Prologue : Friday night at RCA

“Free Bar” Wow!!! This word is a holy word for me. I will appear at free bar every places that available free bar. Because everyone love free things actually. Free bar is too. I ever went to free bar at Grease and that day have many of customers who went at Grease on Tuesday. If you’re nightlife people, Tuesday is a day of staying at home, not travel in bars, pubs, nightclubs. But if you go to free bar at non-weekend day, you come correctly.

I will tell about Tuesday night at Grease later. Now I want to tell about Friday night free bar at LIVE RCA. For free bar time occurred at 19:00-21:00 hrs. I went to LIVE RCA with hard route by walking from Asok BTS station to LIVE RCA approximately 3-4 km. That was really crazy to walk with over 1 km. Someone may ask me “Hey you. Are you tired?” I really said “No.” immediately. I love to explore with walking a lot. That’s my habit that have stuck with me forever. Actually I transported with bus No.38 that stopped at bus station near Asok junction. When bus stopped near Asok junction, I crossed road to opposite lane and kept walking to enter at small avenue that have Japanese market, LAWSON 108. That small junction had many Japanese people in these. In LAWSON 108 had many of interested foods in here, such as Udon, Ramen, Japanese Beer Asahi, Choux Cream etc. Actually this was as same as 7-11 in Japan. Behind LAWSON 108 had laundry service. I didn’t know what laundry service connected with LAWSON 108?

After I went out to Asok road, there are Japanese restaurants Shakariki 432 (しゃかりき 432″) appeared in here. I didn’t try to eat any meal in this restaurant, but I guessed this Japanese restaurant made food to be delicious. Shakariki 432’s identity was “Moai” sculpture stood in front of Shakariki 432’s restaurant. There are 2 Shakariki 432 at Asoke.


Shakariki menu

After I walked pass Shakariki 432, I walk to RCA within 2 Km. In 19:00 RCA was silent and no nightlife people arrived at here. Route 66 at 19:00 hrs was opening. Every Friday and Saturday Route 66 closed RCA avenue to expand its nightclub to the road (with outdoor zone) then Route 66 opened at 21:00 hrs. Onyx was as same as Route 66 too, but Onyx used road less than Route 66. I walked a lot until I found LIVE RCA.

The first picture I had ever seen was 3 bouncer that let you enter without verifying your national ID card of passport for verifying your age. In Thailand, people with age 20 or older can be allowed to enter nightclub in Thailand. After I entered to LIVE RCA, there are 2 booth babes stood at Shark, popular energy drink in Thailand. OK, I would say to them.

“Hello girls.” I said to them. “Look like you eat this energy drinks a lot until you’re big body and powerful as same as superhero. Isn’t it?”

“Hahaha. This is really joke.” Left booth babe talked.

“Sometimes I think you’re a man who dressed with girl style. OH!!! You’re amazing. Why do you tall as same as me?” I asked left people.

“Because my shoes that lift my tall to taller.” She answered with actually reason.

“Beware of your higher shoe. Don’t make another men misunderstand you’re hulk’s wife.” I said joke to her. OH NO she LOL very much. Um… I thought right girls is more interesting because her hair color and her face was gorgeous.

“Why are you so funny?” Right girl asked me.

“Um.. That is my secret. Think everything is funny. And you may see new world that not stick with real world. Real world is bad, but land of smile you created is as same as heaven.”

“Hahaha.” She talked.

“Do you know what’s your attraction?” I asked to her.


“If I want to say about your boobs are big, you may think I’m horny, but real always real. Your boobs are very big!!!!” I said to her.

“What LOL” She laughed again.

“That’s funny about your boobs are an angel’s boob that can stand if you sleep” I said with dirty comedy to her.

“Huh?” She interjected.

“I know you extended your boobs for booth babe jobs. I really know. Don’t panic.” I said to them.

“You’re so explicit.” Left booth babe talked to me.

“Hey!!! Look at your dress. You’re so explicit too. But you look very sexy to me.”

“Thank you.” She said to me.

“Hi right girl. I want to selfie with me.” I said to her.

“OK.” She said to me. After that she selfie with me. I look at my selfie picture and said. “Oh!!! Although you’re cruel face, but you have sweet feeling in your heart.”

“Why. You… know?”

“Hahahaha. You’re high self esteem and you have high feminine. Don’t stay near me a lot because your hot temperature can melt me as boiling water. I know you’re not cruel to make me boiled in front of you.”

“Hahahaha.” She laughed.

“Sometimes you’re really interesting. I want your phone number. What’s your phone number?”

She got my phone and put her phone number to me.

“That’s me. I want to work now.”

“OK.” I said.

Oh, sometimes my PUA soul didn’t fade of my mind. I really loved her. Her beauty was 10 and I didn’t want let her to another guys and handsome girls.

Um… Finally I just knew about love passion that’s very hot and very high guts to do something. I really love her!!! My heart was hot!! Oh!!! This feeling I just got it.

2 hours later. At Thonglor.

Finally I stayed at Thonglor again. I ever told you about I loved Thonglor a lot. I felt bored again at RCA. Damn!! RCA was my nightmare to me. I drank some glasses of beer at Thonglor again. But………

“Hey… Are you PUA?” She asked me.

“No.” I answered directly to her. She isn’t booth babe aura but she looked as same as Japanese people who had short hair and small eyes that her eyes could smile to me together.

“Don’t lie. I ever read at Why did you deleted your blog?”

“Why do you know about” I asked her.

“Answer me! Why did you delete your blog?” She asked me again.

“Um…. Because I don’t want to be a PUA forever.” I answered to Japanese looked girl.

“Why? Do you have girlfriend?” She asked me again.

“Don’t worry. I created my new blog.” I said. “Because I want to have real girlfriend. I want to be an ordinary person who have only one girlfriend.” I told to her. “But answered me. What’s your name? And where are you come from?”

“My name is Kimi, Ben’s friend.” Kimi answered. “I’m 100% Japanese people but I love Thailand very much so I stayed in Thonglor.”

“You talk Thai very well.” I compliment to Kimi.

“And what’s your new blog?”

“Answered me first. Why do you love my blog a lot?” I asked to Kimi.

“Because your article is really fun and not real much. Sometimes this is surreal.”

“Huh…. You’re so my big fan. my new blog was”

“Um… But I suspected about you’re Ben’s friend.” I asked Kimi. “Why do you know about Ben?”

“I ever met Ben as friend for a long time since I learned at university.” Kimi told me. “And Ben ever recommend me about your blog. Oh… I want to know about why are you a PUA? Your earlier blog was deleted.”

“Because I really fell in love with Alice, booth babe in 3 years ago. After that I didn’t find her, I prepared yourself to pick up her. But… I saw her. She had boyfriend. So everything I decide to be a pickup artist I had to stop immediately and I cancelled everything about PUA. I’m not loser, but I kept walking to my next generation.”

“Next Generation?” She asked me.

“Yes. I created new blog to start my new life after PUA’s life.”  I described about my new blog.

“Hey Camp.” She talked to me. “Actually I want you to do something about me.”


“I want to create new nightlife network.” Kimi said. “I have much friends who interested about nightlife travelling. But no one wants to create nightlife network. I really love nightlife society, but I’m not beautiful much.”

“But you’re cute. Japanese style.” I complemented her.

“Thank you. I want you to grow our nightlife network more than this.”

“Why do you want to build new nightlife network?” I asked Kimi.

“Do you know if you have nightlife network, you can go to nightclub without alone. That’s very great to think about this.” Kimi described.

“That’s very great. So how to do it?” I asked her.

“Request their phone number and join nightlife network.” Kimi said. “But I don’t have name of my nightlife network. Do you have some ideas about our nightlife network’s name?”

“Um…. Surreal Hearts… Isn’t it?”

“Wow!!!! That’s very cute name. I decide it.” Kimi talked with surprising voice. “I wanted some draught beer.”


After that I and Kimi talked much story but another stories weren’t necessary to show at this article. Next mission is invite people to “Surreal Hearts”.


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