Don’t approach beautiful women only, but should approach everyone you see

One of the most trapped for beginner PUAs are “approaching beautiful women only.” If you play pick up game in daytime (that called “Daygame”), Approaching beautiful women only is the great chance because someone walk alone. But many nightlife people love to go with group. Not only nighttime, daytime is too. So I recommend to greet everyone you see. Forget your target first but show me your connection skills to everyone. Beautiful women may interest you with connective attitude. This really happened when I joined party at Diana Bangkok.

In nightclubs or bars have a lot of people who be invited to party. Many people have same attitude, want to talk with you. But sorry they’re waiting you to open conversation to them. Saying “Hi” loudly and proudly is a thing you should do first. If this club has very loud music, touch their shoulders is a thing you should to do, or say “Hi” and show your hand as “Highfive”. Every beautiful women have bitch shield and they will reduce their shield if you appear your connection skill and attitude to someone that she see your action of connective. Yes, this game is a showing game. You’re showing right attractions to everyone. You’re charm and nice to meet you.

So what people do you approach first? If you’re real friendly, be say “Hi” to bouncers first. Then you see someone that stay at the nearest position to you, say “Hi” to them and let’s chit chat sometimes. Be talking slowly and powerful. Saying “Hi” slower. Don’t say “Hi” but say “Haaaaaaaiii” until wind at your lung is empty. When saying “Haaaaaaaaaiii”, you should show your hand as “Highfive” after you say “Haaaaaaaiii” Don’t forget to smile to her. This is important.

If you approach groups, saying “Haaaaaaiii” (and Highfive at same time), smile to everyone and open indirect openers (or direct openers if this group you approach is very surprised.) Talk talk and talk a lot. Your jobs in nightclubs is conveying. Don’t do anything stupid first at first time you meet her (or them). If you want to approach next target but interested target is very far away from you, approach next nearest group, girls and do this next until you stay near target.

But don’t fix targets with beautiful girls only. There are many cute and kind girls waiting you a lot.


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