Good feeling at Thonglor (Bangkok De Night Vol.2)

Do you know Thonglor is my second home. As same as someone who think about some nightclub is second home too. I ever travel in many nightclubs in Bangkok and I decide to choose Thonglor first because at Thonglor there is special bus that feeling as same as Noah’s ark in nighttime because I really have bias about taxi in Thailand that refuse many passengers and have very expensive start price. If you come with your friends more than 4 people and you request taxi, some taxi deny you. But if you’re not Thai people, taxi welcome to you but they charge your passenger’s price to higher than real price, such as closing miter and drive with customized price. If I tell about taxi, I will talk with bias more than you think. That’s really weird but you shouldn’t do with me hahaha.

Thonglor at evening.

I don’t know why I was going to Thonglor on Wednesday. Sometimes my feeling wanted me to go. Thonglor in nighttime is always awesome everyday. I ever went to Thonglor every Friday because Friday is my hangout day. I loved to hangout with another people very much. Do you know girls in Thonglor are very beautiful and gorgeous. There are Japanese, Korean and Thai with Chinese race are here. Every Friday I saw many of gorgeous girls hangout together with their friend. They smiled very beautiful and laugh together. But look at some tower on their table. This is Hookah. Many Thai girls love to suck Hookah. Although hookah has nice smell more than tobacco, but hookah have more dangerous than you think. Yes, many girls love to connect them to their social network. They suck hookah and selfie and upload their selfie to Instagram, Facebook and tag with their friends. Are they arrogant? No!

I ever traveled in nightlife in many times and I can decide about gorgeous girls in Thonglor are really friendly and easy to get their phone numbers but if you don’t connect to them, they may block your phone numbers and your online account at chat application such as LINE. People in Thailand use LINE a lot. No one use Whatsapps, WeChat. LINE, LINE and LINE only and namy gorgeous girls in Thonglor use iPhone very often. Average to iPhone 6 because iPhone is used easily. And beers for girls in Thonglor? Yes, they loved them very much, but actually they loved to drink liquor, such as vodka, cocktails that mixed with vodka. Wow!!!

If you want to pick up gorgeous girls in nightclubs, bars in Thonglor, don’t buy drinks to her. Because she will buy drinks to you. This is one of the most freak story I’ve ever seen in Thonglor. I ever had gotten her drink. Wow!!! it was really beautiful. That beautiful was mean her, not her drinks. She was Japanese girl and could talk Thai language. That was really cute for foreigners who love to talk with my native language (Thai).

I want to talk about my story I’ve met Japanese people in Thonglor. In June 20 2015, at Diana Bangkok, one of the most popular Japanese nightclub from Tokyo arrived at Thonglor soi 10. If you want to seek Japanese people, go to this club and you’ll see them. This club doesn’t verify your national ID card or passport. In June 20 2015 had big event of Diana Bangkok. This was Bangkok De Night, one of the most fantastic night at Diana Bangkok. Look at this card.

Bangkok De Night Vol.2 @Diana Bangkok

Wow!!! Have firework, but I went to Diana, where is fireworks!! NO!!!!! You cheat me Diana Bangkok!!!

Don’t worry. I’m teasing to Diana, LOL.

After I met my friend who was a booth babe at Commart Next Gen 2015, I rushed to Thonglor immediately. At twilight in that day, there are a lot of cars in the road. Traffic jamming always occurred in Bangkok due to first car promotion from earlier government. Bangkok in nighttime is always beautiful forever. There are a lot of beautiful girls at Thonglor for hangout and chit-chat at bars. I ever heard about Thai girls is the most beautiful girls in the world. I really agreed about this because Thai girls have mixed race a lot. Someone mixed with Chinese and they have white-yellow skin and her eyes are small and easy to smile. One charm of Asian girls are small eyes for smiling to make you fallen in love. That’s dangerous hahaha. And Miss Universe Thai girl ever got 1st place that mean Thai girls are also very lovely and nice.

Now I want to focus to Japanese people who are Asian and have smiley eyes as same as Chinese girls. I had ever found lovely girls in Diana Thonglor who had big body and smile very powerful. But before to found her, I want to tell my stories that interested as same as meeting this Japanese girl.

At Diana Bangkok had Bangkok De Night Vol.2 party that for Japanese people who love to hangout and dance together. I walked to Thonglor soi 10 and sought entrance of Diana Bangkok. That day was Saturday and in evening at Thonglor had many cars transported a lot. Crossing streets in Thaiand was dangerous, Thonglor soi 10 as same too. No one let me crossed the street easily. Finally Ferrari car owner let me pass his Ferrari car. Thank you very much.

Diana Bangkok was at 3rd floor. So how to go to Diana Bangkok? Look at that ladder. OK, I went to Diana with this ladder now. I walked up to 2nd floor but there were trees closed way to Diana Bangkok. What the hell? Why you blocked this? But I had found elevator that can go to 3rd floor. I thought this elevator could go to 3rd floor. OK, I pressed up button and waited for elevator to stop at 2nd floor. Ah!!! There it was. Elevator open. I walked to elevator to go 3rd floor. In elevator there are some Japanese girls talked together with Japanese language. They weren’t beautiful as Thai girls, but they were very cute and nice to smile to me. Yes. Lovely smile I had touched it. Warmth feeling I got it.

Finally elevator opened at 3rd floor. Waitress at Diana Bangkok that dressed with Kimono, Japanese traditional suit welcomed to me. Ah!!! I thought she misunderstood about me because she said “Konnichiwa” to me that mean “Hello” in Japanese. I’m Thai so I talked to her “Pom kon Thai na krub” (I’m Thai). Suddenly waitress said to me “Ah!!! sorry. What’s your ticket?”

“Here.” I said and show ticket to waitresses. She got my ticket and marked backside of my ticket and said. “What drink do you want?” And she opened drink menu to me. There are 180 THB up that’s very insane. But in this time I had got permissions about free 2 drinks in this event. I chose Blue Hawaii that mixed with Vodka and some blue ingredients.

3 minutes later, waitress served Blue Hawaii to me and said “Here you.”

I picked my Blue Hawaii to drink. First feeling of tasting this drink was very sour and sweet in same time. That was very strange to drink it without someone who drink with me. Meanwhile I drank Blue Hawaii, Japanese MC said something I didn’t know what he said because he said with Japanese language. After that Japanese customers in Diana Bangkok said yeyeyeyey because they felt happy for something. I really didn’t know.

OH SHIT!!! That Japanese MC interested me and he talked with Japanese language. OH NO!!!! I didn’t know you said. So I pressed my emergency button, go to toilet.

3 minutes later, I got out from toilet and I continued to eat takoyaki buffet. Japanese food buffet always awesome for me and very delicious. Because Japanese chef made foods as same as doing as an art. There had artistic mind. I really fell in love to delicious food very much. ฺBut I thought about Japanese MC I ever hid from him. My action maybe was an arrogant guy. Oh no! I wanted to apologize him.

I walked to nightclub zone of Diana Bangkok to seek somebody who love at nightclub zone, but no one at here except… THAT JAPANESE MC.

“Hi.” He called me.

“Hi.” I said back to him and walked to him for small talking. I really didn’t recognize Japanese language so I told him “Please speak English. I’m Thai and I know Thai and English only.”

“OK. How are you?” Japanese MC asked me.

“I’m fine.” I said back. “You talk Japanese language very fast hahaha.”

Thank you.” Japanese MC said. “Because this is my job. My job is entertaining people in nightclub for happy. Because I’m DJ, I must do it to the best. I’m Kiyoshi.”

“My name is Camp.” I said to Kiyoshi. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Kiyoshi said back.

“Are you a party boy?” Kiyoshi asked me. I really don’t know about Kiyoshi asking so I said “What’s that?”

“Um…. That mean somebody who love to travel in nightclubs and love to chit-chat with another people. Are that you?”

“Oh!!!” I interjected. “Yes. That’s me Kiyoshi. Why do you know about me?”

“Look at your eyes, I can know.” Kiyoshi said to me. “Hahaha. For my experiences, I love to party at nightclubs in Tokyo a lot, now I have worked at Thailand as a DJ MC, I know your aura and your aura can tell me you’re a party man.”

You’re so awesome.” I said. “You can know me everything.”


Sometimes I talked to Kiyoshi a lot until I wanted to take selfie with him. Because you was a one of the man who talked Japanese language very well and very impressive for me. In my life Kiyoshi is the first person who talk Japanese very excited.

Kiyoshi and me.

After that I walked to my seat who were Thai people. First word of asking me from Thai woman was “Are you Thai?”

“Yes.” I answered. “I’m Thai. Look like you’re Thai too. Wow!!! This is amazing about meeting with Thai people. This party there are Japanese a lot.”

“Yes.” Thai woman said. “I didn’t recognize any Japanese words. I really don’t know hahaha.”

“Me too.” I said. “But Thai language is as same as Japanese, you know? Spelling was very hard hahaha.”

“Yeah.” Woman said. “I’m Koy. What’s your name?”

“I’m Camp.” I answered. “And that’s your friends?”

“Yes.” She answered. “Do you know me and my friend felt alone because there are only Japanese customers to go this.”

“I really know.” I said to Koy. “That is normal for Japanese people who love to travel in really Japanese nightclubs.”

“What? Japanese people love to travel only Japanese nightclubs?” Koy asked me.

“Japanese people hate changes.” I said and told my story to her. “They love earlier situation.”

“Um…” Koy said.

“Koy.” I called her. “I will go to toilet.”


After that I went to toilet again because I want to blow shit out from my body. ARRRRGH!!! That was great to take shit out from my body. Then I got out from toilet and I saw some Japanese woman that nice to meet her. She was fat? That was not necessary as her nice smile. I walked to her and said “Hello.”

Thai customer at Bangkok De Night Vol.2

“Hi.” She said with Thai Language. What? She could talk with Thai language? Oh!!! You’re very lovely.

“You’re Japanese but you can talk with Thai language? Wow!!!! Amazing.” I said to her. “Because a lot of Japanese can’t talk another language. You’re awesome.”

“Thank you.” She said with Thai language. “Because I stayed at Thailand for a long time. Although Thai weather is hotter than Japan, but I still love at this. Japan has a lot of dangerous earthquake.”

“Do you know about your attraction points?” I asked to her.

“What? I really don’t know.”

“You’re the biggest women body in this party.” I said to her with Thai language. She laughed a lot.

“Although you’re big and fat, but big woman have warmth heart more than ordinary women and beautiful women.” I said her advantage to her.

“Thank you.” She said to me.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“My name? My name is Mio.” She appeared her name.

“Mio. As same as Milo, chocolate drinks.” I said to her. “That’s very great.”

“Chocolate drinks?” She asked me.

“Um… Very popular chocolate drink.” I described about Milo. “In Thailand when I am grade 5-6, Milo car went to my school and they served small cups of Milo to me. That was very delicious until when someone talked about this, Oh!!! I really remembered it.”

“Hahahaha.” Mio laughed. Sometimes I wanted to take selfie with her. Because she is Japanese and I didn’t meet her much time. That was my great action to meet her.

“Mio, I want to take photo with you.” I said to her. She said “OK.”

After that she walked near me and took selfie with me. She was really friendly.

Sometimes I thought about love story maybe appear at Thonglor because Thonglor was a second home for me. I couldn’t let Thonglor alone.


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