Feedback from player who play Call Of Duty Black Ops III Beta on PS4.

The most surprised news in game society was Call Of Duty franchise transferred their home to PS4 and started at Black Ops III first. Reason for transferring new hme I didn’t know, But I felt lucky because I has already owned PS4. First time I thought Call Of Duty Franchise will exclusive for Xbox only, but now this wasn’t forever. All around the world, PS4 have been bought more than Xbox because greater social function that you can share your gameplay to Youtube and you can broadcast your gameplay to Twitch (and will be in Youtube soon).

Although exclusive game for PS4 in 2014-2015 were suck (except Infamous Second Son and Bloodborne), but for hardware specification, PS4 was better than Xbox One. PS4 was real game console, not hybrid entertainment center as Xbox. And Japanese game developers started to develop new game at PS4 first, then port to another system.

Call Of Duty Black Ops III (and new Call Of Duty games in future) will be too. Because of new console hardware is as same as PC that use X86 architecture (now Android can use X86 too from smart device that powered by Intel chipset.), so this is very easy choice for developers who want to port games to another system and want to have the least of bugs. Sometimes this is new age of game developers, but do you know? 2 earlier Call Of Duty games, such as Ghost and Advanced Warfare had negative reviews from customers. The most problem in Ghost I don’t know exactly, but I looked some gameplays and I wanted to tell this is shitty graphics!! Ghost was readied to be next-gen game, but still have 7th generation graphics. Advanced Warfare was a good game too, but for old school COD fans they blamed “Shitty Exo system.”

But Black Ops III wasn’t as same as earlier 2 COD games. There were positive review although BOIII had negative reviews as same as AW in Trailer that was revealed in April 2015. 001 002 003 004Why customers reviewed Black Ops III Multiplayer beta to positive review? These are my reasons.

Made by Treyarch.

Treyarch is game developer at Activitsion who developed Call Of Duty Games since Call Of Duty 2 : Big Red One (2005), but I knew you may not know this game well. Then Treyarch developed Call Of Duty 3, this was reviewed to moderate and worse more than Call Of Duty 2 (because Treyarch had no more experiences of Call Of Duty enough as Infinity Ward). After that Treyarch developed COD World At War that set to World War again and this is prologue of Black Ops in next episode. Now World at War could be called “Call Of Duty” again because gameplay was brutal and raw actions!! After that Black Ops was developed and this was one of the best Call Of Duty game due to great story and perfect multiplayer gameplay. Black Ops 2 maybe have some negative reviews because futuristic stuff

But Black Ops 3 although has futuristic stuff, but gameplay returned to brutal, fast pace, on-foot combat and balanced weapon system again. For Treyarch, they had 9 years of experiences of developing COD games that are the most experiences than Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games.

Why Infinity Ward had experiences of developing COD games lease than Treyarch? Although Infinity Ward developed Call Of Duty games first, but earlier team who developed Call Of Duty 1, Call Of Duty 2, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 1, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 were resigned from Activision and created new company called “Respawn Entertainment” under EA that developed “Titanfall”. So new Infinity Ward Created Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts only

And Sledgehammer games? Only one COD game, Advanced Warfare and have the least experiences.

Treyarch WIN!!


Dedicated server host system.

Earlier COD games used host playroom by players. But now Treyarch used dedicated server again as same as Black Ops 1. Dedicated server host system have been used very much at Battlefield Games. Dedicated Server host system have very advantages about stable connection and high stable bandwidth. However this host system isn’t suitable for player who stayed far from server very much. I watched Japanese COD players play BOIII Multiplayer beta on PS4, there have a lot of ms of PING especially 300 to 400 ms. That was terrible to play. One solution was open official server to every regions.

Futuristic Stuffs but limited to “Call Of Duty” identity.

Not as same as Advanced Warfare, Advanced Warfare have cheated Exo Jump, Exo Boost, Exo Dash, another Exo, Exo and Exos, but Black Ops III isn’t. They still is a Call Of Duty. Fast pace combat, on-foot combat (although has Boost Jump, but if you release X button or A button, boost will be cancelled.), Tactical bombs, Scorestreak that earned harder, no overpower perks.


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