In this time Hormones Season 3 will on air at tomorrow, but I haven’t watched Hormones Season 1 and 2. Hormones is the most popular drama series in Thailand because story and camera angling is very great. Actually actors and actress are handsome, beautiful and cute due to they’re teenager. I ever watched Hormones Season 1 for 2 days (Mon-Tue) and Hormones Season 2 for 3 days (Wed-Fri). I impressed some scenes in Hormones very much

Left = Kwan / Right = Win

“Do you heard about Teacher Orr?” Kwan asked Win

“No.” Win answered. “Since at that day, I went to teacher Orr’s house, but I couldn’t find anyone.”

“And never connect to her? Same as me.” Kwan felt disappointed about teacher Orr that she couldn’t connect to her. But she felt curious about crystal meth that Win carried at his hand.

“In toilet what something did you use? I saw you at toilet, but I don’t know what you use. How long did you use this? Are you addict?”

“No. If I use, that’s great, but if I don’t use it, I still alive.”

“How feeling do you use crystal meth? (in Hormones SS2 at Thai language avoid calling “crystal meth” to call “it”, but meaning is really crystal meth so I write crystal meth to recognize easier.)”

“I feel changed with myself.” Win answered. “That make me excited, depressed and no any anxiety. Sometimes I can get new idea, but I can’t sleep. Depend on my body.”

“And do you think to stop addicting crystal meth?” Kwan asked Win.

“I think about not stop to use it.” Win said. “I know my limit.”

“But if you’re not addict, can’t you use this crystal meth?”

“Um… Some people at some society use crystal meth as usual. That’s usual, Kwan.”

“But I think this is unusual.”

“Do we argue together?” Win asked Kwan.

“Hey!!! No no no… I’m not started to argue with you. I don’t have any idea about what crystal meth is good. Many people told about harming health, harming life and this is illegal. If you think this is good, why should crystal meth be legal? I want to know about how you think, Win. Or… many people use crystal meth until you feel this is usual!!!?”

“No! I can’t substitute answering for another people. But I think crystal meth isn’t weird as you think. And I don’t think this isn’t dangerous very much. For me, I learned using crystal meth, learning myself and feel myself is changed.”

“How do you change?” Kwan asked Win curiously.

“Have more happiness.” Win answered.

“Is it real happiness?” Kwan asked again.

“I don’t know.” Win said and felt bad.

“At someday you don’t use crystal meth. Do you have happiness from yourself?

“I don’t know.” Win answered.

“For me, I have something that are more important than my happiness. That mean my family, friend and my future. But I trust. I trust about you are vigorous to have happiness with myself without using this drug.”

“You’re misunderstood, Kwan.” Win said.

“OK. I maybe misunderstand all about this, but I trust you. If you stop addicting crystal meth, you can do it.”

“Thank you very much. And sorry everything I did asshole at past.”

So why Win addicted crystal meth? Comeback when Win went to NY. Win met Jane, red hot hair girl at nightclub. Win saw Jane’s habit that very crazy to dance. After that Jane got out from nightclub zone. Win followed Jane and Win asked.

Left = Win / Right = Jane

“Are you OK?”

“Yeah. I’m OK.” Jane answered. After that Jane sent signal to call win walking near her. And Jane picked her crystal meth to use. After that she gave her crystal meth to Win.

“What will happen?” Win asked Jane about crystal meth.

“And can this addict?”

Jane smiled and didn’t tell anything.

“And you?” Win asked Jane.

“I can’t tell you.” She said with teasing.

After that Win tried to use crystal meth and Win&Jane danced crazily at nightclub zone. 2 days later, Win met Jane at Thai restaurant at NY and talk about crystal meth controlling that Win can’t control his mind. Jane said about crystal meth can explode your happiness extremely, but when downer status, you’ll very annoy everything you see until your body turn to usual situation. In this Ep. Win and Jane was in a relationship due to Win trust Jane about his asshole stories Win told to Jane and Jane listen his asshole stories and recognize him. But… after that Win wanted to go back to Bangkok because Kwan’s his former love appeared in his mind when he got downer status from Crystal meth.


“Everyone think I’m fucking asshole. Who think I’m asshole, that are their thinking. And fucking asshole people aren’t very bad much.”

“You’re not fucking asshole much, Win.” Jane trusted Win’s heart and picked Win’s hand. She knew what Win thought about his asshole stories that appeared in last year (See Hormones Season 1) and she didn’t care about Win’s asshole stories, but she understood what Win felt.

“Thank you Jane for listening my stories.” Win said to Jane.

Actually, many Thai people trusted rumor easily if their friend already trusted. And in Season 1 every students at Nadao Bangkok College hated Win very much. And the most asshole story Win ever did was having sex with his teacher Orr when he was drunken. And inviting Kwan to know the truth about her father have 2 family. Kwan’s mother wasn’t real wife. After Kwan know Win’s plan at toilet, Kwan felt very sad and hated Win since that time… Until Win came back to Bangkok and rest at someplace at Hua Hin. After party Win stayed at toilet and carried crystal meth but Kwan saw that. So next is…. above dialogue that Kwan said with Win.

Jane is good Win’s girlfriend, but brings Win to the darkside for wiping Win’s asshole stories he did. Kwan hated Win very much, but other side of her heart, she still care Win and want Win to stop addicting crystal meth.

But…. Win can’t stop using crystal meth until he is dying at secret admiring party in final Ep. He calls to Kwan but he is still dying…

Crystal-meth1 Crystal-Meth2

Finally he is brought to the nearest hospital by his friends. Kwan, Mork and Kwan’s mother visit Win at hospital. Doctors help Win to stop dying until Win is revived.


Doctor tells Win’s friend to visit Win. Kwan runs to win and said


“Win… Win… Do you hear me, Win? Win… Please… stop using crystal meth. Please stop for me…”

Win sends signal of accepted to Kwan and she feels very happy and her tear drops down.

After that Jane come to Nadao Bangkok College for some reason in Hormones season 3 (now showing). Jane is the most interested character in Hormones season 3. Many people say about Jane is Win’s replaced character.

Note 1 : Nightclub that Win meet Jane isn’t at NY, but stay at Thailand, at Thonglor. That nightclub is “Grease Mon-Sat” at LSD zone.

Grease Mon-Sat, Thonglor, Bangkok.


Me at Grease Mon-Sat at Countdown day.

Note 2 : GTH On Air (as seen on TV) version and AIS Playbox version, there are many warning sentence in this Ep. that very annoying. But LINE TV version don’t appear any warning sentences that contain about inappropriate for children and youth. But censoring in LINE TV Version still censored crystal meth, blood from killing growing children in Fern’s womb in Ep.12, killing growing children in womb tools in Ep.12 (tor a reason that is fake things to use when acting). In regular version extended to censor beer bottles, cocktail, tobaccos, vodka due to be legal to on air. (In Thailand, showing tobacco, cigarettes, beer, beer bottles, glass of beer, drinking beer cocktail, glass of cocktail, drinking cocktail, alcoholic drinks, vodka are illegal to on air. So these have to be censored.)

Regular version
LINE TV VERSION. Not censoring drinking.

Note 3 : People who know Win uses crystal meth (before Win was dying at final Ep.) are Jane and Kwan only. And regular version, LINE TV version don’t tell crystal meth directly, but tell about crystal meth as “drug” and Kwan said about crystal meth as “it”.

Note 4 : Jane and Win’s blood type are B, so they can know their mind together easily, but Kwan has blood type A that care another people and society more than Win.

So why I talked about this?

Because I loved this TV series very much. I still read Hormones book at Kinokuniya, Siam Paragon at 15:00 hrs. until Kimi came to me.

“Hey Camp.” Kimi said and touch my shoulder. “What are you reading?”

I closed book of Hormones and bring book of Hormones to Kimi and said “This. Did you ever watch this TV series? That’s really fun.”

“Hormones? Yes!! I ever watched.” She felt interested and said. “I love Toey very much. She is really cute for me. Um… some people love Pai and Sprite very much but I didn’t love them. So what characters do you love?”

“Win, Jane and Kwan.” I answered. “Because Win’s habit is same as me. Don’t care any people. Kwan hated Win very much, but inside her heart she still love Win. If you watched season 2 in Ep.7 when Kwan meet Win at rooftop of hotel in Hua Hin, (and I opened book of Hormones to page that contained about stories I wanted to tell Kimi) Kwan sees Win holds some crystal meth and Kwan tries to make Win stops using crystal meth. That scene I felt very impressive. Kwan loves Win very much!!”

“Oh!!! Are you a big fan of Hormones TV series?” Kimi asked me. “You know everything. But do you love Toey?”

“Although she is very beautiful, but… she break relationship with Poo and Thea, Tar and Kanompung. I feel hate her.”

Panpan as “Toey”

“Hey!!! Take it easy.” Kimi said. “Do you impress this series?”

“Really yes.” I said. “I think you’re as same as Jane.”

“What!!?” She surprised.

“If your hair is red, Wow!!! Jane is near me. Your habit is as same as Jane. Have individual stylelife. And Jane’s blood type is same as you, Kimi.”

“Hahaha.” Kimi smiled to me and felt shy. “I want to ask you something.”


“Do you love me?” She asked me.

“Love? I don’t know what is real love. I really can’t feel about this. Sometimes I love beautiful, gorgeous women but… this….”

Kimi held my hand and contacted my eyes and she said “If you trust someone, you love them.”

When I contacted her eyes, I felt fall in love with Kimi, but Kimi didn’t beautiful much. Ah…. I love for my brain, or my heart?

“Why your face is red?” She asked me.


“Fall in love with me?” Kimi asked me.

“No!!!” I answered immediately. “Please give more time about love. I felt complex.”

“I see.” Kimi said. “If you have something uncomfortable, tell me Camp.” Um… She trusted my feeling. “But I have some interested quote to you. Love is happened when imperfect guy and girl in a relationship and make the love to the perfect life.”

“Thank you.” I said.

2 Hours later. At Banana Banana, Lido.

“Is it your favorite cafe?” Kimi asked me,

“Yes.” I answered. “When I studied at university, I visit this cafe 3 times per week. That’s very delicious. But now I don’t eat this very often as same as earlier time.”

“Why?” Kimi asked me.

I thought something and said. “Because when I’m graduated, I go to Siam hardly. No plan to go.”

“And what menu do you order often?” Kimi asked me. “I really go this cafe at first time.”

“Mummy Banana. The best menu at this place.” I said. “That taste is really miracle.”

“Um. Order it.”

After that I ordered 2 dishes of Mommy Banana. Long time I never eat banana at this cafe with another people. Sometimes Kimi was as same as Jane in Hormones very much. She didn’t care anything. She love freedom and trusted friend’s relationship very much. Her hairstyle is short, not as same as another booth babe I’ve ever seen. But I felt anti something I couldn’t tell her and you. Freaky feeling that anti my love feeling.

2 minutes later waiter served 2 dishes of mummy banana. I and Kimi had this until this was empty. Kimi said this is very delicious. Banana was the most delicious fruit from Kimi’s opinion. After that I and Kimi held our hand to go as same as couple.

“Kimi….” I asked her.


“What are free ticket of EMMA HEWITT?”

“Oh!!!! We will get ticket at front of LIVE RCA.” Kimi said. “Um…. We must go to RCA now. No time to date more go!!!”

After that I and Kimi run to bus station that went to RCA. That’s very far for 1 KM.

Good bye Siam Square.

3 hours later. At LIVE RCA.

“Hello ticket manager. I’m Kimi that got free accesses from Sensation. How can I receive free tickets?”

“Go at front of entrance of LIVE RCA.” Ticket manager said via Kimi’s smartphone.

“Thank you very much.” Kimi said and she turned her face to me. “Let’s go Camp.”

I and Kimi held our hand and went to LIVE RCA. At ticket checker zone.

I and Kimi received wristband to access this event. But I have something I wanted to do.

“Kimi…” I said. “Wait at that inner entrance.” I said to Kimi.

“What?” She interjected. I walked to booth babe near me and said “Hello I wanted to take selfie with you.”

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

Ah… I got selfie with her. And…. that booth babe I’ve ever found in somewhere.

“Hi booth babe.” I said to her.

“You…. I can remember you… But….” She said to me immediately when I met her.

“Getto. Don’t tease me to forget hahaha. I remember you. I have ever met you for 3 years ago.”

“Ah…. Camp. Finally I remembered. How about you?” She asked me.

“I’m fine. I never found you for 3 years but your beauty is as same.”

“That’s certainly.” She said “Long time I can’t see you because I hired nightlife jobs only.”

“If you hired to be a booth babe at Motor Expo, Motor Expo is spicy.” I said to her.

“Hahahaha.” She said. “Let’s take selfie together.”

After I took selfie with Getto, Kimi walked to me and said “Hey Camp. What’re you doing? Stop selfie with booth babes.”

“She is my friend.” I said.

“You have friends that be a booth babe much.” Kimi said. “If I go with you, don’t selfie with another girls, OK?”

“Are you jealous?” I asked her.

“Yes.” Kimi said.

“What? hahahaha.” I laughed.

“Let’s go to concert zone.”

I entered to concert zone with Kimi. Inside LIVE RCA at 21:10 hrs, there are a few people stood by at concert zone. Oh no! that sound was very loud.

Kimi tried to talk with me at concert zone but I couldn’t hear her. I also brought Kimi to soundless zone.

“What do you want to talk?” I asked Kimi.

“Stick together.” Kimi said. “I think this concert have something is unusual.”

“What? Do you think a lot?” I asked Kimi.

“I have bad feeling at something.”


After that Kimi separated me to call someone. I wanted to go to toilet. Um… LIVE RCA’s toilet was very great. I was peeing, but…. someone knocked my door.”

“Are you a PUA?” Man asked me, but I didn’t say anything. After peeing, I opened toilet’s door. First appearance is fat bouncer that wore black suit. I smiled to him and walked out from toilet.

“Stop.” He said. But I couldn’t stop. This was bad situation. Let’s went to Kimi. Luckily that bouncer didn’t follow me.

“Kimi. You’re right.” I said to Kimi.

“What right?” She asked me.

“Bouncers look at me.” I talked with Kimi about some strange Kimi ever felt. “And….”

“Do you know everyone of Pretty&MC society want you to take down.” She said. “Beware their taser.”

“What? They use taser to take me down?” I asked Kimi.

“Maybe.” She said. “Come with me.” After that Kimi brought me to outdoor zone to wait another people enter to this event fully.

“That’s really dangerous.” I said.

“And… Do you know dance floor is really a trap.” Kimi said.

“What’s a trap?”

“Wait 30 minutes. And enter to concert again.” She said

30 minutes later.

I entered to concert again. So in this time I started to pick up girls in concert zone. Ah… There are many girls at concert zone so I could pick up somebody at here. There are many beautiful people at here. So I said “Hi” to her first.

“Get the fuck out of here.” She blamed me. “Bouncer!!!”

WTF!!! Oh shit!!! She called bouncers to take me down. RUN!!! Bouncer walked to me but thank you for dark environment that I could escape easily. I walked to stand by zone and I found Kimi.

“Kimi. Go to another club.” I said. “This is really dangerous. Girls in this concert called bouncer to take me down.”

“Oh no!!!” She said. “Go to Route 66?”

“Yes.” I said. “Let’s go.”

Luckily I and Kimi got free access that can’t waste our money much. Before I got out from LIVE RCA, I said “Hey Kimi. I thought coming to LIVE again at 23:00 hrs. How are you thinking?”

“Yeah!” She said. “That’s really good. And that time there are more people to make bouncer blind at us easier. But this time is 22:00 hrs. Find another bar?”


After that I and Kimi stayed at nearest bar. Um… That live music. I really loved.

“Hey Camp.” Kimi called me.


“Please tell me what happen.”

I thought with big time and drank some glass of draught beer. “I really don’t know real reason, but someone who attacked my earlier website until that website was terminated.”

“Do you know who is it?”

“I know. Booth babe Mint.” I answered. “But I’m not sure. Because booth babe Mint didn’t argue me directly. Her photographers attacked my website a lot. Sometimes that bouncers is booth babe Mint’s allies.”

“Why booth babe Mint attacked you?”

“I wrote about picking her up method that really explicit. I talked about her boobs were big.”

“OMG!! You’re so vigorous.” She said. “But… That’s really explicit. Are you care about this.”

“I don’t care. This is reason I want to stop role of PUA.”

“I see.” Kimi said. “But your heart still want to be a PUA?”

“Um… I want some girlfriend who walk at my dream road to wonderful future.” I said to Kimi. “But I don’t know situation of love. My friends already in a relationship but what is love? I can’t feeling about love.”

“But why do you pick up another booth babe?”

“Practice social skills.”

“And do you ever have girlfriend?” She asked me.

“I ever had, but for 2 years ago.”

“And now do you think about girlfriend?”

“Um… I really think.” I answered. “Although my picking up skills, number closed is awesome, but I felt far away from love.”

“Because you picking up girls without loving.” Kimi said. “Do you remember girls at Narz that make you feel a lot of infatuation. I think that is your love.”

“That feeling is as same as I found you at Kinokuniya and in this time too.” I said. “I felt unusual too.”

“I guess this is “love”.” She said. “If you want to take care someone, give to someone, when you contact their eyes and feel strange, I think this is love situation.”

“Thank you.”

“If you pick up girls, use feeling of love to say hi. Don’t focus her number close. Talking with long time will learn about feeling. I think about it.”

23:00 hrs.

I entered to LIVE RCA again. Now that bouncers couldn’t remember me so that night is wonderful. I didn’t pick up anyone. I enjoyed with Kimi as a couple who enjoyed concert only.

12027571_901373836616914_4775324658134328121_n02:00 hrs.

“Good bye Camp” Kimi said good bye to me. After that she called TAXI to her condominium. This night is really fantastic!! Now I felt about love. Love could appear when I stayed at someone more than 15 minutes. That’s really cool.

Concert floor, dance floor is really trap. Don’t pick up at this area.


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