This is one of the most expo I ever loved it since Motor exhibitions (such as Motor Expo and Motor Show, Auto Salon) because I love design workshop due to I have learned with bachelor of art at Poh Chang Academy of Art. Although designing isn’t have breakthrough to my life much, but my life can’t lose designing. Art is my life, designing can walk together with arts. In this time, designing can be grown to awesome innovation I can’t guess how they are grown to. Because designers in present time are very good to design and can apply to be real using. If you love to design and receive new inspiration of innovation, don’t miss this expo!!


This event you must register first, but registering this event is very easy. You don’t write anything in registration from as any trading expo because this event registers at staff’s iPad. Registering is very easy because as same as registering account in your webboard. After registering at registering zone, you get sticker of permission to enter this event and book of all design. You must keep book of all design because this book is valuable and no cost to sell. For registered people only.

I’m not focus about this book much. Let’s enter this event now.

There are many red arrows that mean you should walk with this way. But sorry I didn’t walk with this way. You can walk with freedom because everything in this event are interested.

In outer zone you may see some booth that show about innovation and designing. There are many designed chair with creative shape. You may love if you interest about designing stuff.

Is this innovation? Yes. For more information you can read many descriptions at near this innovation.

There are innovations that be developed for Thai people due to Thailand is a land of agriculture. So there are many innovations and productions from agriculture.

That not only agriculture, fashion stuffs are exhibited too.

For furniture and some models, WOW!!! That’s strange!!

One of the most lovely design, Sprinkle water bottle. That’s very gorgeous until this got red dot design.

Finally I want you to go to this event. Actually, this event is FREE!


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