Why blog is greater than social networks?

I want to tell you about you should have your personal blog to write some interest thing and share them to your social network. This is very important if you want to make another people know about you more than in Social Network. So why blog is more important than social networks? These are my reason you should know.

You can customize your theme and widgets you want.

Every social network in this time can’t customize any theme or widgets. Facebook could ever customize widgets in your profile, but in this time you can’t do this. Earlier Twitter can customize your profile wallpaper to any pictures you want, but now you can’t do this. Not as blog you can customize your theme and widgets you wants on side bar.

Stories you write can attach pictures with your destination you want.

This is very important for your article you write because pictures can tell about your article meaning. Putting pictures in correct destination can help your article to read easier and recognize easier too.

You can customize texts, such as headlines, paragraphs.

One of the most important tools to write is difference of texts. You can know about new story with headline words. Facebook can’t do that. Every word you text are same weight. Note in Facebook can’t save more too, but blog can customize your text to be different. Although Google+ can do that, but this is very hard to use.

You can write long story with perfect article designing.

Facebook can write long story too, but Facebook can’t manage picture destination you want so you recognize article in Facebook very hard.

Every stories you wrote will be read again.

Not of every social network. I want to ask you about how many people do they enter to your profile in social network? There are a few. Everyone who play social network know about you from News Feed. And now new news feed system on Facebook manage to show by the most famous friends only. If they’re Net Idol (celebrities from social network) and you have Net Idol as your friend in Facebook, their content will show every time you open to Facebook. Although you see this pics from net idol, but it will be shown again until pics owner creates new content. This is unfair moment.

Go to WordPress or Blogger and create your blog now. This is your suitable pace in online world. Although readers was very little, but if you’re diligent to post your article or diary a lot, this will be show in your search engine. Not on Facebook, you can’t search your status in search engines.

You can momentize your article.

WordAd or Google Adsense can momentize to get profit of writing your blog. Not for WordAd or Google Adsense only, you can get sponsors to pay money to you. This can be a money machine.

If you love to write many text, let’s use blog.


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