Chapter 2 : Find Shing

September 16 2015 at my home.

“Hontou wa jishin ga nakute Hito to hanasu no mo nigate…”

This is my ringtone from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s song “Unite Unite” from Single “Nunja Re Bang Bang”. I really love Kyary Pamyu Pamyu very much (as fanclub) because her songs are very attractive and catchy. Someone called me I ran to my phone that was put at top of my old television that used with analog technology. Ah… Kimi called to me at 07:10 hrs.

“Hello” Kimi said to me.

“Hi.” I said to her. “Good morning. You woke up early as me.”

“I will go to my office now. Traffic in Bangkok is very very bad.” Kimi said. “Don’t forget Shing at Wire Expo, BITEC Bangna. OK?”

“OK. I never forget any missions.” I accepted Kimi’s mission. “But if Shing won’t stay at Wire Expo, I’ll tell you later.”

“OK.” Kimi said. “Good bye. See you at Thonglor in 21:00 hrs.”

“What?” I asked Kimi about meeting at Thonglor at 21:00 hrs. “Don’t you bored me?”

“Why do I bored you?” Kimi asked me. “Fool question. I am your close friend.”

What? I ever met her for 3 days, now am I her close friend? Oh, you’re hot.

“Hey…. Kimi. You have just met me for 3 days. Are you trust me?”

“Yes.” Kimi answered. “Because I take care about you. Your earlier site was terminated, and you don’t have startup people much. I’m one of your startup. Don’t worry, I am your side.”

“Thank you Kimi.” I said to her. “Let’s find Kimi.”

“OK.” I said to her.

4 hours later at BITEC Bangna.

This day is a day of Wire Southeast Asia and Tube Southeast Asia. I guessed this event had booth babes, but I got smell of disappointment. This exhibition uses 3 halls. (EH102-104) That meant this exhibition was small. I registered to enter this exhibition and walked in this.

OH!!! NO!!! This wasn’t exhibition, but this was trading fair.

There were many of small pavilions. And these pavilions were came from another country, such as United Kingdom, China, Russia etc. That meant no booth babes much.

But… I saw some booth babes in here.

“Hi, I want to take photos with you.” I said to her.

After that she took selfie with me and I opened new conversation. “Do you know what is your attraction?”

“I don’t know.” She answered. “What is my attraction?”

“Your eyes you contact me I feel you’re sincere.” I said to her. “You can’t lie.”

“Hahaha. Thank you.” She said.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Me? I’m View.” She appeared her name to me.

“This name is suitable for men!” I said to her.

“What? Is your friend’s name same as me?”  She asked me again.

“Yes.” I answered. “And what’s your blood type?”

“My blood type is B.” She answered.

Blood type verification (B) 4000 pts

“My guessing never miss. You’re really blood type B.” I said to her.

“Why do you know?” She asked me.

“Ladies with blood type B are gorgeous.” I answered to her. “Look at your chin that is sharp.”

“Ah… Thank you so much.” She said to me.

After that Kimi called to me.

“View. I must leave now. My friend calls to me. Good bye.”

I received Kimi’s call.

“Hey Kimi, what’s up?” I greeted to her.

“Do you meet Shing?” She asked me.

“Sorry. No, I don’t find her. This event is trading fair that have much foreigners.” I described to Kimi.

“What?” She interjected me.

“There are only 2 booth babes in this event.” I said to her. “I think she will appear at Thailand Mobile Expo that will exhibit in October 1 2015.”

“Really?” She asked me.




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