In Thailand if you prefer about pizza, you focus to “Pizza company” and “Pizza Hut” first. Because these 2 pizza services can send delivery to your home, office. But this pizza are really expensive. So what do you want cheap pizza and delicious, Yan pizza is one of your choice.

Yan pizza ever closed and transferred to Ram Intra road. Now this came back at Asok. Near earlier location at Asok. Yan Pizza’s charming is pizza’s smell is identity. Woah!!! This smell you find only at Yan Pizza only. Second is Yan Pizza owner remembered me since I entered to Yan Pizza for 5 months ago.

The cheapest pizza in Yan Pizza is “Cheesy Pizza”. One of delicious pizza is “refilled ingredients” such as tomato ketchup, oregano, salt, pepper. Wait time is 5~10 minutes.

Ah~~~~~~~~ That’s pizza let’s eat.

The first feeling when eating this pizza was crispy. Because Yan Pizza used thin and crispy bread. Thin pizza is very delicious but hold very hard. You can put extended ingredients in this pizza for extend delicious feeling.


That’s great. Very very great. You should go to Asok and eat this. Open Thursday to Sunday 10:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.