I really love art exhibition because I was grown with art society. I graduated with bachelor of art so art can connect to me everywhere. Sometimes I stick to my working a lot or some realistic content that be transported to me much, but sometimes I want something that be surrealistic and not to stick at realistic things a lot.

Art exhibition is one of the great solution. Many art exhibitions in Bangkok, Thailand are free admission. Don’t think this aren’t worth to look. Every art exhibitions are valuable to respect and seek their meaning that be hid in several pictures.

MELO By Wisut Ponnimit.

But this art exhibition have several ending. You can choose choice to get much stories. You can look this exhibition much times because artist may tell about this art exhibition, there are more than 10 endings to seek it.

So how to know about meaning of this? Every pictures are continuous. Think about watching manga or comic. Yes. watching paintings as same as reading comic or manga. Above picture is ready at left to right. A girl that bring her dog and cat go out from her home and doing something.

Sorry about I can’t take photos a lot because taking all photos are prohibited by artist.

If you saw hand that pointed to right, there is black curtain.

I ever told you about this art exhibition have many ending. I really don’t know first about how to look at this event, I kept to walk walk and walk until I saw finished painting.

Um…. I thought to walk again. So I really walked with this way.

Sorry about I didn’t take photo to best ending “In love” If you want to look “in love” picture, go to Bangkok Citycity Gallery.


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