Resigned from PUA status

In my life, I ever was a PUA. PUA is a shot terrm of Pickup Artist that meet girls and pick her up, such as request phone numbers, dating and kissing. This was real womanizer you think and reason I am PUA because I want to find Aris, my lovely girl. I sought her since 2012 due to see her first at Game tournament. She was a booth babe and she have very high charisma so I had to learn picking up skills from PUA books, such as The Game, Rules of The game and The Pickup Artist (by Mystery).

3 years I was a PUA. I met many girls especially booth babes. Booth Babes in Thailand were one of the hired gun, girls who be hired to invite guests to their booths and 3 years I didn’t find Aris. That made me bored but I couldn’t go back. This was a point of no return. If I couldn’t find Aris, kept seeking. I found booth babes a lot, but some girls didn’t want me to be PUA.

Finally I found Aris at Thailand Mobile Expo 2015, but she already had a boyfriend. This was real heartbroken. Everything will be faded.

Girl who didn’t want me to be PUA was Jing. Jing was a doctor at another province hospital and she had secret admiring to me. But she came back to Bangkok with her BFF, Ben. Ben was my friend too. He was very aggressive and high alpha male attitude. He cheered me to be in a relationship to Jing. But I did something to surprise by bringing Jing to Badmotel restaurant. I really loved her. During instant dating with Jing, Jing said “I want some people who take care when I felt tired.”

I touched her hands and contacted her eyes and said “Jing, Don’t worry because I will take care you. I really love you.”

“What!!!?” She asked me. “Do you love me?”

“Yes. I love you” I said to Jing. “But our status isn’t confirmed. You’re not ready to have boyfriend, isn’t it?”

“No. I want you as my boyfriend.” She said to me and she confessed her feeling to me.

“Boyfriend?” I asked her. “I can’t decide you as my girlfriend in this time because I want to date you more than 3 times. This is our first time. Keep calm Jing. I want to know about you more.”

Then she hugged me and said. “I really love you darling.”

After that she said. “I have some requests to you.”

“What?” I asked her.

“Don’t be a PUA. You’re my love.” She said. “Although I’m not beautiful as same as booth babes you ever meet, but you know about me much and I’m a doctor who cure you when you’re sick.”

“You’re jealous!!” I said to her. “Do you know when I am adult, beauty can’t attract me a lot as same as meeting a lot. Jing, you’re really beautiful to me No making up you still beautiful.”

After that she hugged me again at Badmotel.

1 month later, I wanted to reboot myself, such as painting watercolor again. When I painted watercolor, I felt very high self esteem. This was my key to the VIP.

I opened my albums at Google Photos to look earlier selfie with booth babes and I have some wonderful fact about selfie with booth babe. 100% of booth babes who selfie with me were real beautiful or very very beautiful forever. Sometimes I may be suitable for real beautiful girls.

And Jing was beautiful too.


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