Let’s go to Ztudio Live Hall at RCA

Long time ago this place have 3 nightclubs ever opened in this place. First nightclub was Baroque with luxury theme. Second is Creek now this is Ztudio. Ztudio is different from another nightclubs by this place is as same as big Dj concert. If you want nightclubs that have very wide place to jump and freakout, Ztudio is the best place you should go.

And this time ZAAP, one of the greatest nightlife organizer in Thailand organized DJ event from foreign countries to open music at here. Every Friday is TGIF (Thank’s god it’s Friday) so this event called TGIF too. OK. I want to ask about, if you’re close the jobs from your office in Friday, where place do you go? 90% of salaryman or businessmen in Thailand have same place to go, bar, pub or nightclubs.

Yes!!! Friday night is a night of fantastic to meet new people at here. I don’t know who think Friday is a day of meeting in nightclubs but I think this is suitable to meet too. Because all nightclubs such as Thonglor or RCA are waiting for you. Yes, waiting to bring your money to them and you’ll get happinessfrom pubs. There are many handsome and beautiful people in these.

But now I focused to RCA because I really disappointed about RCA nightclubs that have strange places in past time. But I don’t know why I interested at RCA again. Route 66 have wide places. That isn’t fun to meet new people and I ever go to Route 66 there are many ordinal people face in here, except Songkran day at Route 66 that very crazy fun. So now I want to introduce about Ztudio Living Hall now.

Ztudio Living Hall isn’t at RCA directly. but it is in the road that parallels with express way near RCA. These place is really for DJ concert (for their opinion.)

 At entrance of Ztudio, there are blue light shined and they could change color to every colors they wanted with 16.7 Million colors. Entrance of Ztudio is left zone. You enter and you will see beautiful waitress wait for you and talk to buy tobacco.

This is awesome logo. After that I entered to Ztudio and bouncers verified my ID Card. This place was moderate to verify, not as Onyx that have heavy verification as hell. If you go to Onyx, you’ll said “WTF!”

OK. I entered to Ztudio. First pics I’ve ever seen was green lounge.

Green lounge in Ztudio has some vodka in here. There are many liquor you can choose, but sorry this place is for people who go to this place with groups or their friend because no sprite drinks to sell. That’s really hard!! But you can go to this place without paying entry free because this place is already entry free. But look at ceiling.

This is really sweet to go. So let’s go to inside of Ztudio.

This is really cool place because DJ concert is using with LEDs decorating. There were 2 DJs from another countries were opening songs they chose. But look at it, there are no customers in here.

You may said “What the heck is that? Why customer don’t have in here?” I didn’t know. So look at toilet.

This toilet was really clean and tidy. Before to go to toilet, there are many bouncers in here. Beware some bouncers who massage your back because you’ll be lost your money to them.

At this line ups you can go to Ztudio every Friday until last day in September. This place is awesome for RCA travelers. But if you’re Thonglor travelers, try to go at this place with once and you may change your mind to addict RCA zone.

For me, I want to stick at Thonglor together because of great location to go back to home. RCA is farfrom my home a lot.


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