EP.3 Night of Narz 2015 (Hello Narz)

At Starcucks Coffee, Siam Square on September 23 2015, 14:00 hrs.

“Camp.” Kimi said.

“Hey Kimi, you invited me to date with you again. What are you thinking about me?” I asked her when me and Kimi sat against together. In Starbucks coffee have very good atmosphere to date with someone, but I prefer Caturday Cafe is more suitable to date. Kimi loves cats. I don’t know how does Kimi think about cats? Is she love… or hate?

“Um…. If you think we’re dating…. Sometimes this dating is so sweet I think.” Kimi said and did happy face to me.

“Hey… Kimi” I said to her.

“Um… sorry Camp. I want to talk something about you.” Kimi changed topic to another topic I couldn’t guess what she talked. “Can you turn back to PUA?”

“PUA?” I felt frightened for Kimi’s opinion. “Why do you want me to be a PUA?”

“Hey….” Kimi said and touch my shoulder and saw me. I felt she wanted me something that was serious. “You may tell me “I’m not PUA, but your attitude is really PUA.”

“What does it mean?” I asked her again. She knew something about me.

“That means you do anything without caring another people.” She described to me. “How feeling are you refused for requesting phone numbers?”

“First time I’m very sad… But I’ve been refused a lot until this is normal situation.” I said to her. “That’s good. Why do I care this refusing?”

“Good.” Kimi told to me and smiled to me. “Do you know today at Narz will have “Night of Narz” event that have very big party. I want you to find someone.”

“Shing?” I asked her.

“Yes.” Kimi answered. “Shing will go to this event, but she’ll go as booth babe?”

“Booth babe? Why she don’t know about resting? This is a powerful party.” I asked Kimi curiously.

“Um… I don’t know.” She said. “I agree with you. Sometimes don’t be crazy of working much.”

“Yes.” I said.

“Kimi, do you want to go with me at Night of Narz?” I asked her curiously.

“Sorry Camp. I’m in company.” She said. “But I really want to go with you. And… Narz isn’t placed at Thonglor.”

“This is your reason?” I asked her. “That’s very funny. hahahaha.”

“Why? Because I know every locations of Thonglor. And Thonglor is my safe place. Narz…. That’s very dangerous place for girls.”

“Hey. Don’t think a lot.” I said to her. “I ever go to Narz every Friday and nothing is weird.”

“Really?” She asked me.

“Yes.” I answered directly.

20:00 at Narz, Asok, Bangkok.

I walked from BTS train at Asok station. There were many people who walked to go home. That was chaos, really chaos as same as Siam Station. I thought people were clever to transport with public transportation. Yes!!! Every Mon-Fri at Asok, Siam Station at twilight time you’ll get DONT journal. Um… This journal is fun to read. But if you finish to read this, you’ll throw to trash. My destination was at Narz. Wow!!! Let’s go.

Asok Junction. There are many of cars at here.

Ah!!! Bad luck. Rain was falling at Asok. I walked with wet body, but I saved my electronic devices by putting at my jean’s pocket. Everyday of Narz you must go to front entrance to meet another people at here.

I went to ticket zone. But WTF? You cheated me. This isn’t 400 THB price, but entrance fee is 500 THB. I really disappointed this first.

“Do you have ticket?” Bouncers asked me.

“No.” I answered directly.

“Go to ticket tent.” He said and pointed to ticket tent. I saw to ticket tent and I felt frightened. Oh no!!! That price was cheating. It was not 400 THB, but 500 THB.

“500 THB.” Ticket staff said about ticket price to me. I picked 1,000 THB and she changed back to 500 THB. I got 2 free drinks ticket and entered to this event directly. This event didn’t verify your ID card.

After I entered to Night of Narz, there are many booth babe that wanted to talk with me. Um… that left booth babe I felt ever seen at some place… YOU!! KIMI!!

“Kimi!!!” I told her. “Are you a booth babe?”

“Yes.” She answered me. “Hey!!!! Don’t talk loud!!”

“Why?” I whispered her near her right ear.

“Look at that booth” She told me and pointed to white and red booth. That booth sold tobaccos. Um… I ever took photos with booth babes at tobaccos booth but access denied.

“What?” I asked Kimi. “Do you want me to say hi to her?”

“Yes.” Kimi answered and smiled. “She is Shing.”

“Oh!!! Shing.” I said. “She is more beautiful.”

“Yes.” Kimi said, “Say to her about our nightlife society.”

“Yeah.” I said and walked to Shing. I opened camera app in my smartphone but…. That bouncers tried to seize my smartphone but I knew their action first because this was happened to me last year at Czech Trendy Club. I had just put my smartphone into jean’s pocket immediately.

“STOP FUCKING TAKE HER PICTURE!” That bouncers commanded me.

“Why?” I asked bouncers.

“Taking tobaccos booth is illegal.” Bouncer said.

“OK. That’s really bullshit reason. Actually I don’t want to take her photos, but I want to talk with this booth babe, Shing.” I talked and sent signals to Shing, but Shing said with lipsync and sent “no” signals to me. “talk to me at Mobile expo”

“Sorry bouncers.” I said to bouncers and I walked back to Kimi.

“Kimi.” I said to her. “I will talk with her again at Mobile expo that will exhibit at next week. This time isn’t suitable to talking.”

“I see.” Kimi said. “She is booth babe that can’t contact any people. Her friends and boyfriend too.”

“Sometimes I felt bored about picking up booth babe.” I said.

“Why?” She asked me.

“Kimi.” I called her. “Although Thai girls are the most beautiful in the world, but I saw a lot of beautiful booth babes until their beauty is a standard level.”

“What? No infatuation?” Kimi asked me with high tone voice. “That’s very good, or not?”

“Yes, it’s good, but my standard is higher than another men.” I described my feeling about seeing girls to Kimi. “You think it’s nothing to worry, but….”

Then Kimi smiled with her eyes and her mouth directly to me. Ah!!!! I was stunted!!

“Actually your weak point is sweet smile girls hahaha.” Kimi said and she laughed to me. Yes, I really loved smiled girls. I didn’t know why…

“Um…….” I interjected.

“Don’t worry about Shing. There are interested girls in this event. Do you find them?” Kimi asked me curiously.

“There are elder!!!” I said directly to Kimi. “This is really elder party!!!”

“Why do you talk about this? Don’t potty mouth.” Kimi warned me.

“Sorry but this is truth.” I said.

After that I sought interested girls in this event. There were many sexy booth babe ready to talk.

DJ at Narz? There she was!!

Foods? They were readied!!

Until I met someone at this event. Her smile was very nice. Um…. This was my chance to meet her.

“Hi.” I said to her directly. “Your smile is very interested.”

“Wow!!! Thank you.” She said. “Do you come alone?”

“Yes. I come solo.” I said to her. “This party is very fun. But there are many of elder people at here”

“Potty mouth!!” She blamed me.

“Sorry girl, but I feel good when I see you. You’re really young as same as me.”

“Wow!!! Thank you.” She said and smiled to me.

“Let your friend and you take selfie together.” I used camera routine to take photos with them. Ah~ I joined this group.

“My name is Kiwi.” She appeared her name to me.

“Thank you.” I said. “But what is your blood type, Kiwi?” I asked Kiwi.

“My blood type is O.” Finally I found someone who have blood type O. Blood type O is the best to meet people.

“Wow!!! That’s great.” I said. “Because girls with blood type O are really friendly.”

“Thank you. Are you a fortune teller?” She asked me.

“No.” I said. “That’s really funny about everyone said “I’m a fortune teller. Oh… that your friend. Looks like he’s Japanese.”

“Yes.” She said.

Then her sister come to me. I thought she is very nice to talk and picked up so I started pick up Kiwi’s sister.

“Hi.” I greeted to Kiwi’s sister.

“Hi.” She accepted.

“Why are you small?” I asked her.

“Hey!!! Why do you ask about this!!!?” She had bad mood.

“But you’re cute.” I complemented her back.

“What?” She asked me.

After that we sat at seat in front of inner entrance. Oh no!!! Kiwi’s sister’s toes had wound from fragment glass.

“Ah!!! My toes!!” She said. “Please give some tissues to me.”

“OK.” I said and ran to counter to receive tissues. After that I gave tissues to Kiwi’s sister.

“Thank you.” She said to me, but… I felt strange about her.

“Ah… That save me my blood more.” She said.

“What’s your name”


“And what’s your blood type?”

“B” She said. “And you?”

“B” I answered.

“Why do you asked about blood type?”

“Because my friend who is Japanese ever told me about knowing basic habits with asking blood type. Blood type B are really charmed.”

“And sincere. Love someone, I really love him.” She said.

“Hahaha.” I laughed and teased her by touching her stomach.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” She blamed me and put my hand away from her.

“This party is very fun because you’re still here.” I said.

“Hahaha.” She laughed. “I want some alcoholic drinks.”

“This.” I picked some drinks near me to her.

“Oh!!! That’s really great.” She said.

“Is wound cured?” I said her.

“Um… Wait about 2 minutes.” She said. Um….. Oh no!!! I felt fallen in love her!! She wasn’t beautiful but she was cute.

“Film.” I called her. “Let’s take selfie with me.”

“OK.” She said and I embraced her shoulder to take selfie. 1…2…3!

“I want to look selfie pic.” She said to me. I picked my smartphone and open selfie pic to her.

“WOW!!!!” She was surprised. “That’s very beautiful.”

“You’re really cute!!!” I said to Film.

“Thank you.” She said

2 days later.

“Camp.” Kimi called me via smartphone when I was at my home. “How about that night?”

“Very good.” I said. “And I really fell in love at someone.”

“What!!!?” She asked me. “Do you lie?”

“No.” I said. “This is really strange!! Booth babes I ever pick up although they’re very beautiful, but in this time I fell in love with nightlife girls.”

“Who’s that? Please send her pic to me.” She said and I sent selfie with Film pic to Kimi via LINE.

“Um….” She said. “She’s really cute. Sometimes she is student at some university. And I guess you touched her a lot. Oh!!! You embraced her.”

“She is similar as you.” I said.

“Yes.” She said.

“But I am curious something about you.” I said.


“Why was you a booth babe?”

“That’s my alternative job.” She said. “And how beautiful did I have?”

“No!!! You’re not beautiful.” I said with teasing.

“CAMP!!!” She blamed me.

“But you’re cute.”

After Kimi heard my voice “But you’re cute.”, She felt happy and said with sweet voice “Thank you Camp.”

“You anger easily.”

“Because you teased me a lot!”


“Camp, I have some free access of EMMA concert at Live RCA. Do you want to go with me on this day?”

Wait!!! She got free ticket!? That’s very nice!!


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