Let’s go to SAVE THE WORLD EXPO 2015

What’s up guys welcome to Campzzz’s blog. Now CH3, one of the most popular free TV program exhibited SAVE THE WORLD EXPO 2015 at BITEC Bangna, at EH107. This is one of the awesome event in BITEC Bangna because I’ve ever found trading fair a lot that not have booth babes much hahaha. What are you waiting for? Let’s explore this event.

At entrance of BITEC Bangna, you see this cutout. That said about this events will have actors and actresses from dramas at CH3 that appear parade save the world every 15:00 hrs every day (of this event). And September 20 2015 will reveal “The greatest “Fresh thinking Thailand” Youth. There are many reporters from CH3 to welcome you.

Entrance of SAVE THE WORLD EXPO 2015 is very very beautiful. There are many flowers welcome everyone who enter this event. Someone take their pictures with this heart shaped flowered sculpture.

Behind flowered sculpture, there is a backdrop you can take photos. At right side of backdrop, you’ll see flowers again. It looks like some delicious doughnut.

When you entered to this event, there are many news backdrop you can take photos at here. First here is “3D News” that shows after dramas in prime time finish.

Second is “Stories in this morning”. That shows in 6:00 to 9:30 hrs. This is one of the most news program’s time usages. This news program isn’t reporting, but commenting and criticize every news that be hot in this time.

One of the hottest news program is “TV 360 Degrees” I don’t know their concept using in this news program, but reporter’s acting is very high identity. TV 360 Degrees appears in “เรื่องเด่นเย็นนี้ (Ruengden Yenni = Hot stories in twilight).

After you entered, you will see this.

There are many of beautiful booth at this. This events contain about save the world and eco-projects you’ll see. Such as little dam.

Do you know your UHT milk paper boxes can build roofs!!! That can be recycled!!

Solar energy appears in this event!
Due to this event has knowledge of save the world, so you may see some students go to here.

Finally, CPF, one of the biggest booth reveals. There are some knowledge of agriculture you may know in this. And this booth have gorgeous booth babes waited for you.

“SAVE THE WORLD 2015” will exhibit until September 20 2015 at BITEC Bangna, zone EH107.


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