Let’s go to Caturdaycatcafe, one of the cutest cafe in Bangkok.

If I talk about cafe, you may think about coffee, milk or dating place. Yes. Cafe is really dating place for couple thinks first. And if this cafe have cats to welcome you? That is really lovely!!

Do you want some cats sit, sleep or want to play with you when you eat some drinks or some meal? Do you want cats to selfie with them? Or do you want cats to take photos? This cafe is answer your all question you guess.

First time I want to go, Bee, my friend from church invited me since last week. She asked “Hey Camp, do you want to go to Caturdaycatcafe?”

But I refused. I answered. “I have some jobs to go. Try again later.”

Then Bee came to Caturdaycatcafe lonely. I ever heard about Caturdaycatcafe from darkmaster.me , blog of review all cafe and restaurant at Bangkok. He wrote very direct. No praising any cafe. For me, I really love cat especially Exotic Cat I really love it.

Exotic cat in Caturdaycatcafe.

1 week later. Bee invited Nooch, her close friend to go to Church with her. I met Bee and Nooch at canteen in church.

“Hi, Camp.” Bee said to me.

“Hello Bee.” I said to her. “Who is that Bee?” I asked to her friend that come along with her.

“Oh. Her name is Nooch, from another province.” Bee said to me. “She come from another province to go with me. She is my close friend since she and me learned at grade 7.”

“That is really epic.” I said to Bee. “Friendship never die.”

“Yes.” Bee said. “Because I love her, I can’t let her away from me.”

After that Bee went to toilet. I said to Nooch.

“Nooch, do you know what is your attraction point?” I asked to Nooch.

“What?” Nooch really didn’t know.

“Your attraction point is your eyes are really sincere and beautiful to look” I said to her. And what’s your blood type?”

“My blood type is O.”

Um… I saw a lot of friends have blood type O.

“Wow!!! You’re so friendly and nice confident to have peacemaker.”

“Are you a fortune teller?” She asked me.

“Not really a fortune teller.” I answered to Nooch. “My Japanese friend ever told me about basic habit of any blood type.”

After that Bee came out from toilet and said to me. “Do you ask her blood type?”

“Yes. Why?” I said to Bee directly.

“And what is her blood type?” Bee asked me.

“Her blood type is O.” I answered. “She is really friendly and have dangerous attraction.”

“He ever told me about blood type AB that have attraction too.” Bee said to her friend, Nooch. But her understanding isn’t real. I also just talked “People with blood type AB have mysterious attraction, that not same as blood type O.”

“Is it good?” Bee asked me.

“Yes, suitable people can know your attitude.” I described about blood type AB to Bee.

After that I talked with absurd stories to both. Until we went to Caturdaycatcafe.

CATURDAY CAFE (Caturdaycatcafe) at Ratchatewi, Bangkok.

First picture I saw this cafe is really weird because I love to go to pub or nightclubs more than ordinal cafe that open in daytime as this. Because I’m nightlife people. I ever heard about this place is one of the best dating place in Bangkok. For my opinion, I ever had girlfriend and I never dated her at some cafe much because I dated with her at nighttime often.

There are many Polaroid pics that be stuck at this board.

How to enter to this cafe isn’t easy because this cafe has customer limitation due to not more table to seat. There are queues you should wait until waitresses call you.

In this cafe have nice souvenirs to be sold, such as USB thumbdrive or watches. There are many stuffs you will love this cafe.

Rules of this cafe, don’t hold cats and don’t bother sleeping cat.

In this cafe there are 3 rules you have to do, don’t hold any cats, don’t bother cats when they’re sleeping and don’t pull their tail. Why don’t pull their tail? Because cat’s tail is connected to its brain. If you pull their tail, you harm cat’s health very much until they will be paralyzed. I have some suggestion about be scratching cat’s back, it will be happy.

In menu books, there are many cat pictures in this. And rules will show in first page again.

Food menu in Caturdaycafe started at 60 THB up. (average 100-120 THB per 1 order.) I recommend to order baked spinach with cheese with 128 THB. This menu is awesome and cheaper than cake that sell at 120-132 THB and lease than baked spinach with cheese.

Baked spinach with cheese

When you have your meal or drink you ordered, cats will want to play with you. Every cat in Caturdaycatcafe are very cute and nice to play with them.

I really love this cat very much. This is exotic cat that was bred with cross species. It is kind and love to play. I scratch its back often and it sleeps.

I think this is their sofa hahaha.

This place is suitable for selfie very much. My friends are talking selfies with cats.

Conclusion Score : 44/50

Easy to go : 10/10 : You can go to Caturdaycatcafe by BTS sky train and go to Ratchatewi station.

Price : 7/10 : Cakes are very expensive, but pastas is balanced price.

Service : 8/10 : Nice service, but waitresses are not friendly much.

Gimmick : 9/10 : There are many cats you want to play with them, but some cats doesn’t want to play with you. If you’re unlucky, cats will bite you.

Taste : 10/10 : Very delicious foods are here.

Thank you my friend, Bee to come to nice cafe.


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