Chapter 1 : After comeback

In September 14 2015.


That LINE sound mean someone texted message to me. Actually in LINE chat application there are many messages from Official Account, not really people I have ever meet, but now I heard this sound in 7:00 hrs, so I felt curious to open my smartphone to check who sent message in my LINE.

I opened LINE application and I looked at latest message. Oh!!! Kimi sent messages to me.

“Camp. Do you want to date with me? I want to talk something to you.”

I loved to call her more than texting with this, so I pressed “Free call” button. I was dialing to Kimi.

“Hello.” I said to Kimi.

“Hey Camp.” Kimi said. “Don’t you text to me?”

“I like to call you more than text to you.” I said. “I want to hear your voice. Your voice is sweet.”

“Oh!!! Thank you.” Kimi felt good. “But… do you pick me up?”

“You think yourself.” I said to her. “Long time lady invite me to date. I want to go to Central World. Do you want to go with me?”

“Central World? OK!!!” Kimi accepted.

“Wow!!! I will call to you again when that time will be near. Good bye.” I said.

Before this day, first time I met Kimi, Kimi requested my LINE account to connect me. She said “I want your LINE account to  connect with me.”

I didn’t think a lot so I gave my LINE account to her.

6 hours later. At Central World.

“Kimi, do you stay at Central World?” I said to Kimi when I stood at main zone of Central World.

“Yes.” She said. “Now I walking from GROOVE zone. Where are you?”

“I am at Main zone.” I answered to Kimi. “Have less time to walk.”

“Um….” I said to her.

After that I saw some booth babe that stayed in some exhibition. Ah… That booth babe I remembered. She was Ant. I wanted to say hi to her. I walked to 3 booth babes but….

“Stop picking up booth babe.” Kimi said to me and touch me. After that guards saw me and said “Get him. This is scammer!!!”

“What the f****?” I interjected and ran with Kimi immediately.

“I will tell you later, but you avoid these first.” Kimi said to me and we hid at someplace in Central World. That was crazy.

10 minutes later at nice restaurant in Siam Paragon.

“This stories I want to tell with you are serious.” Kimi described. “I sought data about siampua but I felt frightened. Now Pretty & MC group want you to be taken down because you looks like scammer or robber who pick up booth babes.”

“Impossible.” I said to Kimi. “I picked up booth babes only but didn’t do anything pervert.”

“Is this reason you closed siampua?” Kimi asked.

“Yes.” I answered. “Someone want me to destroy my site.”

“And didn’t you do anything pervert?” Kimi asked again.

“Really not.” I answered again. “Trust me Kimi.”

“I always trust you. I have stayed at your team. If you want to pick up booth babes, stop it first. Now every booth babes, photographers and organized staffs want you to be taken down.”

“What did I do?” I asked with myself.

“Don’t think a lot.” Kimi said. “Remember you have only safe place, our home of nightlife, Thonglor.”

“Yes.” I said. “Thonglor, That’s my home of nightlife.”

“Remember about you’re quite popular in Thonglor.” Kimi said. “Everyone is waiting for you.”

“Really?” I asked Kimi.

“Yes.”  Kimi answered. “Give your phone to me.”

“OK.” I said and brought my smartphone to Kimi. Kimi open “Photos” apps that show my pics I ever took in this smartphone.

“Oh!!! You took selfie with booth babes a lot, but I know some booth babe who know your truth.”


“Look at this booth babe.”

“Shing!!!?” I called her name.

“Yes. She is Shing and she knows about you. This girl can make everything to be the same.” Kimi described.

“Why do you know?” I asked Kimi.

“Shing is my friend.” Kimi told me. “She know about you and when your bad rumor about you’re scammer and robber at booth babe and photographer society, Shing felt uncomfortable.”

“Is it real?” I asked her.

“Yes.” She answered. “You may see her at Wired Expo at BITEC Bangna. If you saw her, told her about some weird stories you say. She will be the key of terminating your nightmare.”

“Thank you very much Kimi.” I said to Kimi. “Sometimes I want to make this dating to be romantic.”

“What do you do?” Kimi said.

I moved my body against Kimi and contacted her eyes.

“Hey… don’t do this.” Kimi said.

“This is our dating.” I said to Kimi. “I want to ask something. What is your blood type?”

“Why do you ask?” She asked me back.

“I want to know your basic habit.” I answered.

“If I told about my blood type, don’t anger to me OK?” She said.


“Because my blood is type B” She answered.

“What? My blood type is type B too. Why do you fear?” I asked her.

“Japanese and Korean people hate everyone who have blood type B a lot. My former boyfriend at Tokyo asked me about my blood type, he cancelled our relationship. I felt very hurt. He said man and woman with blood type B are really bad.”

I hugged Kimi and said. “Don’t worry Kimi. In Thailand, there are people with blood type B a lot. And Shing has blood type B too.”

“What? Shing has blood type B too?” She asked me.

“Yes.” I answered. “I ever asked her blood type.”

“Wow!!!” She talked.

After that I still dating with Kimi. Next mission is finding Shing.


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