Teachers, society, everyone at this damned place.”

“Me too?” Kanompang asks?

“Hey! I don’t mention you.”

“That’s it. That mean isn’t bad everything?” Kanompang tries to change Jane’s attitude about nadao Bangkok college. “Be not sure you may meet new cute friend as same as me.”

“As you?” Jane asks Kanompang.

“Yeah.” Kanompang answered.

“Is this good?” Jane asks Kanompang again.

“Precious!” Kanompang confirms and she show two fingers for cute moment.



Finally Jane change her attitude and says “Yeah. I will try it.”


“Really?” Kanompang asks Jane again. “Stay with me.”

Looks like Jane changes her attitude about Nadao Bangkok successfully. In the bad society, Kanompang still be with her. Not only Kanompang, Oil and Sun too.

Relationship updated!!!

Jane ✌️ Kanompang

(friend that fulfill of trustworthiness)

Kanompang want to warn Oil about her escape from school with First.



“What are you watching?” Jane asks Kanompang.

“Oil escaped learning yesterday, shall I warn Oil? Is she anger?”

“I think not.” Jane answers. “She is your friend so you can talk about this.”


Because Kanompang and Jane know about Oil and First is in a relationship together, but something shouldn’t do.

“Hey you.”


“I think this isn’t good about you escaped learning in yesterday.” Kanompang warns Oil. “Where was you going? Did you go to First? Actually I don’t want to interfere. When you are in a relationship, that is your decision. But I worry. If you are in a relationship and your life is worse, I don’t have tolerance to warn you.”



Then Oil says…


Thank you very much Pang, but actually if you don’t want to interfere, you also don’t interfere me. OK?

When Oil says about this, Jane surprises a lot. Looks like Oil may not talk about this to close friend. Actually close friends should know together.


“OK” Kanompang says. “I don’t interfere about this.”

“You don’t worry, Pang. I’m OK. So I will keep my item at classroom.” Then Oil walks away.


Looks like Kanompang and Oil’s relationship is shaken. Oil interests her boyfriend, First more than her close friend, Kanompang who stay with her together.

Huh? Oil has boyfriend? (Episode 9 “Testosterone” | Sun’s main Episode)


Someday Jane and Kanompang goes to Nadao Bangkok College early. But that day she and Kanompang meet Oil who sit with grade 11 room 6 students.

“Do you go to our classroom?” Kanompang asks Oil.

Oil hesitates. Actually Oil want to stay with her boyfriend, First, but now her best friend, Kanompang calls her. She is deciding. So Non reveals something that Kanompang and Jane don’t know about Oil.


“Hey Oil. Don’t worry. I and Pala will take care your boyfriend.” Non talks to Oil. Oil smiles to Non.


Looks like Kanompang just know about Oil and First is in a relationship so Jane asks to Oil with curious face “So… Have you been in a relationship?”


Looks like Kanompang feels weird about Oil that is in a relationship with First. When Oil is in a relationship with First, she likes to stay with First more than Kanompang and Jane. Then Oil answers Jane’s question by shaking her hand vertically.


“First. So I will go to my classroom.” Oil says to First.


Sun calls to Jane for tutoring English because tomorrow Sun and Jane will do final examination.

“Hello.” Jane receives Sun’s call.

“Do you sleep?” Sun asks Jane.

“I don’t sleep. What the fuck do you call me?”


“I don’t know! Oh!!! I want you to tutor vocabularies. I don’t remember about that. Please…..”

“Um… OK.”

“Let’s talk.”

“I ….. (I can’t know about Jane voice clearly…)”


“Start at smile = show your teeth.  grin = smile widely. then smirk = smile with… What the fuck is that? Smile with… with close your mouth. Then laugh, chuckle, giggle = laughing.” Jane tutors Sun.

“How difference is that?”

“Laugh is normal laugh. Chuckle is laughing silently. Giggle is laughing with Kik Kik Kik sound.”

“What the fuck about Kik Kik?” Sun asks Jane.

“That’s it. remember it.”

“Next is behold = to see. Peep = hide to see. Catch = aim and look and Stare = gaze with wonderful feeling. Do I repeat?”

In this time Sun is closing his eye.

“Hey! Don’t you fucking listen me?” Jane talks to Sun.

“I still listen.”

“Um. I repeat again.”

Looks like Sun chooses to talk with Jane. Sometimes Sun will be turned to the alien as same as Jane. Now his feeling can know Jane’s feeling better than another people. Sometimes Jane may think about Sun is the best friend who know Jane’s feeling as similar as Win. Although Sun is slippery, but Jane knows inside Sun’s heart… He wants someone know about him more than his handsome impression.

After final examination.

Looks like Sun is punished for something so he must keep chairs to the top of desks. His hand still hurt. Ah!! What the hell is that? But… Jane comes to Sun and says.

“Hey!! Are you tired?”


“Oh!! Looks like heaven send you to help me. Can you help me to keep chair? I hurt my arm a lot.” Sun talks with best feeling that Jane will help him for keeping chair onto top of desks.


“I know you don’t hurt this arm.” Jane says to Sun directly. “Do it now. Teacher punished  you that fidgeted in examination room, that not punish me. I will sit and give the will to you.”


“Don’t be my turn.” Sun talks to Jane.

“I’m waiting your turn.” Jane says back.

Oh!!!! Looks like there is someone sends some messages to Sun’s phablet. Ah… Tai Natcha says “Do you want to travel with me?”


Jane suspects Sun’s new phablet. Oh!!! That is really luxury phablet called Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.


“Hey that’s fucking new phablet! Looks like you’re rich.” Jane says to Sun.


“Do you suspect?”


“What the fuck have you done?”

“I have worked.”

“What work?”

“I don’t tell you.”


But looks like Sun want Jane to Know his working. For Jane’s habit, when someone don’t want to tell her, she don’t want to know about that immediately.

“Sit down!” Sun says to Jane.


“Tell me. What working have you done?”

But Sun don’t tell immediately.

“Now!” Jane says.


“Playmate service.” Sun says about his working. Jane feels confused. Is this job exist?”


“What about that? Customer buy you?” Jane asks to Sun curiously.

“You talk about buying is….. really weird.” Sun talks to Jane. “They think about payments with hours.”


“Hey…” Looks like Jane feel really weird.

“Hey!!! Listen to me first. When I meet customers, I must have dinner with them,entertain themselves to be happy. As same as lover.”

“So have you prostituted yourself?” Jane thinks Sun who is using his body to do something like whore. Sun shouldn’t do with this.


“It isn’t fucking prostituted myself. I haven’t stripped off and let customer fucked me. What is this same as prostitute?”


“As customer buy you. Then they scrub and scoop, so is you as sex doll?” Jane asks Sun curiously.



“Just pay, then take orgasm and separate.”

“Playmate is similar as another service jobs.”


“Such as waiters. When you go to restaurants, waiters (or waitress) serves drinks and services until customers satisfy and customers give payment as me!!! That I don’t serve ordinal things. But I serve love to customers.”


“If your customers fall in love with you, then their boyfriend want to take down you, how can you do?”

“Why can they take down me? I am not wrong. They come to me themselves. For me, I still do my duty. If that customers is you, Do you break up handsome and more attractive guy as me ruthlessly?”

“For me, I don’t take down you.” Jane says to Sun. “But I will break up my boyfriend.”

“Why are you also ruthless?”


“Huh? That mean I’m fucking suck girlfriend?” Jane says directly to Sun. “He also go to meet another gorgeous girls. Although he doesn’t buy that weird service that you tell, but he buys for using, substituting? That are same.”

“Do you insult me?” Sun asks Jane.


“So I’m fair about when my girlfriend buys playmate to date or watching movies in cinema, I allow. That’s better than hire another guys and fuck together at some love hotels.”

“So if I am your girlfriend and I buy some playmates, are you allow?” Jane asks Sun curiously. Inside Jane’s heart, she wants to warn Sun about his working isn’t good. She feels jealous when Sun do this working too.

“You’re not my girlfriend.” Sun says.

“I suppose.”

Sun thinks a lot about If Jane is his girlfriend and Jane buys playmates, How does Sun feel? Finally he doesn’t want Jane to use playmates service that mean Sun is very suck boyfriend, so Sun says

“I will feel jealous. I don’t like it.”

“Yeah! You also say this isn’t OK.” Jane says to Sun directly.


“That’s very hard to say.”

“Have you been fucked?”

“Hey!! Although my body is attractive to be eaten, but I confirmed that every customers never eat me!!”


“Yeah~~~~” Jane says.

“So if you asks a lot so do you interests about this working?”

“No! I’m not good at entertaining another people. And how much is my face cost?”


“5 Baht (0.14 USD) LOL.” Sun answers directly.

But looks like Jane smiles with her happiness and Sun sees that Jane’s lovely smile.



“That is 2000 Baht. (56.02 USD)” Sun raises Jane’s face value.

“Is that cheap?” Jane asks Sun. Then Sun contacts Jane’s small eyes.


“What the fuck are you smiling?” Jane asks Sun directly.

“May I want to look your 5000 Baht (140.06 USD) smiling.”

But looks like Jane doesn’t like it so she says “Am I fucking your playmates?”

Then Sun touch some money and say. “I have payment to you. Pay with the cash.”

But Jane still deny.

“Go to working.” Sun talks and keep chair on the desk.

“Escape to pay money?” Jane asks Sun. Then Sun walk to Jane and says “Open your hand.”

Then Jane open her right hand and Sun gives a pack of paper napkin.


“Get this to deposit first.” Sun says to Jane. “To blow out your chewing gum.”

“Yeah. That is better than don’t get anything.” Jane says.

“That chair you ever sat, keep it.” Then Sun goes away. But before he goes, he says to Jane.

“Jane, that you tutored me about giggle = laugh with Kik Kik Kik sound. I can do it. Thank you.”



Then Sun walks away. For Jane, she feels interest Sun more than another time. Sometimes Sun isn’t bad boy as another one thinks. Sometimes, Sun can make Jane out of alone situation. She smiles to Sun oneself. Jane thinks about Sun is really best friend. Kanompang? Um… Looks like…. that my friend is better.


For playmate job, Only Jane know this… As same as Jane ever told Sun about she used LSD from her mouth. For Jane, she doesn’t want Sun to work as playmate. She feels jealous much. If Sun is happened with bad moments, who can know her heart as Sun?

1 months later…

Keep calm and take it easy, Sun (Episode 10 “Growth Hormones 2” | Pala’s main episode)

Jane invites Kanompang to have lunch, but Kanompang denies due to work student council working12

After that Jane and Sun walk to canteen. But way to the canteen, Mali and her friends, Phao, Robot are staying.


Mali evade Sun by seeing another side.


Sun feels bad something.


After Kanompang and See Scape Rock Band members finish to practice their music, Jane is waiting outside music training room. When See Scape members and Kanompang get out from music training room, Jane stands up and asks to See Scape members “Hey! Have you finished?”

“Tonight you must watch my performance at stage!! That’s really cool!” A talks to Jane.

“Today is very enjoyable. Kanompang sang very well.” Ryo confirms about Kanompang’s vocal is really good. That mean Kanompang should be very good vocalist in the future.


“Thank you.” Kanompang says to A and Ryo.

“See you again.” A, Phao, Tiger and Ryo talks together. Then they walks away from music practice room. “Good bye everyone.” In this time there are 2 people, Jane and Kanompang who stays in front of music practice room. Jane feel Kanompang feels stressed with something that her face tells to Jane. Jane can touch Kanompang feeling so she asks to Kanompang “What happened to you?”


“I am not confident about tomorrow I will do well.” Kanompang feels stressed and she says to Jane.

“I ever heard your vocal and looks like OK.” Jane compliments Kanompang’s vocal but why Kanompang feels stressed and uneasy?

“That time was a practicing. No stage, no audiences.” Kanompang says to Jane about her unpredictable situation when she will be the guest vocalist of See Scape Rock Band. But face can’t lie. Jane sees Kanompang’s face curiously and looks like Kanompang feels bad.

“Hey!!! Nothing is bad as your stressed face you are doing.” Jane gives will to Kanompang and want Kanompang takes it easy.

Looks like Kanompang has something that feel bad and want to say something with someone who Kanompang trusts. She says to Jane.

“Jane. Can you hear something from me?”



After that Kanompang and Jane walk to music practice room to say something that may decrease Kanompang’s stressed mind. Kanompang closes music practice room’s neon to talk something that is really top secret.


“Long time ago I loved to sing many songs.” Kanompang told her story about singing to Jane. “But not because I sang very well, when I sang, I felt happy that I sang to someone who wanted to listened me.”


“Last year I had boyfriend.” Kanompang starts to tell about her ex-boyfriend’s story.

“A man who wrote that song?” Jane asks Kanompang about song that was played in Do Not Disturb nightclub and Kanompang felt very angry.


“Yeah.” Kanompang accepts. “When Valentine Day, I ever was in a relationship with him near to be 1st anniversary. I also make him surprised about singing his favorite song. That time I just wanted to tell him about how many happiness I felt that I was in a relationship with him. But when I sang that song with all audiences in Nadao Bangkok College, he stopped to play guitar and let that song was stuck. He let me at the stage for following some girl. Girl who said about “only friend.” And I chose to believed her mind.


“After that how did you do?” Jane asks Kanompang curiously.

“I went to classroom to keep my items to my bag. Then he followed me for breaking up me. I was fucking broken. That story made me felt bad very much if I didn’t try to pull him.”



“When I remember to that day, I felt hated. Hate him, but worse moment was I hated myself. I hated that I felt foolish, felt worthless. I tried to hug him. I…….. took off his cloth  and he took off my cloth. That time I thought about I allowed to do everything to brought him back. But… I still did, it was…. Finally he pushed me away. Do you think about how much lover who refused with taken off cloth appearance felt bad. That’s fucking foolish.”


Meanwhile Jane feels as same as Kanompang because she ever found this WTF moment too.

Last year when Jane was at New York, Win met Jane at colorful nightclub. That time Jane had crimson hair color that loved to dress rebel fashion style.


“Win” Jane called Win when Win came to colorful nightclub. Looks like Win had wound at his right hand. “What happened about your hand?”



“Nothing.” Win answered. Jane felt weird about Win that wasn’t happy as same as earlier day.


So she gave glass of liquor to Win “Ah…” to let Win drank it.


But…. Win was changed… How about him? What happened?


So Jane snapped her fingers to Win and said “Hey! Don’t be stressed. Come to enjoy, should smile…”




Then Jane and Win enjoyed together at colorful nightclub. Looked like they were the most excited couple in this nightclub ever.



But looks like Jane danced only. Win was still quiet.


Jane didn’t know why Win felt quiet. She asked Win “Do you like New York City? If you like, Don’t come back to Thailand”.


She thought about Win felt bored at this place, so she tried to kiss Win’s neck for open his sexual feeling and tried to pull Win to stay with her.






Finally Win saw something. Jane called to Win “Win. What happened?”


“What happened?” Jane still asked Win.


“Win… What happened to you?”


“Win…. WIIIIIINNNN!!!” Then Win ran away from the nightclub and let Jane alone.



For reason about Win ran away from the nightclub, look at Ep.5 at Win & Jane scene.

“I never dare to talk this story to anyone.” Kanompang says to Jane. That means she trusts Jane very much. “I think I can’t sing.”

“Singing song is very big problem, can you have new boyfriend?” Jane asks Kanompang.

“I don’t know.” Kanompang answered.

“Pang. If you think you can’t do it, you also can’t do it too. You think you hated yourself when you did that? And when you sing songs, do you hate yourself?” Jane asks Kanompang for changing Kanompang’s better attitude.

Kanompang shakes her head horizontally. That mean “No.”

“I don’t know why I dare to tell this story to you…” Kanompang says to Jane. “Thank you Jane.”


Jane gives will to Kanompang.


47 46

Relationship updated!!!

Jane 💎 Kanompang

(Best friend)

At Loi Kratong festival

Kanompang sings a song “ถ้าเธอคิดจะลืมเขา (If you think to forget him)” with See Scape Rock Band. (For lyric with translating, look at “Kanompang” article.)


Meanwhile Sun feels bad about in this time, he should be at stage to be a vocalist. He feels lost.


Jane doesn’t want Sun alone and feel guilty about this. Although Sun isn’t a vocalist of See Scape Rock Band in this time, Jane thinks about cheerful future that Sun should still be a See Scape Rock Band.


Hey Sun…



Looks like this concert is very fun, isn’t it?



Kanompang sings very well. Doesn’t she?


Sun. Don’t be sad and trust me.


Don’t blame yourself about bad moments in the past. I know what you have done.


Everyone ever have faults. I ever had too. I still be with you, Sun.

 How about your playmate job?

Was you had sex?


Why did you cancel?

Or you know this job is really risk to yourself?


That girls you meet someone are really beautiful,

but she don’t know about you well.

I tried to warn you that playmate service was selling your dignity.

Although in this time you lost all of dignity,

I will stay with you.

No one can heal your heart as me!

For me, actions are louder than speeches.

I don’t want to say I love you, if I love, I will do as same as lover.

 ❤️ As same as holding Sun’s hand… ❤️

Hey! What’s up?
Looks like this guy is same as  another flirty guy.


What the fuck is that!!! Why teacher in Thailand is so rude? Is it usual?
You asks me about your name?
Hahaha… I tease you. I Know. You’re Sun.
Do you know about Alien, Sun? Actually I was heartbroken from Alien who was transformed to be human. Ah…. Why do I say about this surrealistic moment to this guy?
After I argued with my mom, why I choose Sun to talk? Perhaps you are only one who can cure my heart.
Actually I ever used LSD. I am really fucking asshole that make my lovely teacher help lying with me. Sun. This is my secret story that tell you only. I don’t know how to do next?
Some sides from Sun, he is really funny LOL.
When I am weak…
You still be with me, Sun.
Who says Sun is flirty? No!!!! But he doesn’t know himself about…
He is alien as same as me. Don’t worry Sun, I will press your secret button!
Hey!! I miss you Sun. (and Kanompang too.)
Hey!!! I feel shy!!! Don’t hug me!


You’re too much, Sun.
Why do you call me in that night? Don’t know about English? Don’t worry Sun, I tutor you now!!!
Huh? Are you a playmate? No No No!!! Don’t do this. You are near to be slutty whore that I don’t like it.
Ah… Crap…. You’re so naughty.
“So if I am your girlfriend and I buy some playmates? are you allow?”
“I feel jealous. I don’t like it.”
“You’re not fucking OK about this”. Actually I feels jealous too.
Why my face’s value is 5 Baht? Am I fat? Are my eyes so small?
Thanks for napkin. Hey!!!! That’s girl napkin!! Are you Gay, Sun? LOL.
Sometimes this slutty friend is better than…. my ex-boyfriend. He stay with me when I felt bad.
You hurt left arm? Don’t worry.

For me…

In the reverse culture shock situation…

❤️ You’re my love ❤️

My love is conveying and we know our heart together.

That is simple.

The love that was born to be the unlimited freedom.

❤️  Forever… ❤️

Relationship updated!!!

Jane 💞 Sun


What the fuck are you thinking with me, Kanompang? (Episode 11 “Oxytocin” | Oil’s main episode)


Looks like Oil doesn’t want to go with Kanompang. She still chats with First. So Kanompang invites Jane to go with her.

Jane walks to Kanompang and touch Kanompang’s shoulder. Then Kanompang says to Jane “Do you want to go with me to canteen?”



“Yeah. Let’s go.” Jane answered. But looks like Jane sees something unusual to Oil. Looks at Oil’s eyes, she addicts to her phablet a lot… Is she chatting to First, her boyfriend?

Actually I love to call more than chatting, as I ever called to Sun at that night.


Next day, looks like Oil doesn’t stay with Kanompang as same as earlier day. She still goes to have lunch with her boyfriend. Although Kanompang is very good to Oil, but actually Oil still be jealous with something that Jane doesn’t know and Jane doesn’t want to know too.

“Jane, let’s have lunch with me.” So in this time Kanompang closes to Jane more than Oil. But Kanompang still take care Oil. What is Oil thinking?

But when Jane and Kanompang are walking to canteen, First, Pala and Non walks to Kanompang and Jane. First who likes to tease everyone teases something by sitting at the floor. Kanompang sees Non and think something stress. (Look at Kanompang’s story to know what earlier time happened.)

Kanompang feels curious when First is sitting with weird moment, so she asks to First “What are you playing?”

“No. I don’t play anything.” First answers.

“And why do you sit?” Kanompang asks again.

“I buckles up.” First answers and smiles to Kanompang. This is First, main habit you should know. He loves to tease everyone.

“So… I will go to canteen.” Kanompang says to First.



But when Jane and Kanompang are walking to canteen, there is someone screams out from classroom grade 11 room 1! Ah!!! Then someone calls “Oil!”  that sound is First!!! He is calling “Oil!” Jane and Kanompang runs to classroom grade 11 room 1 again with curious feeling.









“Oil!!! Oil!!! What happened to you?” First still helps Oil who got seizure.


“Oil Oil Oil!!! Do you hear me?” First still helps Oil. Jane thinks…


What happened to you, Oil?


Rumor about Kanompang ever prostituted to Tar is leaked!

Only Jane knows about Kanompang’s secret story, but that story about Kanompang and Tar is leaked. Kanompang is lost many dignity from that rumor. Does Jane leak that secret story?


“What happened to you?” Jane asks to Kanompang.

“Everyone in Nadao Bangkok College know about my moments with Tar.” Kanompang answers to Jane.


“Really?” Jane asks back. “How the fuck are they know?”

“You know only.”

“That’s mean I do this?” Jane says.

“If you didn’t do this, so who do?”


“Think carefully. What did I do for?”


“I shouldn’t trust you!” Holy shit!!! Kanompang says about this to Jane. Jane feels bad and angry to Kanompang, but… Jane never leaks that story. Why did Jane do for? No… Nothing… Jane says everything and Kanompang still don’t trust her. Finally she argues Kanompang to set Kanompang’s mindset to usual mind again.


“Why? Why am I? Tell me now! Why you close your mouth? Tell me now bitch!”


“I don’t fucking know!” Kanompang argues Jane. “Only all at Nadao Bangkok you know about this. Then this is leaked and you tell you haven’t fucking done. Can it believe? If isn’t you, who do this fucking leaking? I trust you and I told to you. I don’t fucking know who I should trust.”


“If all the time hasn’t made you trust me, so I don’t have any fucking things to say with you.”


For Jane. She is  really fucking shocked when she is doing lab and Kanompang intrudes to laboratory learning room. Then Kanompang yells, argues Jane without any causes as some ghosts substitute Kanompang’s spirit and rampage to Jane. Jane doesn’t know how to do next…?

Then Jane hold her bag and walks away from laboratory learning room.


Sun runs to Jane and yell…

Jane…. Jane!!!!!!


Kanompang….. Why don’t you trust me….


Who leaked that secret moments, I will eliminate immediately!!!

Relationship updated!!!

Jane 💩 Kanompang

(Keep calm Kanompang! You’re attacked with illusion!)

But… Jane decides to escape from school and wants to go to her home. She feels sad very much.


Jane opens her home and walks to her room, but her dad sees her and he calls “Jane!”


Fuck it!!! I forget about my room door is without knob!


But opposite room that is Ben’s room. Ben’s room door has knob to lock the door so Jane enters to Ben’s room and locks the door to prevent Jane’s dad and mom enter to Ben’s room.


“Jane…Jane!!!” Jane’s dad still calls to Jane and he tries to opens Ben’s room. “Open the door, my daughter.”


In Ben’s room. Jane sits down and still ignores her dad’s calling


“Jane. Why do you come back to home? What happened to you?” Jane’s dad still asks and still knocks the door. “Jane…. Talk with me.”

“What happened?” Jane’s mom asks Jane’s dad. “Jane?”


When Jane’s mom knows about Jane is in Ben’s room, she knocks the door and she said…

Jane… Jane… Open the fucking door now!! What are you having more fucking problems? Open!! Jane!!!


Jane’s feeling is squeezed a lot until she explodes her mood to mom…

If you’re loud, fuck off now mom! That’s motherfucking noisy!


“And why the fuck did you come back to home? Why don’t you come to fucking school? Do you know how to let you registering Nadao Bangkok College, that was very fucking hard! Don’t be speechless!” Jane’s mom still argues Jane relentlessly.


But… Jane’s tolerance is out of control!!!

And who the fuck did they say to you for coming back!!!?  Who said to you for coming back!!!? You stayed at New York, that was already good. Why did you fucking come back to me?


“Don’t be foolish in this time! You already knew what happened. Don’t fucking being silly!” Jane’s mom still tells reason that she brought Jane to Bangkok.

FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I fucking know! I already fucking know! I know when Ben was dead, you’re fucking crazy! Be crazy until call me back! 


“Jane!!” Jane’s mom says.

Did you ask me? Did I want to come back? When I and you went to New York, you never asked me what I wanted to go.



Then Jane’s mom stops arguing and listen Jane’s feeling. Jane cries a lot and tells her trouble experiences to her mom and dad.

When I stayed at New York, I felt very fucking alone. I always was fucking teased by many classmates. I also came back to home and cried lonely. When I wanted to call me with my telephone, I couldn’t fucking tell! Because learn off time at New York was 4:00 AM in Bangkok. That’s motherfucking 4:00 hrs! Do you understand?


Looks like Jane’s mom feels guilty that she let her daughter to be trouble…

With many years that I had my friends and adjusted society. Then my mom was crazy that called me back because of fearing I died. Have you ever said that was good to go to New York? Was that motherfucking good!!!?

Jane’s mom cries a lot. Sending Jane to the New York was her fault!!!

I started to the zero points at here. I had to be the freak girl at here. That was motherfucking tired!!! If Ben wasn’t dead, don’t you feel about this to bring me back?

If Ben wasn’t died, may I be motherfucking died at New York?


“I also brought you back at here now!” Jane’s mom yells to Jane. “What do you want more fucking things?”

If you wanted to bring me back, why the fuck did you send me to the New York at first time? WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SEND ME TO THAT MOTHERFUCKING PLACE? IN SPITE OF BANGKOK IS ALREADY GOOD?


“I thought wrong!! I already knew I thought wrong.” Jane’s mom still explodes her mind relentlessly. “I am your mom. Can’t I be wrong? That’s fucking hard! Do you think you’re tired only one?”


Everyone cry. But… Now Jane cries a lot. Because everything she has found are really crappy. Nothing makes her surprised with happiness after Ben was dead at New York because of car accident, Jane’s mom was crazy. That time (3 years later) after Ben was dead, Jane could adjust herself to be at New York. That time she met Win and looks like Win was really her soulmate that she loved a lot…

But… Win hid himself from New York and Jane’s mom called her to Bangkok. In Bangkok, Jane met Win again but he was already in a relationship with someone. Everything was exploded and wasted. Although Jane met Sun and he revived Jane’s bad feeling, but she still have too much melancholy in the past.

Ben, do you know I feel very tired!!!?


After Jane can control her mind and she is calm down, she opens the door to see her mom that is sad very much. Jane sees her mom and she cries a lot because her mom’s feeling is really fucking hurt as her heart too.


I’m sorry mom. Finally I know your feeling.

What time do you know I didn’t leak motherfucking rumor? (Episode 12 “Oxytocin II” | Kanompang’s episode)


Shhh…. That motherfucking bitch comes again?



“I will go to toilet.” Jane says to Sun.




25After rumor about Kanompang and Tar had sex together at classroom for last year, Kanompang feels guilty. Jane who know this rumor was spread for someone that wasn’t her went away from Kanompang. Jane doesn’t know who leaked rumor. She wants to evade from the madness.

Actually, Jane fears Kanompang that she will tell Jane leaked rumor.

After Jane finishes learning, she goes to her home.


Everyday Jane comes to her room without knob at her home. She feels tired for Kanompang who thinks about she leaked rumor. Actually Jane worries Kanompang who is insulted and she will be dismissed from student council leader.

But… Wow!!! Jane feels surprised. Her door room is fixed. Knob is appeared.

She also sees at side room that is Ben’s room. Although Ben lost from this world for 5 years ago, Jane’s mom still keeps Ben’s item completely. Jane thinks that room never be opened with long time. If it is opened, it should be cleaned only, but…


Jane’s mom is packing Ben’s items. Looks like Jane’s mom thinks to move out from this home and she, Jane will go to another countries.

35 36


“What are you doing?” Jane asks to her mom curiously.

“I called carpenter to fix your room door. Room door’s key is put at your desk at your room and second key I let my husband keeps it.” Jane’s mom says.


Then Jane walks into Ben’s room slowly. She sits at Ben’s mattress and looks everything in Ben’s room. Perhaps Jane may memorize cute and adorable moments with her brother who already went away from this world. Jane missed her brother a lot.

And… That tent… When Jane and Ben were child, they loved to erect that tent in bedroom and they plays as alien or UFO together. Jane sees introduction that have picture about 1 girl and 1 boy who teach how to erect the tent. That moments was same as Jane and Ben erected tent together.

But… long time ago… This tent haven’t been used forever…



“When you was at New York, where places did you travel?” Jane’s mom asks.

“I wandered many places, mom. Up to my friends invited.” Jane answers.

“When I visited you for 2 years, I didn’t see your friends.”


“You went with few days, so I stayed with you.”


Jane’s mom stops to talk with few seconds for thinking something. She never sees Jane’s face when she is talking with her daughter. Looks like Jane’s mom doesn’t want to say about this.

“Then…….. Do you want to return to New York?”

Inside her heart, Jane doesn’t want to go to New York forever. Actually reason that Jane has came to Thailand isn’t only her mom, but she wants to seeks Win, her ex-soulmate who went away from her with unknown reason.

Finally she saw him, talk to him. But he made Jane’s heart was hurt painfully that Win was in a relationship with someone. Jane’s feeling when she knew Win was already in a relationship, she felt fallen down to the hole of darkness that no light shined at here.

In the darkness of everything… Sun picked Jane out from the hole of darkness.

Finally she knows the reason she should be. New York may not the way of the happiness as same as earlier time.

“Let it be, mom. I can stay at here.” Jane says to her mom. If she goes to New York again, she will start at zero point and she may not see Sun who is her soulmate forever.


But… Looks like Jane will go to New York soon. Jane’s mom doesn’t want to stay at Thailand for some reason. If Jane will go really, How about Sun?

Then Jane’s mother and Jane pack Ben’s blanket together. 1 minutes later… Jane’s mom cries.


“If you like somewhere, please research them and tell me.” Jane’s mom says to Jane.

Looks like I will go out from Thailand really.






How about Sun?









How about Kanompang?











I don’t worry to Kanompang.







Because she just knows girl who leaked rumor.




That’s her best friend, Oil.

173 174

I always suspects Oil all of time. She is really dangerous.

175 176

Looks like that day in canteen is hot as the lake of fire.



Ah… My best friend is really fucking mad too. She eats capsules as delicious candy from the Charlie’s chocolate factory.


180 181 182

Huh!!!? No medicine powder? Impossible!


I remember that day I am fear too. Kanompang who is cute and sweet, she can be very dangerous! I ever felt this because Kanompang ever argued me at laboratory learning room.


She maybe more dangerous than me.


Actually, vengeance never makes everyone feels happy. Avenger feels guilty in next time. I ever felt about this. That time was the motherfucking nightmare.186

But… my life… Will I go to another place really? And Sun… or Kanompang?


That rebellious crimson hair color? I missed it a lot.


Ah… Looks like my soulmate texts “I sleep” to me…

215 216 217

Mom… I don’t want to go another countries…
















I have my precious people who stay at Thailand..













This is second times of my life that I have met friends who I feels good together…













Sun, if I will go to New York…












I want to say about….










I love you very much ❤ but I can’t stay with you.










You revived me from the darkness.








And I revived you from the darkness too.


Don’t worry about that bitch ZomZom ever blamed you as the pussy.






I’m more bitch. Your asshole moments can’t compare with me, Sun.









Actually, that playmate service you ever did, that sell your dignity a lot and I don’t want you to do.






And I ever asked you “So if I am your girlfriend and I buy some playmates, are you allow?”







I thought to you more than friend, do you know Sun?






For Kanompang…










Can you return our relationship?





I can’t let you alone forever!






You’re my best friend, OK?











You have very big fault.





I ever had fault too.






Don’t blame yourself, Kanompang. We will go to the liberty world.




And you too, Sun.

Don’t be serious, Kanompang (Episode 13 “Hormones”)

Every year at Nadao Bangkok College, there is activity that you maybe lucky if you get precious gift. That is activity of purchasing!!

In classroom of grade 11 room 1, Kanompang and her friends are doing lucky draw. Kanompang feels great when she gets a box of collagen drinks. But… looks like Kanompang is speechless when Jane goes to this room.




Jane doesn’t say anything. She walks to the desk and lays her bag. Then she walks away from classroom grade 11 room 1 without interest lucky draw.


Sun tells to Kanompang to talk something to Jane. Because earlier time Kanompang ever blamed Jane and distrusted Jane violently.


After that Kanompang runs to Jane at the lower floor. Kanompang says “Jane.”

Jane stops to walk. Kanompang walks to the lower floor. Then Jane says “What?”

“I’m sorry that I distrusted you and I talked with potty sentences. That time I didn’t know how to do. I also did that. I…” Kanompang tries to tells to Jane. But Jane immediately says…


“Enough! Forget it.”


“I feels motherfucking guilty.” Kanompang tries to tell everything. “That time I confused.”

Jane shakes her head vertically and she says “Never mind. I understand.”


“I suspect only one thing. If you ever told me, why the fuck did Oil know?” Jane asks to Kanompang.

“I don’t know.” Kanompang answers. “That time I didn’t ask. My mind was insane.”


“Fuck yeah! Really fucking crazy. But… I was an audience and I felt enjoyable. That is fucking excited.”


“Hey!! That’s crazy.” Kanompang says. “That time I was stressed.”

“I already know. Stop to be crazy, that’s good.” Jane says.


“I’m really sorry.” Kanompang apologizes Jane again.


Then Jane smiles to Kanompang and stops to talk with a few seconds. But… Jane says about… “First time I don’t want to tell anyone.”

“What do you say?” Kanompang asks.

“I will return to learn at New York, USA.” Jane says. Kanompang doesn’t agree.

“Hey!!! Why? Don’t you stay with me? We promised together.”

“I’m really sorry to you, Kanompang.” Jane says. “But this time I had to go. I have tried and I have done everything that maybe compatible for me. But finally everything aren’t compatible. And I feels uneasy. Fucking uneasy. I have tried everything. I also think if I will return to my place, It’s maybe better.”

“Are you sure?” Kanompang asks to Jane.

Jane shakes her head vertically that means “yes.”

“I haven’t invite you to have some precious desserts.” Kanompang says.

“Invite me today.”

“Do you go really?”

“I’m sorry.” Jane says.

“And who know about this?”

Jane shakes her head horizontally that means no one knows. Then she says “You’re the first person.”

“Hey! And Sun?”

“I can tell to him now.” Jane says to Kanompang and she picks her phablet to send messages to Sun.


Jane : I have something to tell you.
(in text box) : I….



Jane feels bad if she will tell to Sun about she will return to New York. Because when Jane is at Bangkok, Sun is the most precious person who pull her mind from the darkness. Jane doesn’t care anyone, except Sun. He is a man who is compatible with her more than 100%. If Jane will go to New York, she will start a new relationship. That is really hard if she must meet new friend at New York and abandon Sun and Kanompang away from her.


How can I talk to Sun about I will go to New York?

The last dinner

At Central World. This place is really beautiful when it is in winter. There are precious light decoration to let everyone take photos and take selfie together.


At luxury restaurant, Sun meets Jane to have dinner together.

“Please relax, Miss Jane.”


“What are you thinking to have dinner with me?” Jane asks to Sun.


“You think about you buy me as playmate. You’re in the role of customer.” Sun says to Jane.


“For me, I have duty to please you. OK?” Sun says to Jane.


“I won’t pay your fucking fee!” Jane says to Sun.

“Huh? Service fee is 5,000 Baht. But I don’t accept credit card, cash only. Or your smile.”


Then Jane talks to Sun politely.

“Sun, please peel that shells* to me.”

*In Thai language, shell can prefer to “pussy”.


“My hand will be dirty. You peel yourself.” Sun says.

“I’m your fucking customer!” Jane says directly. “Peel it motherfucker!”


“Fuck yeah!!! Miss Jane.” Sun talks. Then he peels shells to Jane.


Then Jane hesitates about telling she will go to New York to Sun. She contacts Sun’s eyes, but… If she fears about this, Sun will feel sad at another time. Because Jane and Sun are closed more than friendship. Then Jane asks…

“Hey… And you ever told me you will bring me to travel with bus. Do you bullshit?”


“No way! Because I will bring you to travel all of place you want. At another day.”




“Fuck yeah.” Jane says.

“Then… You ever sent that message to me. What the fuck did you send?” Sun asks.


Jane is speechless and she doesn’t want to say this sentences to Sun because she cares Sun very much. Finally, she should talk…

Sun. I will return to New York.



“Pang ever said to me.” Sun knows Jane will return to New York from Kanompang. “I also bring you to have dinner with me. And what time will you go?”

“After examination.” Jane says.

Ah… Lucky… Feel good. I’ve thought Jane will go in this night.

“You don’t let me ready.” Sun says.

Jane feels guilty about she will go away from her soulmate. Then she says “I’m fucking sorry. I feels I am not fucking compatible in this country. Then I feels incompatible, I don’t know why I live for. That doesn’t have any fucking reason that I can stay at this country.”

Then Sun asks.

And me… Can I be your reason to stay with me?

Inside Sun’s heart, Sun doesn’t want Jane to go away from him. Jane is too. But Jane’s feeling doesn’t focus to Sun much. Finally Jane focus to Sun’s mind and now she must choose her way of life that separate to 2 ways.

First way, the way of the real liberty she wants very much. But Jane must start with zero points.

Second way, the way of the reverse culture shock that control Jane’s feeling but Sun is stay with her.

What do you want to choose?

Until countdown day, Sun drinks with his friend and he invites Jane to drink together.


Sun : Can you go with me at nightclub?
Sun : You have a time to change your mind.




3 months left …!!!?


I don’t know what way I will go?


For liberty? Or my soulmate?


3 months later…

At the final examination, Sun finishes to do exam.


He walks to Jane and he says “Jane. Go to football field.”


Not only Jane. Sun talks to Kanompang “Go to football field.”


Sun, A and Ryo walk out from classroom to do something.


What are they doing?


At running lane.

“Pang.” Jane calls to Kanompang. “That motherfucking Sun told you to this place?”


“I don’t know.” Kanompang says.


Then march band and Drum Major Pim runs to standby.




Forward march!!


“Pim is really fucking badass!” Jane compliments to Pim, the Drum Major.


“Yeah! I motherfucking agree!” Kanompang says.


What the fuck is that!!!?280



“He play with fucking big performance!” Kanompang says to Sun.
282Looks like Jane feels happy when she sees Sun, A, Ryo do unbelievable performance to surprise her. She smiles with her sincere heart to Sun.

Non, Phao, Pala, First pushes Tiger, Sun, A and Ryo to move forward. See Scape Rock Band is playing with march band!!

Then Looktarn smiles to Jane. Jane smiles to Looktarn back and says hello.

Holy shit!!! This is unbelievable performance!!!

Then march band is walking to give rhythm.289

“How are you?” Looktarn asks to Jane. “When you see that, how do you feel?”

“There is someone walks with wrong rhythm.” Jane answers to Looktarn. “But it’s not bad.”

“Oil.” Boss calls Oil. Then Oil smiles to Boss. Yes, finally their feeling between Boss and Oil are suitable!

But…. Hey!!! Talk now!!!


Then Non, Robot, Net and First pulls Sun and Ryo to the lawn.


Sun sees Mali.


Mali cheers Sun with her sincere heart. Finally Mali understand her feeling.


Then Non, Pala runs to their place.298

Everyone feels appreciated to this special performance. That is really creative and really enjoyable, such as…

Nippon and Nadao Bangkok College director.

Elle, Dao and Koi.


But… Sun does this for his soulmate named…


Jane, the girl that came from the liberty  land.


Wow!!! Don’t they feel hot?

Finally, performance is ended. Everyone clap their hands!!!

Wow!!! Yeah!!!!


After performance, Sun walks to Jane proudly.

“How about this? Do you like it?” Sun asks to Jane.


“That’s so-so.” Jane says.


What the fuck!!!?

But Sun smiles to Jane. He ever knows Jane may talk to this. For Jane, her mouth is really hard. Very hard to compliment to someone.

Finally… Jane says to Sun.

Sun. I have something to tell you.

311In official version, this point is the end of Sun and Jane’s story. But many people doesn’t know what Sun and Jane says, so I expand meaning of this with some dialogue I created to know simply.

“What do you tell me?” Sun asks to Jane.

“Do you remember at that dinning that I said “I don’t know why I live for. That doesn’t have any fucking reason that I can stay at this country.” for 3 months? And you said “Can I be your reason to stay with me.””

“Huh?” Sun says. “Do you remember about that?”

“I thought a lot, until I decides about….” Jane says.


“Sun… All of time I ever meet you, you’re really compatible to me. Although you’re also slutty, but… Why……”

“Do you love me?” Sun says.

When Jane hears that Sun’s saying. Jane feels stunted and her cheeks is red for feeling shy. Finally Jane says…

So… all of time you held my hand for curing my heart, tried to hug me… And the concert that you didn’t sing and I held your hand for curing your heart… Do you think this is friend’s behavior?

Sun smiles to Jane. Finally Jane says…

I decides to stay at Bangkok. You’re the reason that I can stay at this country.

I love you very much. 💞 And I decides to stay with you.

Then Sun hugs Jane with his love. Finally although Jane wants to go to New York at first time…

But… She doesn’t know any reason to live at New York too.

Because New York is the land of liberty?

Yes. It’s the liberty land.

But… when Jane stay at the liberty land such as New York,

Jane feels alone.

And Jane feels bad that flashbacks will haunt her again.

Win, her ex-soulmate…

That is the past.

Now… or the future…

Sun is the reason that Jane can live in this world.

And looks like Sun’s friend is really cheeky as Pat.

Wow!!! Perhaps… Bangkok is the place of the liberty too.

But it is controlled only Nadao Bangkok College.










If we go out from the fence of Nadao Bangkok College…

Our world is mine…





Isn’t it? Sun, A, Ryo?






Let’s go to the nightclub!!!

– Good bye Nadao Bangkok College. See you again next semester!–











“Huh?” Kanompang interjects to Sun. “Won’t Jane go to New York?”

“Yes.” Sun says to Kanompang.

“Why did she change her mind?” Kanompang asks to Sun.

“You should thank you me because I’m the reason that Jane still be with us.”

“Hey!!! crazy!!! You’re also narcissism.” Kanompang says to Sun. “But thank you very much, Sun.”

“Hahaha. Pang, are you worrying to Oil?”

“Maybe.” Kanompang answers.

“Do you know Oil has new boyfriend?”

“What? Who’s that?”

“Do you remember that former student council leader who always wears thick glasses? That’s her new boyfriend.”


“I don’t know his name. Looks like that nerdy guy and Oil is suitable very much. A man who is explicit and logical and the girl who creates the illusions.”

“Do you watch anime Reborn a lot?”

“Yes! Jane likes it very much. Yesterday she gave some manga of Reborn to me. For Kanompang, you have sky flame.”

“Hahaha. Crazy!!” Kanompang says to Sun.

“And how about Non?” Sun asks to Kanompang about Non, Kanompang’s love interest.

“Non?” Kanompang asks. “I don’t tell you hahahaha”

“Hey!!! Another day I will hire paparazzi to take some photos about sweet moments with Non hahaha.”

“Don’t do this LOL”

Her character’s habit predecessor

Win 50%


Because Win’s habit is really independent and Jane ever met Win and New York city and when they talk together, they understood very easy. Jane’s same habit as Win is don’t care any society rumors and hate someone who talk without knowing anything. Because she believes when she sees something only. Although Jane’s habits are explicit, but she is very hard to hate someone.

Toey 50%


Because Toey doesn’t care anyone who think about her and she doesn’t care any social that happened to her much, so Jane’s habits are same as Toey too.


Win (Boyfriend at New York)


“For Win, although he did asshole stories very much until I ever said “Win, the teacher rider”, but Win is one of the most guy I trust him. Sometimes when I felt sad, or alone, Win can help me. When I lived in New York, everyone though me as strange Asian girl. No one can talk to me, but Win can make my lonely feeling to be faded away.”

Kanompang (Jane’s close friend)


“I can’t relate myself to Thai culture. Yes, I’m Thai people but I get reverse culture shock. Many things in Thailand I felt something controlled me. I dare everything to do, but something I do is less of manner. What’s manner in Thailand? But when I got troubles, Kanompang still stay with me. She wants me to stop using drugs. Can I stop it? I don’t know. But before I will be suspended from Nadao Bangkok College, she is final friend who say good bye to me. Thank you very much Kanompang for trusting my heart.

Sun (Jane’s soulmate)


I love you very much. 💞 And I decides to stay with you.


  • Jane uses many swear words with best friend or very closed people forever only. Don’t frightened about why dialogues between Sun and Jane (or Pat) is really strong. (but official translating, it’s clean version. but I translated from original Thai language that feeling of using swear I have already written.) For another people, when she insult someone, she is silent or insults with gentle words, or… she strikes without saying anything such as striking Nutt with Drum Major mace and throwing whiteboard marker to Ying, English teacher.
  • Jane is the tallest girl character in Hormones.
  • Her another name is “J”.
  • She loves travelling nightclub very much although she still be minor.
  • Reason of stopping using drugs I really don’t know, but she uses drugs again when she meets Pat. (In season 3, she uses LSD.)
  • In Thailand, there are a lot of people who have Jane’s character. That is right when that many people are have blood type B as same as Jane. (In Thailand, people with blood type B are 33% of all)
  • Throwing whiteboard marker isn’t happened at Season 3 only, but ever happened in Season 1 Ep.1 That Thai language teacher threw whiteboard marker to Tar when he talked to Toey.


  • Tharnerng (Jane in real life) ever acted as “May the cheerleader” at movie “May Who?”
  • Her blood type and zodiac is as same as Sun.
  • Nightclub Jane met Win at Hormones season 2 is “Grease Mon-Sat”
  • When Jane dressed student uniform, she uses only CC Cream to makeup.
  • Nutt, football athlete who hit on Jane ever hit on Koi in Hormones Season 2.
  • At Hormones season 2, her personality pic didn’t show Student ID because in season 2 she wasn’t Nadao Bangkok College Student.
Jane’s personality promoting (season 2)



  1. I fear about Jane’s ending is same as Win about overusing crystal meth and it will harm her life. Win has Kwan to stop his addiction, but who will save Jane?

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