Let’s go to Food & Hotel Thailand 2015

Finally, food exhibition exhibits at BITEC Bangna again since 3-4 months ago, there are TFAS. This event is as same as TFAS, but focus to food stuffs more than franchise business. If you love to tasting foods or looking delicious, exotic foods or wanting kitchen machinery. This event you can’t miss it. I ever go and I recommend to food lover.

At BITEC Bangna, There were 2 exhibition in this. First if Food & Hotel Thailand 2015. Second is TILOG LogistiX 2015. I really preferred at Food & Hotel Thailand 2015 first. There were many food booths that wanted you to taste their products at here. There were strange foods you can’t see at another place in Bangkok, such as imported cheese that taste as same as baby vomit !!? Or kiwi jam that let you eat with a piece of waffle for tasting. That was really amazing and looks like heaven of food. You may love and want to come back again in tomorrow until this event will be finished.

For TILOG LogistiX that be organized by DITP, Reed Tradex. I saw “Reed Tradex” and I thought this event will be awesome because Reed Tradex organized Metalex and Manufacturing Expo that organized since June 2015. One thing I felt surprised was day count of organizing. There were 3 days of organizing about logistic machine.

Entrance of Food & Hotel Thailand 2015. Wow!!! Lovely flowers welcomed me. Long time ago no flowers welcomed me since Motor Expo. These flowers were real and had good smell until I wanted to come back again.

This event have free entry but you must register first by writing your about me at registration from. If you came to BITEC exhibitions often (such as me), You may guess registration from. Yes, there are names, address and little surveys for organizer’s research. When you write registration from completely, walk to counter and you’ll get ID card to be scanned by organizer’s staffs at entrance door. I don’t know why they scanned barcode at my ID card.
After you’re scanned barcode from your ID card you earned from counter staff, you’re going to the heaven of food. In Food & Hotel Thailand, there are many companies in here. You can eat any free tasting at here. There were delicious. Yes!!! really delicious in here, such as cheese from exotic, strange soft drinks, liquor from Japan. Not only for foods, there are many of food machine you may use for servicing in your hotel or your cafe, bar or nightclubs you owned. That’s really cool.

At right zone, you may see beautiful coffee topping with milk here. That was impressive. But sorry, booth owner didn’t want you to taste them. These are for showing only. Look beautiful? Yes, but I have ever seen some pop-up coffee shop at Siam Center that be sponsored by PONDS Men that print your face into the front of cup!!! Wow!!! Looks amazing.

In Food & Hotel zone have very beautiful booth decoration were here. You feel get out from the real world. Now you’re entered in land of food that enjoy everything about delicious food. But you can’t take any photos at here.

Exclusive!!! Food & Hotel Thailand have liquor zone that you can taste Japanese liquor such as Sake and Shochu.

One of gorgeous booth babe in Food & Hotel Thailand 2015.


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