I think I’m suitable for gorgeous girl.

Um… Sometimes I flatter myself, but this is fact. 99% of gorgeous girl I ever talked were friendly and could be in a relationship not hardly. Gorgeous girls is more beautiful more than beautiful girl. Gorgeous girls is actual beautiful. When she washes her makeup, she still be beautiful. But gorgeous girl isn’t more beautiful than perfect beautiful girl. You may confused about gorgeous girl and perfect beautiful girl. Take it easy.

Gorgeous girl is natural beautiful girl. If she doesn’t makeup, she stills gorgeous. Her movement is important too. Her smiling can be gorgeous if she does it a lot. Habit of gorgeous girls are very impressive. She know her value and doesn’t make value a lot until forget people around her.

Perfect beautiful girls are girls who do everything to be perfect. Such as do surgery, eating supplementary about beautiful skin, such as gluta, Vitamin C or deleting over fat. They make everything to be perfect beautiful, but a lot of perfect beautiful girls forget about nice habit to make friend or boyfriend. They interest their body and beautiful face very much. When they see beautiful girls, they love or want to be this. Until their sensation is interesting to same sex. Result is in a relationship with girl together. In Thailand there are a lot of gays in here and now gays is suitable to show in Thailand.

How do you know is she gorgeous or perfect beautiful?

There are simple to know. If she has done any surgery more than 3 times, she is perfect beautiful. Every time she opens her pressed powder to makeup, or using her mirror. She is very confident when you say hi to her. She may refuse your greeting but don’t worry. This habit is very bad to do that. If she do it, there are 2 choice to choose. Tolerance or seek new target. I recommend to tolerance first because she is testing you.

One of gorgeous girl I think. She is my friend who works as booth babe.

For gorgeous girl, there don’t have any stupid or silly test you will be tested. No!! Really No. I ever talked and dated with gorgeous girls and they are really easy to date. Her habit isn’t hard to attract her.

For perfect beautiful and near beautiful girls.

Look at made up girls who makeup a lot without caring her pressed powder or some cosmetics she used. Wow!!! She has been done surgery too. And she have very hing confidence and self-esteem to terminate every guys who meet her. That’s really powerful bitch shield, but I have some facts about she loves to test you. How to deny her testings are endurance and smile to her when she talk neg to you. This making relationship with her is really challenge to do that. Some girls oh!!! you’re so naughty. Tolerance with her neg to you or her deny and you will win her heart.

Finally gorgeous girl always win.


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