4 Facts about alcoholic drinks in Thailand

If you’re Thai people or you come to Thailand, there are something about alcoholic drinks in Thailand, such as beer, wine, vodka or another liquor. In Thailand these are expensive and government in Thailand has campaign about anti-drinking alcoholic drinks and have laws about restricting selling time or places. Now these are my comments about bad attitude about alcoholic drinks for government.

Restricting of alcoholic drinks in Thailand

First, time of selling alcoholic drinks. There are 10 hours a day to sell since 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 05:00 PM to 00:00 PM. reason I don’t know and beer restaurant or nightclubs are prohibited to open near school or university 100 m. Second is don’t sell any alcoholic drinks at gas station. This have reason about preventing drivers to drink and drive to have accidents. Third is don’t selling alcoholic in 4 Buddhism Holy day of the year. This is not make sense reason to do this. Alcoholic drink is Satan or bad ghost? Fourth is places you don’t drink alcoholic drinks. Schools, university, public parks, government offices, cars. So why law in Thailand restricts about alcoholic drinks a lot? Second topic is waiting for you.

Habit of Thai people drink alcoholic drinking.

That’s a pity when Thai people drinks alcohol very extreme. They don’t know limit to drink with responsibility. Sometimes challenge of drinking to empty glass have been occurred often. This is nightmare challenge. Don’t do that. You should know your limit and before drinking alcoholic drinks, eat your meal first, but a lot of Thai people don’t know that. I ever go to nightclubs often and watch nightlife people reserve table and drink drink and drink without talking. That was really nightmare and after that alcoholic drink harm their health and have problem to society in Thailand. Not for people in nightclubs, Some people invite their friends to drink together at their house and drink a lot. Yes, Thai people love to drink alcoholic, but drink wrong method. Drink with little, little and little. Don’t accept challenges about drinking too be extreme.

Ugly tax price for alcoholic drinks in Thailand.

Do you know 10 years earlier, alcoholic drinks in Thailand were cheap, but now they are expensive twice. Because of tax control problem in Thailand and government thinks alcoholic is Satanic or bad things. They have much propaganda campaign to stop drinking alcoholic drinks but government come to wrong way. Alcoholic drinks aren’t harm people, but people don’t know about responsibility more. Campaigning with drink responsibility is suitable, not don’t drink campaign.

In nightclubs in Thailand, Cocktail costs $8 – $10 WTF? Are you mad bro? Or Johnie walker, imported liquor have $30-$50 That was really crazy price. Nightclub owner don’t want about that, but government want to do this.

Reason of alcoholic drinks are Satanic.

In Thailand, many people believe Buddhism, so Satan don’t have roles much in Thailand. But Buddhism in Thailand now isn’t real Buddhism because Buddhism is atheism religion that not believe any gods, but many Thai people still worship Hindu gods. That is contrast. In Buddhism, drinking alcoholic drinks is prohibited in “Sil” no.5. Someone talk about if you drink alcoholic drinks a lot, you well be fallen to the hell 5th floor and will be punished by forced drinking with very very hot water to die. After you die, you born and will be forced to drink very very hot again especially 1,000 times. This is Thai people’s believe. You don’t believe, that is about you. Real reason to prohibit drinking alcohol is in time of Buddha, he saw drunken people a lot and they were aggressive and did as animal routines.

Don’t be frighten about why alcoholic drinks in Thailand are very expensive, because of bad government management.


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