ART BOX THAILAND… WOW!!! That’s indie.

I ever walked to another flea market that ever opened at Bangkok and another province. Now teenagers loved to walk at flea market more than past times. Because modern flea market isn’t bad smell and isn’t have some gross stuffs at earlier age of flea market. Modern flea market is really beautiful, nice atmosphere and this place is able to take many photos. Actually celebrities or actors, actresses open their shop at modern flea market too and they have their Instagram or Twitter to connect their fans that is powerful advertising. I confessed myself about I just know this flea market from celebrity. Hahaha. Celebrities in Thailand have very high influence.

So how to go to this flea market? ART BOX isn’t hard to go but use much money to go because you should transport with MRT subway and arrive to Queen Sirikit National Conventional Center Station and walk to 3rd exit and you found ART BOX immediately. First pic I’ve ever seen is there are many students loved to go to this. Wow!!! They love to selfie and take photos in here.

Art Box container

There are 4 chapter about this market. This is chapter 2. Earlier chapter was exhibited at last week. Some celebrities let me know ART BOX is here. Actually ART BOX ever exhibited at Makkasan first, then ART BOX exhibited at this for some reason.

In Art Box have sign to go 4 zones. Cafe ZONE is a zone of nice food and great drinks, but there are f***ing expensive. Foods in ART BOX started at 50 THB (Average 90 THB) Sometimes I want to said “WTF?” Food Truck as same as Cafe Zone, but their shop can mobilize to another flea market.

Wow!!! Identity of ART BOX

There are a zone of mini concert at here.One of highlight of ART BOX, BLOODY DRINK revealed.
Look like he was walking to someone.Oh! That couple.


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