“Hey Camp.” Kimi told to me.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

“Do you want to go to Narz party at September 23?”


Yes!!! It is Narz. Every September 23 is the anniversary of Narz. Ultimate and excited party will show to you soon. For nightlife community, everyone told about Narz is one of the best club at Bangkok. Every DJ played music at this place.

11227042_10153115152713779_1424565199201484553_nSo what theme you will see? Yes, android and futuristic theme in this year. The light of cosmos ray will cover Narz soon.Look at this android arms and hands. That was female. Slogan of this event is “Origin of music to the future”. I think DJ will open futuristic sound, such as dubstep, EDM with futuristic sound effects.

Mothership will park at September 23 2015.

Ticket price 400 THB, include 2 drinks!!